Antonia Giesecke


A girl like you
but she`s a special one
because her story is true
from the beginning on.
Her father ran away
but she didn`t care
she knew it would happen one day
because life wasn`t fair.
She often lay awake
trying to forget the time
these were the days where her heart break
because of her fathers crime.
So she said to herself
she hadn`t got a father at all
she didn`t want any help
because he didn´t even call.
But luck was on her mothers side
she found a new love
so her daughter didn`t hide
because he was the father she dreamed of.
From this day
she had a father again
and finally she walked on her way
because she could take his hand.
That´s myself
I know how life can be
but I got help
and I `ll never be ashamed of me.

This poem tells my story.It was really hard when my father left us.Hundreds of girls know what I mean and I hope that you `ll find your way and get over it.I know it`s not easy but there is always help!Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonia Giesecke.
Published on on 04/15/2005.


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