John Robinson

Induction, Welcome to Venezuela



Creating the Cybernetic Woman: Part III


Historical background: Carla/I-1407 and Cyrill/M-3548




John R. Starvele



Revisions © 2009


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Creating the Cybernetic Woman didn’t come all at once or as a single project by our nefarious characters it involved other people experimenting and being experimented on and the developments of those experiments. This story introduces 2-women Carla/I-1407 and Cyrill/M-3548. Both women could rightfully be considered the first Cybernetic women. They were intermediate steps in Creating the Cybernetic Woman.


M-3548 is an instrumental fulcrum point to the story. I hope you enjoy the depth of her character, the power of her convections, and her struggles.


I have engaged in revisions of this part of the story. Sorry for the delay in getting it completed. I remember reading –after I finished this novel the first time: “Illustrate your story, don’t tell it.” I have tried to turn the long narrative of the original into a series of snap-shots action scenes and dialog.


I still feel the narratives are sill too long in this section and subject to revision. In the revised the story, I considered eliminating the first two parts and this chapter.


There has also been some depth enhancement and additions as well from the retrospect’s of the years that have passed. One of the departures was due to world politic. Jorge would make a better villain if his base of operations were that of a major country of the world as malevolent dictator. Venezuela seem to volunteer for the country of Jorge’s origins which required a move.


The original chapter Cyrill and was quite long and part of it became ‘For the Cause’. This section is where we start to delve into Science Fiction supposition. I may reconsider deleting this section there are valuable nuggets in it; if I can render it useful to rest of the story.



Induction, Welcome to Venezuela


ER, Southwest Community Hospital, Berena, Ohio, United States.


Doctor Cyrill Madruga had been on duty in the Emergency Room since early morning, as part of her last year of her internship at the Western Ohio University. She had been up most of the night studying for an exam that night at her medical school and was getting by on strong coffee. Her dark brown eyes had bags under them and her straight black hair was little mussed with the day’s routine. Cyrill was stout, but trim one-point-sixty-five-meters (5’5”). She was blessed with the traits of Allah’s children--large hooked nose, dark eyes, dark skin and black hair.


It was a cold-gray-barren-depressing winter day with the wind blowing frigid out of the Northeast. It was the kind of day that made you thankful to be home or at least inside. It had started to snow mid morning and snow was accumulating fast with the lake effect. She was still wondering how people could live here, but she was thankful for the University accepting her over better-qualified male Americans.


The medical school’s admission policies were mystery to her as well as most Americans; however, government mandated of affirmative action and the admission committee being composed of better than half by her fellow countrymen might have had some influence.


It was now late in the day and at the end of her shift. She couldn’t wait to get home after the test and sleep. The phone at the duty desk rang. A nurse answered it, summonsing Cyrill.


“Doctor Madruga, It’s Doctor Adjourno”


Doctor Adjourno was a fellow student and friend of Cyrill’s


“Yes Roland.”


“Cyrill, I’ve been in auto accident and I won’t be in this shift. Cover for me.”


“I can't. I have an exam.”


“Cyrill, we’re having a blizzard. All activities at the University have been canceled.”


“OK, Thank you for calling Roland. I’ll have to call for alternate. I need some sleep.”


“Nurse, call the for an alternative for internist Doctor Adjourno.”


The on call doctor promised to get there as quickly as possible, but it would be a while because of the storm.


The phone rang and the second doctor for the shift said he was running late because the storm. Several more phone calls of nurses and orderlies going to be late. Cyrill remained on with the rest of day staff in hopes they eventually would get some relief. The coffee now wasn’t doing much more than upsetting her stomach. She hoped it would be a quiet night so if the relief didn’t get there she could curl up in the doctor’s lounge and get some sleep.


Approach Control Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland, Ohio, United States


The storm in the Cleveland area had effected the air traffic at the airport and the landing aircraft were experience long delays waiting their turn to land, as many had to abort and try again, because of the limited visibility. Flight forty-four was a large Boeing twin-engine with a full passenger manifest and accompanying baggage, as a result they had left Los Angles with the minimum required fuel. While holding Flight forty-four had used its marginal fuel up.


“Flight forty-four, declaring a fuel emergency!”


“Roger, Flight forty-four continue to hold we get you in soon as we can. We have five emergency ahead of you.”


“Flight forty-four, Roger.”


Flight forty-four continued to circle in the holding pattern until approach control called them again.


“Flight forty-four decent to three-thousand feet and continue to hold your number two.”


“Flight forty-four, Roger Tell him to make quick. The gauges aren’t even reading!”


An eternity of turns transpired until approach cleared them to land.


“Flight forty-four your cleared land.”


“Flight forty-four starting final. Oh ($#%#$#@) May Day! Mayday! Double flame out!”


Flight forty-four through the valiant effort of the pilot and copilot at the last minute deposited their airplane on interstate-480 just little short of the runway.


ER, Southwest Community Hospital, Berena, Ohio, United States


Back in the ER a whistling sound could be heard.


“What’s that noise?” asked the nurse.


Cyrill answered, “I don’t know.”


A muffled crash could be heard through the heavy falling snow and then sound of numerous sirens rushing toward the hospital. Then it began patient after patient hour after hour the night staff had arrived and calls went out for everybody that could make it, but it wasn’t enough. Frantically, Cyrill made decisions well into the night becoming more and more dead on her feet. She really needed to keep going so she took her first amphetamine.


Review Stands, Command Plaza, Military base, near Puerto Ayacucho, on the Orinoco River, Amazona, Venezuela


The country of Venezuela under the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez ardently attempted ascension to world power. In Chavez’s quest for power, he had aligned Venezuela with world’s most abhorrent terrorists and Communistic countries inviting the most powerful drug lords from neighboring Columbia and Peru to join his ‘Cause’. One of the most powerful to join ‘The Cause’ was Jorge Jesus Vasquez from high in hills above Tingo Maria, Peru.


It was May Day, the most important day for all the world’s ‘Peoples’. Generalissimo, El Presidente, Hugo Chavez over weight in dark green full dress military uniform with plethora of self awarded medals stood next to the rotund Jorge Jesus Vasquez in his white suit and Panama hat and white spats on his shoes stood in the forefront of review stands in the parade plaza of the Military base near Puerto Ayacucho with many important people for a review of the troops in Jorge’s installation as governor.


Beside him holding his right hand, as always, was his life long significant other, General M-124 -Dr Cicero Iguanonsolas, Vasquez; commanding all Jorge’s medical operations ready to take command of Amazona’s Mission Barrio Adentro (Mission Into the Neighborhood nationalized medical health care) and the military medical care. He was legally married to Jorge unlike the others with the same last name that stood on the platform. He was a small pock faced man.


Jorge’s oldest military commander General Jamie Vasquez always identified as I-127 stood with Jorge on the stands ready to take over the military forces of Amazona. Jamie had changed his last name when he joined Jorge’s Segundo Luminas, as did all those that served Jorge. Jorge had been orphaned in his childhood by another drug lord and insisted on carrying his family name by renaming his people.


Hugo and the others on platform stood as troops streamed by for an hour -half of them were in the silver armored Kroll/Mendoza Type II suits. Airplanes flew passes overhead. Then the commanders formed blocks formation representing there troops waiting for Hugo’s proclamation. Nearly two-thirds in the formations were in armored Kroll/Mendoza suits.


