Nadège Ango-Obiang

Sleepless night

I had never known anybody. I had ten new years and I had never been tormented by the feeling in love. The men all resembled each other. I think it still besides. It is thanks to this sterility of the feeling in love which I could quietly make of the studies without being obsessed by what of the girlfriends call the lack. This so small man and so dryness came with his wife to the house. It seemed in problem for the moment. My father always makes the asshole with people in their offering hospitality. Mouth of my entourage, one does not know which is really people, then one avoids by times which run to have guests under his roof. The woman of this guest was as small as her man, to believe as it were chosen by correspondence of genotype. It was with the turn of my little brother to yield his room which just beside the mienne. My mother hated that now when I was minor, it did not say more anything. I think that she thinks that everyone thinks that I already coïté. But not, not even does not dream.

After the dinner, I took refuge in my books, the first examinations with the FAC arrived at great jump and I had the feeling not to be able to make the turn in times of it. The clock advanced with great step when I heard a small howl of woman. I have if fear that my book fell me with the hands. It was not astonishing that a cry reaches me with as much acuity. We lived a house in board. The wall which separated the room from my brother and I were only of piece of put rafter the ones beside the others. I had to put a thick cover to be completely isolated from the room from at side. I thus rose and raised the red cover. The first thing which surprised is to me that it had large buttocks. The small woman of our guest, if small seemingly had very large buttocks. Quite round. And rebounded. Very fleshy. The man behind it, skeletal seemed insane about it with his thing so close to a so small hole. I should have folded back my cover, but I had never seen that.

- Starts again! Halète the woman. I am not slackened enough.

And this so thin man who approaches with a very large trick. I want to laugh and at the same time I say myself: It is a cartoon! But not they are well there. The squatted woman and the man who starts to enter his tic this cac. And that enters, and she howls between the teeth not to make noises. Why thus excite itself with a trick which makes so badly? And finally she howls! I let fall down the cover and I realize that I did not do it because they frightened me but because my arm trembled so much that the cover appeared strong door to me. But it was absolutely unthinkable that I lie down, that I sleep without seeing the end. Trembling more, I raised a side of the cover, very all gently, a little more largely. The man had completely occupied the ground. Its hips were completely against the buttocks of his wife and it seemed so much in anger with its bad face very wrinkled and very contracted! The woman it, hallucinated me. It would be said that squats, head against the mattress it begged larmoyante an invisible torturer not to slice the head to him. And the more and more irritated man who did not cease leaving by small portion his trick which became increasingly sticky. Finally it emitted a rail. It was released from the anus of the woman, her member fell down but was always also large. Without losing one second, the decent sort reverses the unpleasant type on the bed and absorbs her trick in the mouth. And I failed to howl. The girlfriends said that for all it was necessary to be clean for the sex. Me what I saw it was that certain like when it is dirty. And here that it swallowed all, that its hand did not stop moving along this trick. And the unpleasant one of man now had the mask of a poor fellow very tired, very exhausted, as submitted to his wife. And he said tricks to low voice that I been able to hear when I realized that I was hot. I did not tremble any more, but it occurred something at the bottom from me. Like a kind of excitation. I highly slackened the cover, embarrassed, but especially quite conscious that my curiosity had waked up something which, forever, would refuse to fall asleep.

With T one idea to invite under his roof of the people to so free manners!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nadège Ango-Obiang.
Published on on 07/12/2008.


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