John Robinson

Inquisition, Military Justice


Creating the Cybernetic Woman: Part IV

Historical Background Continued: I-1407 Carla and M-3548 Cyrill


By John R. Starvele

© March 2009


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If you look at the copyright date you will see that it is a current work. I just finished writing this section as a new addition to the story. Alas there are likely to be mistakes that I have missed. I still find omission and errors in my work that I did 10-years ago. When I proof my mind seem to put in what not there.


As I alluded to M-3548 is a fulcrum to story and she seem to keep evolving. She is the doctor Frankenstein of the story and to her credit it is not all her fault. She in the original was always tinkering with the Kroll/Mendoza Suits evolving them. With each step the human interface changes for the suits become more complex and invasive finally resulting in the Cybernetic woman.


There was a hole in story how they went from a Type II to the Type III suit. So at end of the last installment ‘Induction, Welcome to Venezuela’ I added a section of how M-3548 managed to make suit encapsulation for a week possible and the Type III came about.


With that behind me, there were other things that need to be dealt that would justify her evolving the suits so I came up with this story to prepare and underscore them. Perhaps too much viewing of Crime Scene Investigation, NCSI and Criminal minds cause this installment.


The next section may eventually get back to the original story.


Inquisition, Military justice




Jorge Jesus Vasquez ran his providence of Amazona like a country. He established administrative systems appropriate to that of a major country and his people’s ranks and titles were inflated to that of serving a major country. It was all in preparation for the taking over of all of Venezuela and eventually the world!


His drug operations produced capital that allowed him luxury and equipment a normal governor of Venezuela would not have had or in their wildest dreams ever could have wished for -ah heck, not even Hugo with the extensive oil fields of Venezuela had that kind of wealth- That is why Hugo had asked Jorge to come to Venezuela in first place. Jorge Vasquez even before he came to Venezuela had: a Hospital, supersonic business jet, fleet of other aircraft for transporting product, numerous ships and boats, armored Kroll/Mendoza combat suits for most of his troops, one of the best soldier training programs in South America which also made him money. When you have money it seems to beget more money something a poor person finds hard to understand. Hugo continued to let Jorge do what he wanted so long as money flowed into Venezuelan treasury from Jorge’s operations and he provided men and equipment for Hugo’s operations of harassing the United States. That would be a fatal mistake for Hugo.


Jungle Training Area, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


Squad 35 was on a forced night march in the Jungle. It was the second week of the new recruits training. They were all suited in Kroll/Mendoza Type II combat suits with training protocols in place.


The suits were of nearly invincible heavy armor. The suit’s pads for weapons and ammunition on the arms were loaded with weights that were the maximum the pads could sustain. The trainees were on the march as method of acclimating them to the weight of their suits.


The suits were bight silver doing nothing to hide them in the jungle but the reflective sliver would deflect a laser beam that would otherwise kill. They were full environmental suits, sealed off from the atmosphere by filters and when air was not available internal oxygen generators and carbon dioxide scrubber would come on-line keeping its occupant safe from all known chemical and biological weapons. The suit provided a/c and heat, a source of drinking fluid and urine collection making encapsulation possible for 18 hours or longer. Taking crap was what marked the end a person’s inhabitance of a suit.


Part of the training protocols was to accustom these new soldiers to performing and living in their suits for long periods, forging a bond with their suits that would hopefully save their scrawny butts. The training protocol prevented a trainee from opening his or her suit for the duration of the training exercise.


The lieutenant called for a break. “Fall out and take five.”


The squad sat on what they could find rocks, logs and the ground where neither were available. I-4532 was comfortably sitting on a rock and was especially thirsty. He took a long draw on his in-suit thirst quencher tube like he had become accustomed to. A major part of it was on its way to his stomach before he realize something was wrong as it burned his mouth and his throat, His body reflexes responded to the vile fluid expelling it into his breathing mask with several retches the rest of the content of his stomach –the night’s mess- filled his breathing mask. He clawed at his faceplate before taking a breath of vomit. He was shortly dead. I-4537 also fell clawing at his faceplate. And they were followed by I-4531 and I-4539. Then not long after I-4541 and I-4533.


The Sergeant I-1405 was up on his feet pulling out his suit override. It was the size of a key fob for unlocking a car door. He went to nearest of the afflicted and pressed the suit exit button and nothing happened. He pressed it again, nothing. He moved to different fallen soldier, and nothing. The squad leader was on his field radio calling for medics, as the sergeant in vain was unable to open any of the fallen soldiers faceplates. The sergeant kept trying until the medic arrived 10 minuets later.


The medic’s suit override worked. He promptly released all the faceplate and began administer to one he had finished with. He opened the faceplate to an ashen face with unseeing wide eyes. The medic opened the breathing mask and green and yellow and red slime flowed out of the breathing mask. He slammed the faceplate shut.


“Don’t open the faceplates!” he yelled.


The medic surveyed the situation: others of squad had opened the faceplates and started removing the masks of their stricken comrades in arms.


“Those of you that have not touched the victims move back - and - stand - away. Those of you that have touch the victims please close - the - faceplates and - stand - where you are. DO NOTHING ELSE. Lieutenant we have a situation that requires an emergency response of a biological hazard containment squad for a possible lethal and communicable contagion.