All the soldiers wearing Kroll/Mendoza suits were directly under Jorge’s command coming to Venezuela to help in the ‘Chavez Cause’ or mercenaries that Jorge had placed in Hugo’s Venezuelan military. Hugo addressed the formation:


“It is the destiny that Venezuela bring about a new world order for betterment of all Peoples. I have dedicated my life to ‘Our Cause’ and I thank you all for you selfless service in ‘Our Cause’ and leading the rest of the world. Beside me is extremely competent leader of the ‘People’s of the Peruvian highlands that shares out noble quest and represent out attitude of si si pueda, si si pueda (yes yes we can).”


Hugo paused. The formation responded with arm out salute and an ear deafening incantation:


“Si si pueda, si si pueda (yes yes we can). Alabanza Chavez! Un mundo debajo de Chavez! (Praise Chavez, one world under Chavez).


Hugo returned their salutation with his right arm out incanting:


“Gracias, gracias. Un mundo debajo de mí a través de usted. (Thank you, thank you. One world under me through you.)” The man standing next to me made Segundo Luminas a powerful and an organization to be feared by all enemies of ‘Our Cause’. Elogie la Segundo Luminas. Un mundo debajo de Segundo Luminas. (Praise the walk in the light one world under the walk in the light.)


Hugo pause for gathering response.


“Elogie Segundo Luminsa, Segundo Luminas debajo de Chavez, un mundo debajo de Chavez (Praise the path of light, Segundo Luminas under Chavez, one world under Chavez).”


“Because of his capable leadership with Segundo Luminas he will make an outstanding Governor and Commander of the military of Amazona. So by the power as El Presedente and Generalissimo I here by appoint him. Amazona de Jorge Vasquez de la alabanza debajo de Vasquez. Amazona a las partes importantes Venezuela un plomo de mundo por Venezuela. (Praise Jorge Vasquez, Amazona under Vasquez. Amazona an important part of Venezuela one world lead by Venezuela.)”


“Alabanza Vesquez. Amazona debajo de Vasquez. Un mundo debajo de Venezuela. Un mundo debajo de Chavez. (Praise Vasquez, Amazona under Vasquez. One world under Venezuela. One world Under Chavez.)”


City General Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, United States


Cyrill after that night in the ER at South West Community, only used the stimulants when she needed them. She finished her internship and decided after seeing the US offered more opportunities than returning to her Pakistan. She went into practice in the inner city emergency room of Cleveland General Hospital. Her practice, and her continued medical studies, seemed to take more and more, and her amphetamine usage increased to keep up with the demands. Yet, her usage still went undetected until one night, she was so strung out she made two fatal misjudgments, giving the wrong medication to two gang members brought in after a fight. Their autopsies reviled her mistakes and she was arrested for medical negligence. During the arrest the police found her amphetamines.


Site of Our Lady Chiquinquira Experimental Clinic, Military base, near Puerto Ayacucho, Amazona, Venezuela


Jorge and M-124 arrived in a black Hummer and they walk the perimeter of the string and stakes lying out of the future clinic.


“Jorge Dear, shouldn’t we be building barrack for all the new soldiers?”


“Soldiers need to be tough. They can live in tents for a while. What we are building here is more important. Hugo thinks it will be headquarters for the state’s Mission Barrio Adentro (Mission Into the Neighborhood nationalized medical health care). Its for you to carry on your experiments.”


“I hope we will soon be building the best soldier in the world by integrating them permanently with electronics and other equipment.”


“The Kroll/Mendoza suit combined with the IRED and PIPS (Implanted Radio Electronic Display and Pallet Implanted Pressure Socket) are working very well. You should be very Proud Dear.”


“It just the beginning of what our Ultimate Super Cybernetic Soldiers will be: The seamless merger of a human possessing superior intelligence and physique, with the most advance-futuristic, powerful and extensive computer systems, with sophisticated potent and impenetrable equipment, all inter-controlling and inter supporting each other in a symbiotic synergistic indestructible and resilient amalgamation of man/women, computer and equipment. There is so much too do. We need to get the wear time of the Kroll/Mendozas up. The implanted interfaces are still so crude.”


Just keep working it will come. Soon you will have the most advanced facility of its type in the world for you. I’m working on a staff for your experimental clinic.


Cuyahoga County Court House, Cleveland, Ohio, United States


“Cyrill Madruga, the jury finds insufficient evidence for second degree murder because of medical negligence but guilty on possession of a controlled substance, meth-amphetamine. Since this is your first offense, I hereby revoke your license to practice medicine in the State of Ohio and fine you twenty five thousand dollars and place you on probation for two years. The Judges gable hit the block and court entertained the next case.”


Government Housing project, Cleveland, Ohio, United States


Cyrill’s fine took almost all she had. Her probation limited her activities and she was denied employment in her field of expertise. She was still looking for employment and her craving now forced her out on to street. Her inquires lead her to the government housing project and to a specific man in the distant distribution systems of Jorge Jesus Vasquez.


“Do you have it?”


“I’ve got what you need.”


Money and a product changed hands. All at once several Cleveland police cars sped into parking lot with flashing light and sirens. Policemen with guns drawn appeared from everywhere. The dealer and Cyrill were handcuffed and put in police cars and taken away. Cyrill’s ankle band had done its job.


Jail, Cleveland, Ohio, United States


The lawyer for the Dealer entered Cyrill’s holding cell. She didn’t even open her brief case but started with an offer.


“Cyrill, as your lawyer you are looking at 2-5 years in prison. They have an airtight case against you. After you serve you sentence you probably not be able to practice medicine for another five years if ever again in U S. I have an offer for you. There is a desperate need for doctors in the town of Puerto Ayacucho in Venezuela.”


“How can I accept an offer when I’m in jail?”


“You can start immediately. I’ll take care of the jail if you accept.”


“What would I be doing?”


“You will be treating the poor and indigent of the city in a government clinic. Its a government position with a good pension plan.”


“How will you take care of my arrest?”


“I will post your bail and you’ll be out of the country before night fall.”


“I will be a fugitive?”


“You will have a new Venezuelan government identity.”




A Lear jet departing Cleveland Hopkins International Airport bound indirectly for Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela. One of its passengers had a Cleveland City detention ankle band removed in flight and discarded over and into lake Erie.


In a Lear Jet, Airport, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


Just coming to stop on tarmac of the military air base, in the airplane, the other passenger addressed Cyrill:


“Cyrill, The Governor of Amazonas has come to meet you. Amazonas is a providence of Venezuela, like the state of Ohio is in the US. The Governor’s name is Jorge Jesus Vasquez. He is the large man in the white suit. Also you will be meeting the Doctor en General of Amazona civilian and military. He is your upper most level boss. He is to be addressed as General M-124. The military is not long on names they prefer a specialty letter and a service number. He is the one holding Jorge’s hand in the white jump suit.”


M-124 or Circe Iguanonsolas, (a god that change men into swine, a lizard, not in the sun, under a rock) was a small, dark, pocked-face man. He wore a doctor’s white jump suits, as prescribed by the Psychology Department -a stretchy knit from his heels to mid-neck with zipper in the front, covering his shoulders and arms to his wrists.


