Walter F. Herz

Sierra Madre del Sur

Sierra Madre del Sur

(englischer Text)


Sierra, Sierra Madre del Sur,

Sierra, Sierra Madre.

Sierra, Sierra Madre del Sur,

Sierra, Sierra Madre.


When the dawn has passed the shadows of the night away,

the humans of the Sierra kneeling down and start to pray.

They look up to the sky, where the white Condor sails,

over the snowy Sierra and mighty, shady dales:




When the sun sets and the daily work has been done,

and the holy nighttime in peaceful silence will come.

The hills of the Sierra glow like a burning fire,

and out of thousand hearts it sounds like a heavenly choir:




In the dusky church flickers warm perpetual light,

and the ringing of the bell shouts through the lonely night.

It reminds the humans that the Lord has given them life

to protect the Sierra and helping themselves to survive:


Refrain      Refrain




Detscher Text:  3. Strophe:

In der kleinen Kirche kniet ein Mädchen vor dem Altar,

und sie schaut hinauf zur Heiligen Maria.

Sie betet für die Mutter, die so friedlich und still vor ihr liegt,

und deren Seele, wie der Condor, in den Himmel fliegt:


über die


Sierra, Sierra Madre del Sur ...       (zweimal)



© Walter F. Herz




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Walter F. Herz.
Published on on 03/22/2009.


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