Silke Kaun

What has become of you?


Do you realise by and by?

We hit it off straight away

We had so much in common

But you took no notice

And you went out into the world


The first time we met

I didnt like it

But I cant forget... this eyes

You are one of these guys

And usually not my type

Self-centred, ruthless and that unwise guys 

Too smart for that world



The second time we met

We approached each other

The first look, the first talk, I bet

You knew Im interested...

You were a bit ignorant

But I didnt think of it yet


The third we met

Annas birthday

I didnt know you were there

Because I couldnt find you

So I drank alcohol

With my friends, although...

I wanted to be with you

I had a nice time with other boys

So there was one girl

I couldnt stand her

We got worked up about that bad talking

We talked about that girl

Very nasty

Its kind of childish but...

I thought you would like it


The last time we met

The morning after, hangover...

Oh my gosh! No memory...

I walked down the road

When I saw you

On the other side...

I got nervous but...

at the moment I saw her

That girl I talked about

It completely changed

My memories came back

But they werent good

Not at all!

I tried to hide myself

To turn around

But it was too late

They went up to me

With an angry look upon their faces

Ignoring me 

as if we never met before

Passing me

Without any look 

Moving away

Until I couldnt see them anymore


Do you realise by and by?

We hit it off straight away

We had so much in common

But you took no notice

You went out into the world

And Im left

Now I wanna know 

What has become of you?



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Silke Kaun.
Published on on 11/14/2008.


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