The first officer had opened the door and step out of the plane, standing to assist his passengers. Crouched in low door Cyrill step out of the Lear jet. Surrounding the airplane were 30 silver suited androids looking things -men in Kroll/Mendoza armored suit. The plethora of weapons made a more profound impression on Cyrill. The band was ceremonial but was also Jorge’s bodyguards.


Jorge step forward.


“Thank you Doctor Madruga for taking my offer. It is so gracious of you to come help me take care of my people.”


Jorge hugged Cyrill.


“Governor Vasquez, thank you for the opportunity.”


“Doctor Madruga, I like you to meet my favorite Doctor and your new boss Doctor Circe Iguanonsolas.”


“Doctor. Circe Iguansolas.”


“Doctor Madruga, Welcome to Venezuela. I’m please to get such a qualified doctor for my staff.”


Cyrill thought: I think I miss pronounced his name. M-124 in his case will be much easier.


M-124 held the rear door of the Hummer for Cyrill as Jorge got in on the other side. M-124 took the front seat next to driver as they leisurely drove off the tarmac with a precession of Kroll/Mendoza guards running and others riding motorcycles.


Barracks Plaza, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


Jorge’s and Cyrill’s motorcade entered the military housing plaza, there were numerous tents in the plaza. There were Kroll-Mendoza suited individuals, drilling, others were standing guard and still more people in fatigues wandering about; in the crowd there were many with black eye/ear patches of the IRED unit.


The massive main gate of the compound closed behind their procession, all activity in the Plaza stopped. Everyone turned, saluting with a raised right arm out at the arriving vehicles. The vehicles stopped in front of a small room with Spanish wrought iron work over the only window and door.


Doctor Circe Iguanonsolas opened the back door of the Hummer for Cyrill who got out to a circle of Kroll-Mendoza suited guards. Jorge got out of the other side of the Hummer and joined Cyrill and Doctor Iguanonsolas.


Jorge said, “Doctor Madruga, this way, please. I apologize for the small quarters, but it’s all I can spare for now we just move here and things are still very disorganized.”


M-124 said, “Doctor Madruga, please excuse me I have things to attend.”


M-124 feigned leaving but stopped as soon as Jorge and Cyrill walked into the small room. M-124 waited just out of sight next to the door.


Cyrill answer Jorge, “It’s fine Governor Vasquez. It has a nice view of the plaza, and private bath too.”


Jorge said, “Doctor Madruga, I have things to tend as well, so I’ll leave you to get settled in.”


“Thank you Governor Vasquez for the chance.”


Jorge exited the room. “Trábelo para arriba. (Lock it up.)” He commanded.


A soldier closed the Spanish iron works; locking it, as Jorge turned to talked with the still waiting M-124. They walked hand in hand to the Hummer


“I think she’ll work out well for your experimental clinic after we get her cleaned up; give her an extensive indoctrination before putting her through the field medic training. We’re going to have to watch her and give her some inconsequential busy work for a while.”


Cyrill shortly realized that they had locked her in without her luggage and shouted profanities demanding her release but she was completely ignored. She descended into periods of babbling at the walls then anger, lashing out at any thing, destroying few breakable items in quarters. There was little of value to be destroyed in her new confinement. Finally, in the early hours sleep caught up with her and she crashed into what was left of her bed that she had ripped and flung about.


Short hours later, in the dark of predawn, three Kroll-Mendoza-suited soldiers crashed into her room, flipping on the lights. Two of them grabbed her under her arms, hauling her to standing position in front of a third solider. One of the restraining soldiers fiercely held her head, locking it facing their leader with his/her gloved fingers enmeshed in Cyrill’s long matted black hair.


The individuals in their Kroll-Mendoza suits were almost impossible to determine their sex; the only hint was size. The leader raised a device in his/her suited-gloved hands that looked like lobster’s claw placing it around Cyrill’s neck. Cyrill eyes widened noticeably as claw closed on her neck. She wondered if the device was going to decapitate her, but it didn’t, only applying a minimal pressure to her throat. Cyrill heard the individual in front of her say something in Spanish to fourth member of the crew out side the room; it was a neck size in Spanish.


A fully suited fourth member of the crew, smaller than the rest, made a selection from her inventory of training collars. Yes a female, not that those who served with her would know that as the psychology division had intended it. She entered room closing the bulky, five centimeter (1 15/16”) wide, shiny black band around Cyrill’s golden-brown neck. With the choker in place, the group departed, dropping Cyrill, locking the door.


Cyrill screamed at them but halted abruptly as the first syllables from her mouth came in a strange new voice, a very much deeper resonate and vibrantly metallic voice. She never finished her obscenity as she sat back and explored her new choker collar. In vain, she tried to remove her collar; it didn’t budge and there was no release near the almost imperceptible rear seam.


She studied the choker in the mirror raising and turning her head as the inside of the choker compliantly conformed. Cyrill noted that she was a mess but she had an inkling of fondness for her appearance with the collar; however their collar infuriated her.


Cyrill again descended in to babbling in her new voice and had periods of shakes until she slept again.


Again in the predawn, four-Kroll-Mendoza-suited soldier returned, awakening Cyrill, dragging her to stand in front of their leader. The leader inspected her and shouted something at her; she didn’t know or care what he demanded and the choker throttled her neck. Cyrill reached for her collar as the other soldier ripped off her clothes. The choker released its grip. The leader shouted something again and the collar constricted again and disengaged as the group hauled her into the bathroom shower. The leader had the shower on. Cyrill accepted the soap and washcloth and began showering. When she had finished, one soldier offered a safety razor that Cyrill accepted, doing her legs and under arms but the leader pointed at her head and pubic hair, shouting something. Cyrill did nothing the choker strangled her with unrelenting pressure into oblivious unconscious.



When she came around they were almost finished shaving her crotch. When they had finished, they offered her the shaver again; the leader pointed to her hair on her head and shouted. Cyrill refused and the choker rendered her unconscious again.



She woke in the shower wet and cold and completely depilated including her once dark eyebrows. She toweled off stumbling back in to the main room, on the bed neatly folded was a Kroll/Mendoza medical suit.



The medical suit was scaled down version of the Kroll-Mendoza combat suit, lacking armor, heating system and many of the other functions intended for long term combat wear; but it was still a totally sealed environment suit filtering all incoming and out going air through a series of powered actuated valves and filters, exhausting the spent air to rear of the helmet away from a patient. It was -with antiseptic wash- the ultimate in surgical gowns.



Cyrill lifted the suit examining it; it was bright silver with a large red cross on the front and back and the legs had integral boots with a sealing-ring at the suit collar and two smaller sealing-rings at the end of the each of the short sleeves. She opened the collar ring and front seam, inspecting the inside of the suit, in the crotch was harness on a urine collection cup covered in plastic for females. Cyrill dropped the suit, looking around for her ripped clothes but they were all gone.


She stood naked. She wandered the room before she finally decided to try the suit.


Cyrill remove the sanitary plastic, stepping into the medical suit, making adjustment of the sanitary collector harness; its surface sticky-ring conformed to her, sealing her to the suit. Cyrill closed the front seam and the sealing-collar ring.


Cyrill stood in the suit. She walked over to mirror to take a look.


It has an allure. If it has a helmet and gloves it would be very practical surgical suit.


