Petronella Steevensz


A bolt of old hot-temper, I so well remembered
flashed and cleared your eyes for a second
of the mild milky veil that had mellowed
the fierceness over the years
Jerking out life sustaining tubes
with your sound left hand
its brown speckles sprinkled with fresh red droplets
limply falling back,
wings in a cage

as I finally got up to go
I almost overlooked
the stealthy hand
heading for refastened tubes and strips
seemingly acting on its own, had not
the lopsided smile on your lips
betrayed your purpose

and I left

Petronella Flora Helena Steevensz
Copyright ©2005 Petronella F.H. Steevensz


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Petronella Steevensz.
Published on on 05/06/2005.


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