Kim Haslam

This Girl

She picks a flower
The wind gently blowing against its petals
They go up to the heavens
As her wandering eyes follow
She remembers the people of her past
Those memories have suddenly become so precious
A tear drop falls, but she swears it isnt hers
She kneels to the warm green grass wondering
Where is that child she once so loved?
She has been searching for her awake & in her dreams
In the middle of all this chaos ~ shes lost her love
Daydreaming is what its come to; all she can do
To keep her sanity and hold on to this moment
Even if isnt the most valuable one
Now the present becomes the past as she steps towards the future
Walking along this misty day
Her heart only warmed by the humidity
Shes thirsty and tired
She sees a river and decides to sit
It flows so beautifully
And she realizes its a river made up of millions of tears
Tears she swore were never hers.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Kim Haslam.
Published on on 02/16/2009.


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