Gracy Stone

The Unknown

Resting beneath the deepest and darkest depths of the earth, 

Unaware of death, war, or quandary,

The dead sleep and dream of lost memories.

Memories that were long forgotten.

Memories that are awakening from the darkness.


Drifting through lakes and streams,

Floating over ice and snow,

Confused and perplexed souls.

Seeking recollections of who they are or once were.

Searching for answeres.

Seeking recollections of who they are or once were.


Fighting for vivacity and peace,

Shielding and defending,

The living souls saunter among the earth.

Walking and wandering over all the world.


Little do they know that there is another world among them.

A world that will consume them all

As they perish and depart from this life.

A world called the unknown.


I wrote this in my freshman year of hish school. It was during my computer class. I had happened to have twenty minutes of free time before the bell rang. I wrote quickly as words and phrases just came to my mind. I loved it when I was done. This poem is also published in a book as well as "Will God."Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Gracy Stone.
Published on on 11/10/2008.


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