Sven Wagner


Darkness surrounds you..coming near
Scouting your weakspots,a breach of defense
Welcome it, the darkness called Fear
It's up for a you join the dance?

Shivering chills by the cold from inside
expanding and eating you alive
I guess there is no place to hide..
You should accept the challenge and take the dive.

Build your defenses, bring up the walls!
They seem so strong and high in a whole.
But through the tiniest breach it crawls,
feeding in triumph and poisoning your soul.

As the sun rises it burns it to ashes
freeing you from torture you inflict on yourself.
But  you see what it has done, what the mess is,
when you are trying to cure your emotional health.

But brace yourself because one thing is sure
the light may have driven it away
But this thing called Fear has tasted your core
and it will return.. for the night.. to stay.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sven Wagner.
Published on on 03/02/2009.


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