Cyrill decided she had tried the suit long enough so she started to open the sealing collar ring. Her choker throttled her.




Cyrill stopped trying to open the suit’s sealing collar ring. Her choker ceased strangling her. She tried it several times completely opening the collar once with the same results. She gave up leaving her suit’s sealing collar ring latched.


Her keepers invaded her room. Two of them held thin plastic gloves a third carried a helmet with 2 additional smaller red crosses on the sides of the helmet. The leader barked a command at Cyrill; her choker tightened so Cyrill thrust a hand into one of the presented thin-long gloves that went well up above her elbow to the suit’s arm-sealing ring, which the guard closed. Her choker relented, so Cyrill quickly plunged her hand into the other glove.


The soldier holding the silver helmet opened the faceplate sliding the helmet over Cyrill’s bare head from behind onto her suit’s sealing-collar ring aligned by another of her suited captors. It was a very snug fit that made no allowance for long hair. Another of her captor team inserted bar in front of Cyrill’s mouth positioning the straw on the bar between her lips against her front teeth.


The captor that had held the helmet, stood apart from those holding Cyrill, mask. With a nod, from one of the group, he/she stepped forward, placing a hand at the back of Cyrill’s helmet and with his/her other hand holding the mask thrust it into Cyrill’s helmet over her nose and mouth with an unrelenting-pressing-tightly, completely sealing it to her face as it latched to her helmet with a resounding clicks reverberating within the helmet for Cyrill’s.


With Cyrill breathing mask in place, satisfied, the soldier slammed the sliver-mirrored faceplate close on its latches. Her suit displayed a message on her faceplate.



mendoza industries ltd mx


The Leader barked something and they all left as quickly as they had come. An English to Spanish tutorial began in her helmet’s earphones louder than comfortable.


Cyrill tried to lift the faceplate, the choker strangled her; she tried the front seam the collar throttling her again. It quickly became apparent to her that she wasn’t to remove the suit.


Later that afternoon Cyrill tried the straw that was poked between her lips and was treated to a sweet-bitter fluid. It was high protein sugar solution. She sampled enough that she tested the suit’s urine collection system. The tutorial was still running when the guards enter her room late that night.


The leader commanded, “Trainee M-3548, Take off the suit.”


They had given Cyrill the title Trainee M-3548, The Psychology Department of Jorge forces had deemed it beneficial that all military personnel be address by rank designation and service number. The M stood for medical and she was the 3,548 person inducted into Jorge’s forces. Anonymity and unitizing of individuals were deemed very desirable for military protocol especially for trainees.


Cyrill/M-3548 marginally comprehended what he had said thanks to the tutorial but the faceplate display removed any doubt.



mendoza industries ltd mx
thank you for putting us on


Cyrill/M-3548 opened her faceplate and one of her guards helped her off with her helmet. They showed her how to empty the suit’s urine storage bladder, clean the sanitary cup, replacing the sanitary sealing-ring that was still stuck to her, how to make and replenish the drinking fluid. They demonstrated how to hang the suit and place it on charge. Then they commanded her into the shower like before. She complied ripping off the sealing ring but refused to shave. The collar strangled her.



She woke with them shaving her. She remained passive until they left her. It was a several days before she would shave completely on her own.


The following morning in the pre-dawn Cyrill’s/M3548’s collar awoke her. It became obvious that she wasn’t to stay in bed. She went to the bathroom and the collar relented until she was finished on the toilet. A voice commanded her to put on her medical suit. Then the choker started closing and releasing in pluses until she complied.


She was again sealed in her suit when her keepers reappeared with cleaning supplies. It became clear to M-3548/Cyrill she was to clean her room. They left her to her task with the tutorial running. The only difference today was that the when tutorial paused for a response she had to give an answer or her collar would constrict. She still could not take off the suit until late in the evening.


The following day M-3548/Cyrill was up before the choker gave her a wake-up contraction. They added a breakfast to the morning routine but made it very clear that she was to be sealed in her suit for inspection by a given time. The tutorial now demanded a correct response rather than just any vocalization. That evening a light supper was added to the routine.


Less than week after M-3548 had arrived she would fully suit herself and fall out for morning inspection. The second week was precision marching and long runs. The next week obstacle courses where they conducted mock rescue of wounded soldiers while under live fire. Each day specialized medical tools and procedures were introduced.


M-3548 was beginning to enjoy the training exercise and looked forward to the caress of her suit in the morning. She still hated the entire shaving each day but accepted it understanding why it was necessary. The routine lasted a month before M-3548 was transferred to indigent clinic as a physician’s assistant for more advanced training.


With her assignment, her suit was rendered fully operational except for the exit command that still only worked at night in her room. The activation of her suit was necessary for her new assignment. The straw now served another function as a cursor mover and the buttons beside it could be tongued as escape and execute computer command keys. She was now online with the medical computer/base computer SADAM and could work with the computer transferring information and operate the medical equipment.


Her day began as before in the pre-dawn by falling out for roll call, now cursory sealed suit inspection but then she would board a transport to the mission clinic. She would meet the patients first, retrieving their charts from the computer on her faceplate display or starting a new chart in the data banks for a new patient. She would take all vital measurements adding them to the computer data chart. She would do examination and preliminary assessment. Then she would search the computer data banks of the most probable causes and solutions.


The doctor would then enter the exam room and demand M-3548’s findings. The doctor in a white jump-suit uniform would ask the patient some questions and occasion, actually examine the patient. Then the doctor would order tests or prescriptions or procedures. M-3548 would add the doctor’s orders to the electronic chart. Then extract what was necessary from the patient for the tests and feed the sample to the testing equipment, recording the results to the electronic chart. In the case of a simple prescription M-3548 would obtain medication from the electronic dispensary and dispense the pharmaceuticals informing the patient of the medications proper usage. M-3548 would do all the ordered in-office procedures with the advent of computer controlled microsurgery some were very evasive.


The first week she was accompanied by pair of armed Kroll-Mendoza suited guard that made sure she did exactly as her assigned physician told her, speaking only when required. Each night the transport would return her to her quarters with the guards locking her in. On occasions there would be a quarters and nude hygiene inspection.


M-3548 enjoyed her work, being in center for patient care; it was more like being doctor than she had known, even though she wasn’t in charge. An affinity grew for her suit’s immersion computer interface.


After two months M-3548 was transfer to the compound’s triage center, her routine and duties were about the same except she didn’t have the trip in the morning to mission clinic in Puerto Ayacucho and the return trip at night. The medical procedures were grizzlier being those of injured soldiers in training or combat. M-3548 didn’t like the carnage but felt useful.


Review stands, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


Six months now had passed for M-3548, as she stood at attention in her medical suit. She was only one of many medical suited personnel in the review formation; it was a small group compared to the graduations of combat personnel. General M-124 presided over the ceremonies for the medical group. Near the end M-124 called M-3548; she marched down as the other had and stood before him.


“M-3548, remove your helmet.”


M-3548 did as commanded. The suit exit function worked out side her room for the first time, as she stood bare headed. M-124 raised straight right arm to just above perpendicular and declaring, “M-3548, Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez).”


M-3548 returned the salute and incantation. Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez). She had come to believe what she was proclaiming. Then the gathering repeated the salute and incantation. Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez).


