Saskia Egli

Sad Thoughts about Love

Why do I even try so hard

I guess Im not prepared to learn

That in loves play I dont take part

Being rebuffed at every turn


No matter how far I fly

Love is something I cant reach

It seems that fate passed me by

And Ive no choice but to oblige


Well then, so long

Im tired of believing wrong

Of thinking that someplace on earth

Somebody could actually see my worth


But then again, the wonders small

Shouldnt I know best of all

That some souls never get the chance

To embrace their lifes romance


Yet here I stand, being a fool

Still getting these notions cruel

Lighting my mind with hope

While slowly tying solitudes rope


Brothers, sisters, most around

Already their hearts have bound

And though for them Im truly glad

I cant help but feel a little sad


Cuddling, kissing, being close

And while Im happy for those

Just upon that very sight

I can feel my heart wither inside


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Egli.
Published on on 01/28/2009.


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