Arielle Koury

A Familiar Place

The day began just as any other ordinary day for me. My body sprawled out across the bed, my right foot in one corner, and my left arm in the other. I laid there, motionless. Silence. This was the first hour of sleep I had been able to catch all night. With every minute of rest I fell deeper and deeper into my mind. Sinking. Feeling the warmth of darkness and pressure engulf my body, starting from my toes, working up to my ears, closing over my head. I had finally found peace. This temporary peace was without thought, without worry, and without a sound. I continued to lay there, motionless.
Not a minute too late I was awakened by a sudden screeching. That of which made me want to thrash my arms in such a way I would knock my alarm clock off of that lousy milk crate I disguise as a night stand. My alarm clock was only one foot away from my face, yet when I reached, I felt as though my fingertips could barely get a hold of the damn thing. I finally leaped out of bed and shut it up. I sat on the side of my bed, reflecting on the fact I had finally fallen asleep. That hadnít happened for awhile. I walked through my empty apartment towards my bathroom. It didnít used to be empty. Figured I could get a few loans from some people, make a few investments, and work a couple of jobs, and afford my property. Like most things in life, it didnít turn out the way I had hoped.
I washed up and got ready for work. I stared in the mirror as I put my work uniform on, one piece of clothing at a time. For every piece of clothing I covered my body with, it felt as though it took all of the time and strength in the world. Even the cotton seemed to add extra weight to my body, causing me to slouch over. I dressed myself, not breaking the deep stare into my own eyes. Lastly, I pinned on my name tag. "Alison Rogers." it read. I always hated my name. No particular reason really, just hoped for something a little more, unique. Every time I am reminded of my name I shuttered. Because I knew it should be Alison Walter. I am in love with a Mr. Kyle Walter. Heís my age, just turned 24. Tall and handsome, he is just about the only person in this world I can say I love. No, I donít have any family, or at least.. not anymore. Well, yes, technically, I have a father, but he doesnít have a daughter. Or at least of which he chooses to acknowledge. My mother died last year of cancer. It was a long fight, but still to this day I can see her face watching me through those sliding glass doors, which is really the only nice, beautiful thing I have left in my apartment, those clean, sliding glass doors.
I pulled my shoes on, and hurried out of the door, finally realizing how much time I had let pass by while I was inside with myself. I work at Food for Less as a stocker. I stock shelves of food items, I mean. Kyle also works there as a checker, he was able to get me hired there since its been pretty hard for me to hold a job. Some say Iím unstable. I arrived at work not a minute too late and greeted Kyle. "Good morning Alison" he said. Thatís all he ever said to me, or of which he was aware of. Only I knew the truth, but I have faith that he will figure it out soon. He will find out about us, our relationship, our romance, and all of the memories weíve shared. Itís just up to me to remind him.
I worked my long shift, finally putting the last can of tomato soup on the shelf. I am ready to go back to my apartment, to join my alarm clock, and those beautiful glass doors of mine. Ready to sink into my sheets and feel their embrace around me, the peace they are able to give me is unconditional.
"See ya tomorrow Alison." Kyle said, giving me a pat on the back. I loved when he did that. His hands were so big and strong. I love his hands. I love everything about Mr. Kyle Walter. He watched me get into my car, making sure his woman was safe, and I drove away.
On the drive home I could not stop thinking about Kyle. I love Kyle more than my bed and my sheets, more than my alarm clock, and more than my father. Sometimes I even love Kyle more than those beautiful sliding glass doors of mine. As I stared into the darkness before me, I was startled by the sudden appearance of a figure in the road.
I swerved, trying to dodge that repulsive creature and heard a sudden screech and a crash! I felt a long, and harsh jolt.
There was peace. I woke up to find the morning sun, silence, and warmth. Alike to that of my sheets, cradling my body. I looked around and realized that I was in a heavy vegetated area. The green was so thick, I could barely see ten feet in front of me. It was so beautiful. These were my plants. I love them.
I climbed out of my car, unharmed. I figured I would travel back up to the road, to look for help. Once I reached the top of the hill, I was able to see the road. As I stood there, I thought of who would actually help me. I looked down at my name tag. "Allison Walter." it read. I laughed to myself. It was not uncommon for my imagination to get the best of me. Oh, how I miss Mr. Kyle Walter. Maybe I will go to see him? After all, he can help me move my car out of those beautiful plants of mine.
I decided to walk to Food for Less. Hopefully I wasnít late for work. I entered the store, and right away I saw Kyle. He looked so handsome. I approached him, and waited for my "Good morning Alison." He never gave it to me. In fact, He did not even look at me. How insulting. I do not like to cause a fuss. I am not a violent person, very independent.. I guess. I went back to my car to start cleaning it out. To my surprise, I beat myself there. There I lay, peaceful, finally asleep..
It reminded me of my apartment. My horn, alike to my alarm clock. I was engulfed by vegetation, vines wrapped around my body, finding comfort on me, and I to them. My car was empty, but I lay there, thoughtless. Most of the glass on my car is broken, except of course my back window, clean and beautiful. I stare at myself, and examine my name tag, "Alison Rogers." I hate that name. I stare back at myself for hours as the time ticks by. Days. Weeks. Months. I am watching myself change. My hair grows, my face changes, my skin becomes more pail. And here my body will remain. Always waiting for Mr. Kyle Walter to come find me.

I wrote this as an assignment in highschool. Inorder to get credit for
the story, it had to be posted on the web. I comment this now seeing
as its one of the first things that pops up on google when you search
my name. Doesnt make too much of any, sense to me now, but for the
sake of the fact of getting down with the sickness when i wrote it....
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Arielle Koury.
Published on on 01/22/2009.


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