When it was again quite, M-124 began again. “M-3548 you have satisfactory completed your medical training program. Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez).


M-3548 returned the salute and incantation with a pride, “Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez)”.


The gathering repeated after her, “Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez).”


“With you training complete, we will now relieved of your training collar, which will better serve a new trainee.


Two soldiers ceremoniously removed her collar placing it on a cart with the others. M-3548 had to restrain herself from reaching for her neck because she was at ceremonial attention; she felt a loss, somehow. The collar was part of the M-3548 soldier of Vasquez and Venezuela ‘Cause’.


“M-3548, as a member of ‘The Cause’ and our family, I hereby bestow the rank of lieutenant and the title of Doctor M-3548 upon you. Doctor, Your private name is now Cyrill Madruga Vasquez, Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez).


“I, Doctor Lieutenant M-3548, accept the proclamation By Jorge Vasquez. Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez).”


M-3548 repeated the incantation and her salute. She fell back into ranks with her helmet at her side until the graduation was complete.


With the dismissal, M-3548 put her helmet back on, unlike most.


M-3548’s quarters, Barracks plaza, Military base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


Later that afternoon she was still fully suited in her quarters when M-124 called, by knocking; a curtsey not observed by any soldiers to that point.




He did and M-3548 sprang to attention.


“At ease. Take off your helmet, Cyrill. Sit. Cyrill you have come long way in the last six months. The door is open. It won’t be locked again unless you lock it. Tomorrow you’re off and for the next three days. Go to supply and draw seven lieutenant-doctors uniforms and get some fatigues and foundations for when you’re off duty. I’m sorry to inform you that with graduation you lost your room service; you’ll have to go to the officers’ mess. Your assignment is at the base Hospital if you do as good job, as you have been doing, I will get you full privileges and a promotion. Good afternoon.”


M-124 departed closing the door. M-3548 tried the door; it was unlocked, so she put helmet back on and went out in the plaza and just stood in sunlight turning about with her arms out. No one interceded her actions.


Then she did as ordered, going to Supply, still fully suited, for her uniforms, fatigues and foundation. Supply still had many of the Chavez staffing that had seen many bizarre things with Jorge’s appointment and they were just trying to adjust. M-3548 was unusual to them but they accepted her request because they carried M-124’s authorizations. There had been many other fully suited individuals in Kroll/Mendoza suits placing the same authorized requisitions this day of graduation and si si pueda (yes yes we can).


M-3548 stayed sealed suited as long as she could and still change into her fatigues and make mess call. She was famished. She returned to her quarters to care for her beloved suit.


Barracks Plaza, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


With her med suit cared for, all her cloths properly stowed, she cleaned her quarters. It was late and well after sundown she tried the door and it was unlocked. M-3548 decided to exercise her new freedom, going for a walk in the plaza. She was alone except for the posted combat-suited guards. She wandered around little and realized that the guards wouldn’t let her leave the closed plaza. It was after curfew. She sat on a bench, staring up at the sky full of stars, wondering what the future would bring for her in this part of the world.


A 1.75 m (5’9”) attractive, fit, Captain with black hair, brown eyes a little thin mustache and a good tan, walks up to her with a star chart.


“Would you like some company? I like to come out and look at the constellations. That one’s the Southern Cross.”


As he pointed


M-3548 responded, “The stars here are much like the one I remember from my childhood. It seems like such a long time ago.”


“Where did you grow up?”




“I wouldn’t have guessed it, by your attractive looks, but your Spanish is a little rough. My name is Ramon.”


“I’m M-3548.”


“Its alright. You’ve graduated, judging by your rank you have the right to a name when not on duty.”


“I prefer M-3548. What’s your designation and service number?”


“Major I-1779.”






Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


The following Sunday they started letting M-3548 go off base to Mass. M-3548 accepted the offer even though she was a Moslem. I-1779 somehow managed to get himself assigned as M-3548’s escort to church.


After Mass Ramon escorted M-3548 down the main street of town where she notice something in clothing/military surplus store window. Ramon noticed her interest and ushered her into the store. She looked and fingered the shinny-black synthetic-leather choker. She turned to leave and Ramon placed the choker around her neck. She studied herself in the mirror and fondled it.


“You want it?”


M-3548 nodded her head and Ramon bought it for her, and she wore it out of the shop. Ramon offered Cyrill the remote control for her choker.


“You keep it.”


“You will not be able to take it off with out the remote.”


“I don’t want to ever it take off. Throttle me when I am out line. Ramon, give me a shot right now, please.”


Ramon pressed a button and the choker throttled M-3548 as she smiled a contented smile. It had been almost too long.


Military Hospital, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


It was a 4-months since M-3548’s arrival in Ayachucho.


That Monday, her first day, M-3548 arrived at the hospital fully suited in her sealed medical-suit with her Doctors jump-suit uniform in a bag. There was some confusion as what to do with her since most thought she was physician’s assistant, but her suits rank said differently. After some coercion they finally got M-3548 in to the proper uniform.


She didn’t like her first day. All it seemed like she did was to strut from patient to patient and order around her assistant. She wondered what her assistant looked like or what kind of person he or she was. She knew better than ask, since two Kroll-Mendoza suited armed guards escorted her assistant like she had been.




In the next 2-months, M-3548 status as a doctor at the military base hospital flourished into competent full privileged residency. She was well accepted on the base by most all her colleagues.


Her relationship with Ramon bloomed in deep love. Ramon’s friends and associated like her.


He choker had remained on her neck since Ramón had purchased it for her; it filled a void for her that at first she didn’t understand, but it symbolized her love for Ramon and eventually her acceptance of her new way of life. She looked forward to the gentle squeeze that told her Ramon was thinking about her when they were not together, and when together, it would be and invitation for intimate pleasure and in bed it added to the sexual experience.


The collar and brutal methods of military life in Puerto Ayacucho had trained her appropriately.


Wards, Military Base Hospital, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


It was now 6-months since Cyrill had arrived in Puerto Ayacucho. Cyrill was a person of the distant past; she was M-3548. It was Monday morning, to M-3548 surprise Doctor M-124 joined her this morning as she visited with her patients.


“I hear you showed up in your medical suit for your first day at hospital and you also frequently wear it off duty. You know as doctor you only have to wear it during surgical procedures. So why are you wearing you medical suit.”


“After months of being forced to wear it, I’ve come to love its embrace. It just feels natural and safe and convent for computer work.”


“Would you join me for a staff meeting this morning after our rounds? You suited experience could be of value to us.”


They arrived at the first patient.


“Phenomena.” said Doctor M-124 to M-3548 as they left the patient.


Next patient.


“Skin lesion and ulceration, Kaposi sarcoma.”


Next patient.


“Neural lesion responding to antibiotic.”


Next patient.


“Intestinal infection.”


Next patient


“Thrush a fungus infection of the mouth.”


“M-3548, do you see a pattern and a problem here?”


“Doctor M-124 I’ve known for months all these patients have AIDS as the underlying cause of their symptoms”


“Yes, AIDS, Acquired Immunological Deficiency Syndrome, Would it surprise you that forty percent of the patients in the Hospital now have secondary stages of AIDS.”


“I knew it was bad but I didn’t think it was that bad.”


“M-3548, sixty-five percent of our troops are positive for HIV but haven’t developed the secondary stage yet.”


