Gabriella von Schadewitz

Step by step

Sometimes there is a long road in front of you. You look at it. And you believe this road is so long that you might never be able to go the entire way until the end of the road.
.... And you begin to hurry. And you hurry more and more. Every time you look up you see
that the road that is in front of you and waiting for you does not get shorter. And you make more efforts, you begin to panic, you get scared - and at some point you are totally exhausted and not able to do the smallest step. Your muscles refuse to work, everything seems to say: This is the wrong road, go back, stop it ...
And the road is still ahead of you.... and you know you have to go this road.
Why do you want to go the whole road at once? Why don‘t you just start to do the first step
and then the next one, like the next breath or the next word of the sentence... then it will give you joy, this is so important, joy to do the next step, the next breath, the next word, one by one - and you will succeed because you are not in a hurry - you take exactly the time you need to do what you have to do the best way - and not the fastest way.
Isn't this  how it is meant to be?
... And then, at some point, you realize that you went the whole long road, step by step,
breath by breath, word by word. You are not exhausted, you are not tired - you simply reached your goal - heaven opens for you!    


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Gabriella von Schadewitz.
Published on on 11/11/2008.


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