Erwin Maramat


Agony is grown
in a vineyard,

Nameless and I

If I had known a
truth as such existed, I dare waive my days of treading.

Nothing is more
tragic then be loved by hatred.

A liter of

A promise of

A djinn in a

Is downed unto a
scorched throat.

My father whose
temper quickly flares

The copper spirit
flows through his veins and alters to rage

…and lashed out against
an innocent skin,

…and the moment
forever etched on the marrows of my bones.

in due course
two-faced apologies were delivered,

Lethal words
when swallowed corrode the pride.

 “Cut the blood that binds us and be estranged
from all that I am.”

Eternity gushes
through the window winged by shades of light.

Blank stares
engulfing like a maelstrom

She came to me
and nursed me in her arm,

Heaven has
wilted and she remains starry eyed.

Love, long has
it widowed me,

To bear the
curse plucked from the womb of a meaningless name.

Vague, if you
will and indeed it is,

Lest reasons are
found to shed light,

Then all that is,
would be vague promises which are neither broken nor fulfilled.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Erwin Maramat.
Published on on 10/03/2008.


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