“It an epidemic.”


“I’m afraid so and there’s so little I can do to stop it. They’re dying in greater numbers of AIDS than from fighting. Soldiers, the first thing they do when they get leave is to go get drunk and then they want sex. Jorge even provides them the means. It’s a very profitable enterprise. Damn, sometimes I wish I could encase their genitals in plastic and provide them electronically with sexual entertainment that they seem to need so badly so physical contact would not be unnecessary.”


M-124 escorted her through the hospital to the tunnel entrance to the experimental Clinic. He swiped his badge that opened the door to tunnel. They strolled down the glass tunnel to the experimental clinic. Upon opening door to experimental clinic they were greeted by 2 guards fully armed and combat suited. This was M-3548’s first time in the clinic. M-124 quickly led her to conference room.


Conference room, Lady of Chiquinquira Experimental Clinic, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonaz, Venezuela


M-124 called the meeting to order. M-3548 looked around the room at people and the different types of uniforms. The strangest were apparition like of the Psychology Department. M-124 stood as he held his chair for her to sit.


“Lets begin this mornings meeting with a problem that been plaguing us, extending the Kroll/Mendoza combat suit wear time. This is M-3548 she a new doctor at Hospital and one of the first to go though the new medical indoctrination training program in a med suit. She tells me she love wearing her med suit. M-3548 would you wear you med suit say week without taking it off for us?”


“I would, but it is impossible.”


“As a doctor, with suit experience we value your suggestions. We are looking for ways to make suit wear possible for say several years but we have to start with more attainable goals. What would you suggest and what can we do to make a week at least possible?”


“Elimination is biggest and first thing that has to be dealt with. A diaper that they use in space suits just isn’t going to do for entire week. Odor in the suit must be awful and the resulting rashes. The low-residue diet that pilots and astronauts eat, if it was started 3-day in advance and during week might work. The operative word is might, an accident would mean a disaster if you couldn’t get out of your suit right a way. Looking to your more-loftier goals, it would only be possible for a week and not sustainable to do over and over again, digestive tack problems would quickly manifest themselves with such an unbalanced diet. So we have to get the shit out some how. The only way I can see is an extraction tube.”


“Thank you M-3548 what other major problems do you see?


“Diet, feeding, liquid will not suffice there has to be solids and fiber so different feeding system than the drinking tube is necessary.”


“If we can deal with these 2 items is any thing else?”


“Comfort will be a major priority in dealing with all systems. Cleanliness is an important part. You have managed to deal with only part of excretion processes with the sanitary cup in my suit. The skin is also an organ of excretion. The skin excretion you have not dealt with. People need to bathe to remove the excretion as part of making them comfortable in their own skin. How to bathe without taking off a suit?”


M-3548 any other major things you can think of?”


“Those are major categories I can think of but I got all kind of thoughts beginning to gather on the problems.”


“Good, M-3548 work on them. Send me email when you gather them. We will have you back to discuss them. We now have to move on to other business. I-1407 will see you out and we thank you.”


Standing in the doorway waiting was fully armed and clad in an armored Kroll/Mendoza Type II suit soldier. For I-1407, she love wearing her suit and toting the heavy armaments but it was fill-in work guarding the experimental clinic, while she waited for her appearance before the ‘Transition’ Board. She expected she would be doing much more before she would have an answer. She hoped this -the seventh time- they would finally accept her.




M-3548, during her off hours and days, began logging her thoughts on the problems of long-term suit wear, passing them on to M-124. With one of the early the email notes, she informed M-124 she was exploring the problems first hand by experiencing the problems for herself by wearing her suit. She researched the journals and the Internet for advancements and possible solutions. She did other research for her hospital patients. Some time she did research just out of her own curiosity. She did as much of her medical record posting as she could do suited all with the immersion computer interface of her medical-suit rather than a terminal computer with a conventional keyboard and screen.


She would wear her suit in her quarters on a quite evening imaging what it would be like to just remain in it protected by its embrace day after day. She tried to sleep in her suit but the first night was a sleepless restless night. She made notes. Comfort – Sounds – Inducement means.


She tried several different things to make the nights more restful. Quick acting sleeping pill work favorably but she had to open the suit. She made notes on down cycle inducement (initiating sleep). She became better at sleeping in her suit as her body became accustom to her nightly routine.


M-3548’s new suit queries now interfered with her relationship with Ramon. Several nights Ramon and M-3548 had similar conversation like:


“Dear, I don like you spending so much time in you medical suit.”


“Dear, it’s part of my job. I’m doing it because it is something very important ‘For the Cause.’ I am working directly with M-124. We are trying to extend the wear time of combat suit up to a week or longer to cut down on soldiers’ vulnerability.”


“So I can look forward to time where you won’t take you suit off for a week?”


“If we are successful, yes! Even longer!”




“Don’t be so selfish. It will be great for those soldiers we can protect for long battles and for weeks at time in hostile environments.”


“Yes dear, I guess it will be great for them.


You might be one of those that the new suits that we're developing will protect.”


“Not very likely for supply manger. Well, all right what can I do to help?”


“Just accept what’s I am doing and love me. Help me when I ask.”


That conversation although repeated several time offered a truce as M-3548 continued to spend most of her off-hours with Ramon as she done before but she was now suited and often preoccupied with research. They still slept together, but it was different. It was now less often M-3548 would surrender her suit for sex when she did, she shortly afterward would re-suit to sleep. Ramon accepted the change reasonably well but still found it very strange to sleep with a sliver-suited woman and wake next to her in the morning.


With M-3548’s first email, M-124 issued an unofficially edict to ignore M-3548’s aberrant medical suit wearing behavior. It was after all a major goal the Vasquez part of the military was attempting to achieve and eventually be the desired behavior. M-3548 was contributing to ‘Cause. Ramon got a copy of that edict however he still had registered his protests with his lover, M-3548.


With the stream of information that followed from M-3548’s research and her weekly contribution to the experimental staff meeting, He quickly approved her request to waive medical uniform protocols so she could wear her med suit at all times on duty. The second official edict was issued for all that might come in contact with the suited M-3548. Armed suited soldier escorted Ramon to M-124 office for his official notification and orders to cooperate.


M-3548 joyfully took up the challenge. Wearing her suit as much as it would allow. The design of med suit required a daily removal: to dump her urine, to replenishing her drinking liquid, to wash and to recharge its power cells. M-3548 got the servicing of her suit and herself down to 5-hours a day, less when Ramon helped her. Their strained relationship seemed to be revived; they’d frequently kiss while taking care of her suit. They ate together, they showered together and when Ramon helped they had time for sex before she would re-suit to sleep next to him.


M-3548 asked for a second power cell that could be charged while she was in her suit. Swapping the power cell cut her out of suit time to that of her and her suit’s necessities -about 2-hours. There wasn’t time for Sex any more. Ramon contented himself with eating with her, showering with her, once in while they would have sex in the shower but in bed he just got to hold her in her suit.


Interchangeable pack packs could take care of the dumping, the replenishing, and recharging. M-3548 reasoned may be special intermediary pack could do a suit and body washing. Elimination, and feeding system were still significant hurdles that had to be dealt with at least once a day.


