Jens Marquard



Now, now, its the part of the party to show that youre naughty,
so, so, Im definitely ready to start to get freaky,
boy, boy, let us get heavy, Ill prove you Im sexy,
wow, wow, I feel this party especially our chemistry,
tonight is the night, everything is alright, I meet him in the club,
we make the party non-stop, and after some drinks the atmosphere swings, like this...


its our emotional party,
lets get it on now,
show what is it about;
its our emotional party;
theres no doubt,
show what is it about,


now, now, its time to leave from here, boy have no fear,
so, so, were both in attraction, theres no question,
boy, boy, you can feel with me, so romantically sweet,
wow, wow, youre surprising me, fantasize with me,
tonight is the night, we dance tight on tight, I got you at your best,
conquer your heart is my quest, and after some songs your heart will beat strong like this...


its our emotional party,
lets get it on now;
show what is it about;
its our emotional party,
theres no doubt;
show what is it about;


I dont let you go,
I cant let you go,
I wont let you go,
because youre inspiring me so,

EMOTIONAL PARTY is a very emotional text. Its about the attraction of a boy to a girl and one can feel the chemistry very good.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 02/13/2009.


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