Conference room, Command Staff Building, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


A panel of four military officers sat at table cluttered with papers. Standing in front of them at attention was a woman in military dress uniform saluting with her arm out perpendicular to her body. She was second sergeant I-1407, Carla Vasquez, she was a trim 1.62-m (5’4”) 53.5-Kg (118-lbs.) black hair brown eyes native of Paraguay, no close family. Jorge’s people had swept her up after she had lost her family. She become a soldier and had been in various mercenary military organizations with several decorations. She always returned to Jorge’s service; her adopted family.


One of the men looked up bored from his papers and returned her salute.


She shouted, Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez).


The panel soldier half-heartedly returned:


“Si Si, Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (yes yes, Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez). Candidate I-1407 according to my records you are 37 years old and this is your seventh petition for ‘Transition’. ‘Transition’ is expensive and limited; we must choose the very best that will serve us well and long. At 37 you are eligible or close to it for retirement. We have offered you opportunities to move to support and promotion but you choose the field. Is there anything you can add to you last six petition that would sway us?


Sir, I have been with Jorge 20 years now and the reason I petition for the ‘Transition’ is so I can serve him better in battle. I do not want to retire that’s one of the reasons I have petition for ‘Transition’ so I’ll have the extra to compensate for my age.”


How long do you want to stay with the army?


“Sir, I hope another 20 years or more.”


Candidate I-1407, serving well does not always mean shooting and killing. The fight has to have weapons, food, equipment, people, intelligence, planning the fight, and giving the orders. If you could do more ‘For the Cause’ as a recruiter would you take the position?”


Sir, all I have ever know is fighting but if I could serve ‘The Cause’ better recruiting I would take it.


“You should take courses on tactual planning.”


“Sir I did.”


“Well, Candidate I-1407 that is something that you should have said when we asked you if there was anything new that would be persuasive for us.”


“Sir I though it be in your records and I did not think it was that important.”


“Candidate I-1407, important to ‘Our Cause’ is new procedures during the ‘Transition’ someone has to be first to try them. Would you accept new procedures during you Transition?”


“Sir, maybe yes, it depends upon what they would be.”


“Candidate I-1407 so noted. If we accept your petition you will be the first woman to under go ‘Transition’. Do you have any reservation of being the first woman? Do you have anything to add to this petition?”


“Sir, why have you been discriminating against women soldiers?”


“I-1407 we will notify you in two week of our decision. If we accept you be given a report date for a physical with in a month. Dismissed, I-1407.”


I-1407 saluted and pronounced the prescribed incantation


“Alabanza Vasquez! Un mundo debajo de Vasquez! (Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez).”


The board member just saluted before returning to his papers as he and his fellow panel members wrote their recommendations.


Experimental Suit Lab, Lady of Chiquinquira Experimental Clinic, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonaz, Venezuela


The M-124 and the staff of the experimental clinic though they had solved the problems of wearing a suit for a week. They had a new special medical suit built for them by Kroll/Mendoza. A test medical suit was cheaper than full combat suit for the experiment. The final modification of the suit had been finish in the lab.


M-3548’s suggestions and solutions had been instrumental in the new suit’s development. She was deeply invested in the project and suit’s design was nearly third hers. She stood next to Ramon holding his hand, willingly and in anticipation, naked –except for well chosen bra that would wash and wear suitably, freshly showered, and once again completely depilated, signing the paper work making her X-3548 the committed experimental subject for the duration of her attempt to wear -being sealed in- the new suit for a full week.


M-3548 –oops- it’s X-3548 after the signing, promptly sat on bench as the support staff brought her suit. Externally it didn’t look much different than her original med suit. They hadn’t bothered to put red crosses on an experimental suit. They had the front seam open, the internal harness open, and removed the plastic keeping the sanitary appliance sterile. She put her feet in legs of the suit pulling her suit up to the bench, spreading her knees to hold up the suit.


She looked into the suit in profound deliberation, while Ramon stood beside her, holding a tube of petroleum jelly. She wished there was a better way. She wondered how painful it was going to be, and how uncomfortable it was going to be as the week progressed. She and many others had contemplated the elimination problem and this was best they, and she had come up with.


She accepted the jelly from Ramon, coating the humongous protruding anal collection tube. It wasn’t as big as her impression of it was. She then sat ruminating.


“Dear, you don’t have to do it. They can get a non-commissioned soldier to volunteer.” Soothingly said Ramon.


Ramon’s statement motivated X-3548 to promptly stand with her knees apart. Two staff members laid her suit over the bench. X-3548, reaching into her suit with both hands with one behind her and one in her front of her, leaning over forward as she, aligning, pressing, and inserting the anal collector into her anal orifice, slowly working it in until the seal of urinary collection cup mated to her. The occupants of the room were silently waiting, watching X’s facial expression. Finally a smile started to form and she started to slowly straighten up.


“It’s in. It wasn’t too bad.”


A cheer resounded from many. Two staff member quickly had her suit up holding it for her. She inserted her arms. Then they dove for the sanitary harness in her suit. X waved them off, inserting the straps in the buckles herself, doing up the sanitary appliance harness as she had been doing daily with her other suit. She gave extra tug to where they were uncomfortable; it was going to be a week and she did not want anything loosen up and leaking ending her attempt for a week sealed in her suit. The front zipper and the closing of the neck collar ring were a rote exercise, as were putting on her gloves.


An inkling of a pleasant feel was forming with the familiarity of being in her suit.


Ramon asked, “How are you feeling?”


Good dear, I wish I could explain, and you could understand the gratification of suit enclosure.”


“The sanitary appliance?”


“It’s not painful any more but I know it’s there; its keeps reminding me. The questions are: will it stay tolerable for the week, will not leak during the week, and will it do any damage and if does it not permanent? Thank you for your concern. I love you.”


X held out her arms and Ramon moved forward and they embraced. They looked loving at each other before a long kiss.


X shouted “Let’s get on with it then.” Signaling she was ready for the next step.


Her people were sliding her helmet on collar ring before she finished her brief sentence. In a flash other were approached her with the system/feeding bar. She waved them off with a backhanded pass. With her other hand she motion with her index finger for Ramon to approach.


“Put your arm around my neck or one of your hands on back of my helmet to keep it from coming of the collar sealing ring and give one more kiss while we still can.”


They kiss


With still pursed lips X quietly said, “OK.”


The system/feeding bar went into her helmet with a familiar displacement of her lips and the resounding clicks of the latches. The difference from her old suit was that the feeding tube was the size of a garden hose against her teeth. It was almost as big as the tube in her other end. It made it difficult for her to speak. The large feeding tube allowed for the delivery of the engineered food they had created based on oatmeal with solid bite size food chunks that she would be eating for next week.


While the system/feeding bar was going in, others were installing her suit backpack that was separate and could speedily be replace with out breaking her suit seal. Her old medical suit the backpack was integral and couldn’t be changed. The backpack was of X’s design.


They hadn’t finished securing her backpack as a hand was placed on the back of her helmet and the staffer’s other hand holding her breathing mask smashed it into her helmet and onto her face with more resounding clicks of the latches. The breathing hoses were attached like a strike of lighting. A nearly dazed X with expeditious activity and its as abrupt cessation pulled down her mirror faceplate sealing her suit. X hadn’t not complete even one breath since they resumed suiting her! She let out a long slow exhale exclaiming:




X took a long inhale breath from her mask and was treated to odors of a new suit different from her old suit that been extensively worn. She finally had a moment to assess her sensations of being sealed in her new suit. Its cozy soothing comprehensive embrace assaulted her senses; her inkling of pleasure of being in a suit had exploded in consuming ecstasy that many could not begin to comprehend.


She and her staff went through suit operational checks and all was functioning correctly. Approval was given to leave the lab for the day.


She and Ramon left the lab, holding hand for the day. They were free to do anything they wanted until late that evening. When she would have to return to lab for the next critical procedure that would determine if the project would be successful.




X sat on the bench in the lab. Ramon sat next to her. The window announced that it was now dark. It had been fun day that started with strenuous canoeing on the Orinoco River. They attempted to break the speed records of the navy camp sailors. The afternoon was spent vigorously hiking in jungles and climbing the hills. X was pleased and satisfied with her daily activities and was tired and feeling dirty. Ramon was far filthier with sweat stains from his exertions. X’s suit had kept her very comfortable in sweltering tropical heat. They had planed the day as fun but also as a test of her suit, which passed admiralty.


The suit’s food was palatable and that was about as far as it went for taste but it forestalled her hunger. Food wise it was going to be a long week.


Staff member were checking the equipment spread out in lab that would suffice for an intermediary backpack.


“X-3548 we are ready when you are.”


She said nothing just giving them a thumb-up signal. They promptly ripped off her almost spent backpack installing a plate in its place with hoses to equipment they been checking.


“The switch went smoothly.” commented X.


Her attended nodded, Are you ready to begin the wash cycle.”


X again with fatigue, just raised a thumb. Her suit started to fill with pleasantly warm liquid which she expected since it was her design. When suit had filled to her neck some anxiety started to set in. As the washing fluid came up over her jaw it was beginning to be fear she fought impulse to tongue for suit exit or reach up to her faceplate as her breathing became more rapid but mask continued to provide for her as the washing liquid immersed her face and was over her closed eyes and now going over top of her head. She took a sigh of relief at enduring the filling process. It was more frightening than she had anticipated.


She heard a question being asked of her muffled in the liquid. “Everything alright?”


The thumb signal sufficed.


“Ready to start the wash cycle?”


A thumb gesture and the warm liquids in her suit began to swish about. It was very delightful and a sense of pride in her accomplishment started to well.


Then - she felt something. – it wasn’t quite right. – What’s happening on my left cheek? The breathing mask cave-in with the weight of the soapy water pulling it away from her face, the soapy water pouring into her breathing mask. Oh no! Frantically she tongued the feeding tube searching the suit menus in for the exit function but the soapy water burned her eyes and the faceplate displays were all out focus with liquid. Frantically she clawed at her faceplate as the breathing mask became completely full. Oblivion over came her.


Her clawing at her faceplate prompted the staff to drop what they were doing and go to their suit computer overrides searching and finally executing the suit exit function, the faceplate popping open 5cm (3/4”), water flowing, Ramon grabbing it, ripped it open with all his strength. The fact that faceplate and helmet were of the same as those of the armored bulletproof Kroll/Mendoza Type II suit is the only reason he didn’t break it off its hinges. The washing water flowing out, scratching and clawing of four hands of staff member removing the hoses and un-latching her breathing mask, the mask flying, crashed on the floor 2 meter (several feet) from the circle of franticly working people still containing washing fluid. The systems/feeding tube bar came out flying crashing on the floor. Ramon knocking her helmet off falling on floor behind X, tilting her head back he began administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


X came around coughing and looked at them all. “Thank you I thought I was done for. Make a note that faceplate release be at top of priorities and be should instantaneous during the bathing. The mask should be more rigid. Higher breathing air presure is need during immearsion. Reset the air pressure.”


“You sure scared us dear.”


“Jesus, get some 7700 glue.”


Jesus departed and was back rapidly with a tube glue.


“Give my helmet.” X started to put her helmet on her assistants dove to aided her.


“My system bar please.”


X inserted her system bar herself calling for her breathing mask.


Ramon said. “Stop! Lets postpone this until they make stronger mask and a better seal.”


Ignoring him, she abundantly coated the mating surfaces of her breathing mask with the pungent smelling 7700 Glue, cramming it into her helmet and on her face with the glue squishing out at and all the edges. X slammed her faceplate closed hoping its mirror surface and armored composition and thickness and her convection would deflect any more opposition Ramon might have.


“Damn!” X exclaimed, “We lost a day. Jesus how long for the glue to set.”


“15 minutes X-3548.


“Dear if the mask leaks again with glue we may not be able to get the mask off in time.” pleaded Ramon.


X said nothing waiting.




“Lets try it again guys.”


X went through the wash cycle and the suit drained and filled with the rinse liquid and drain and air was amiably drying her. It was now time to try the elimination system or in a coarser vernacular, take a shit.


X commanded, “Begin elimination. Inject the suppository.”


She felt the discharge in her rectum and the gentle tug of vacuum of the collector start. She sat and nothing seemed to be happing. She sat and sat, and then it began as intense pain and cramps in lower abdomen that almost doubled her over. X screamed in agony with powerful contraction induced in her bowls moving her feces rapidly toward expulsion into her collection tube. The sounded of her feces in motion could be heard even through her suit. After the initial shot of intense pain X silently and stoically endured what seemed to be an endless evacuation of her gut.


Is it is going to suck my intestine out of me?


“X, exhaustedly volunteered to the staff, “The suppository is way to strong or the injection is too large we got to cut its strength or its volume by at least half. May be a laxative in my food would be better solution and let me do work.”


The eternity was an hour and a half long, much longer than any of them had expected it was now past midnight as function of the intermediate backpack finished up. They installed a fresh backpack and Ramon help a very wobbly X-3548 stand. He supported her as they stumbled across the room. It was evident she wasn’t not going to walk to his quarters as they had planned. A wheel chair was quickly provided and Ramon rolled her to his quarters. X was dead asleep in the wheelchair before he got her home. So much for testing down cycle inducement tonight; they had found one by accident.




X-3548 She woke late the next morning feeling invigorated and eager to carry on the testing.


Experimental Suiting Lab, Lady of Chiquinquira Experimental Clinic, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonaz, Venezuela


X-3548 managed to stay in her suit a full week and was willing to continue the testing. M-124 felt there was little value in continuing the testing since they had seemingly smashed suit endurance barrier; other less important people could set the maximum limit of wear of the new suits coming out. They had in the week, fine tuned out many of the problems of the first day. There would soon be Type III Kroll/Mendoza combat suits with a guaranteed full week wear time!


X-3548 didn’t want to go back to being M-3548. They had to pry X-3548 out of her suit. She didn’t want to take it off. M-124 was present when X-3548’s helmet came off. He addressed X-3548:


“Doctor, M-3548 thank you so much for the superb and outstanding job you done in this project. I would like to offer you permanent position in the experimental clinic so you can continue to do the wonderful thing you have done for us.”


“I’m all ways willing to do what I can to advance medicine.”


“Good, I’m transferring you to the Experimental Clinic effective now. Go draw captain’s bars. You’re promoted.”



Next section: ‘Inquisition, Military Justice 



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of John Robinson.
Published on on 03/15/2009.


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