Three days Earlier, Experimental Suiting Lab, Lady of Chiquinquira Experimental Clinic, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonaz, Venezuela


X-3548 managed to stay in her experimental medical suit a full week and was willing to continue the testing; however her superior -General M-124- felt there was little value in continuing the testing since they had seemingly smashed the suit endurance barrier. Other less important people could set the maximum limit of wear for the new suits coming out. They had in the week, fine tuned out many of the problems of the first day. There would soon be a Type III Kroll/Mendoza combat suits with a guaranteed full week wear time!


X-3548 didn’t want to go back to being M-3548. The X designation meant that she was an experimental test subject of the lab and the change to M signified her return to the status of medical personnel. They had to pry X-3548 out of her suit. She didn’t want to take it off. Unwillingly she surrendered her suit; it felt like giving up a significant part of herself. However, from her scientific training, she understood the need to let the staff study and document her suit’s configuration and make the changes they had decided were necessary form her encapsulation experience. M-124 was present when X-3548’s helmet came off. He addressed the stubbly-headed X-3548. She had undergone complete body depilation for the test:


“Doctor, M-3548 thank you so much for the superb and outstanding job you’ve done in this project. I would like to offer you a permanent position in the Experimental Clinic so you can continue your work.”


“I’m all ways willing to do what I can to advance medicine.”


“Good, I’m transferring you to the Experimental Clinic effective now with your transfer you’re promoted to captain. I’ll have your order to you before your dressed.”




M-3548 was now in her white dress medical jump suit just coming out of the changing/shower room, a woman in camouflage fatigues appeared to be waiting for her and approached. She was a trim 1.62-m (5’4”) 53.5-Kg (118-lbs.) short black hair brown eyes and resembled M-3548.


She had and ID tag on her left breast that read I-1407 below it was whole bunch of military bling. There was something unusual about her blouse below her breasts. On her arms were the stripes of a second sergeant’s. She clutched an envelope.


“Ma’am, are you lieutenant M-3548?”


“I am. ”


I-1407 saluted, coming to attention.


“Ma’am, Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez.”


M-3548 returned the salute and the incantation.


“Ma’am, I have your orders.”


I-1407 presented a sealed envelope to M-3548 returning to attention. M-3548 opened the envelope and carefully read the pages within: a commendation for outstanding service, an official notice of transfer to the Experimental Clinic, a field promotion to captain. What she didn’t expect was the order to vacate her barracks and move to a new billeting by 1400 that day. She looked at her communicator, she had 3-hours to be moved by and she didn’t even know where she was moving to! All the notice did was reference a grid number and a unit number. M-3548 looked up from her papers.


“Ma’am, with you permission? There will be a hearing for permanence and a formal ceremony with the next graduating class.”


I-1407 held silver captain’s bars, a medal for outstanding service, and a patches with the insignia of the Experimental Lab.


“Proceed, Sergeant.”


I-1407 opened M-3548’s epaulets removing her gold lieutenant’s bars and replacing them with the captain bars. She pinned the metal below M’s ID.


“Ma’am, I will take care of the insignias later when you’re out of uniform. I am assigned to you as an assistant.”


“I’m a doctor, my assistants are medical assistant. You do not appear to be a medical assistant?”


“No ma’am I am not. I am to be your administrative assistant. You will have all the medical assistants you need when you need them. It is now my job to arrange that for you.”


“Sergeant what does an administrative assistant do?”


“I am to assist in any and all of your activities, act for you at you disposition. I stand read Ma’am.


“Well at ease.”


“Thank you Ma’am.”


It seem I have to move and I have no idea where it is to.”


“Yes Ma’am I have a hummer waiting for us with boxes. Will we be needing a truck and a crew to pack?”


“No, I don’t have much. Do you know where these coordinates are and this unit is?”


“Yes, Ma’am, that grid is at the base perimeter and is composed of private single family officers housing. Your unit is a 2-bedroom unit. Will I be moving in with you?”


“I don’t know. I never had an assistant. What is the protocol?”


“Ma’am, I have never been an assistant before and I don’t know what the protocol is. All I can do is relate what I have seen and I guess we will have to work out the rest.”


“Do you want to move in?”


“Ma’am, my desires are not important. Will my residing with you service the ‘Cause’ better? Will it better serve you? Housing is in very short supply for all the Troops.”


“I-1407 where are you barracked? Ma’am I share a 2 m X 2.5 m (6 X 8’) tent with six other sergeants in the main Barracks Plaza.”


“I-1407, it appears that the best interest ‘of the Cause’ and us would be served by me sharing my quarters.”


“Thank you Ma’am, I took the liberty of being packed.”


“I need to get a message to……”


“Ma’am it has been taken care off. Major I-1779 has been notified of your move.


M-3548’s Quarters, Barracks Plaza Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


The packing went quickly. “M-3548 feverishly helped I-1407 pack: the foot locker was rapidly filled from a dresser, a wardrobe box was filled with hanging uniforms from the closet, hygiene items from the bathroom were boxed. M-3548 had no personal item or civilian clothes to move and all that remain was M-3548 old med suit hanging in service receptacle. During the packing I-1407 kept exclaiming:


“Ma’am, just tell me what to do and I’ll do for you. I’m your assistant.”


M-3548 stood in front of med suit as I-1407 returned from the hummer.


“I guess that’s the last thing we have to move. Will it fit or will I need that truck?”


“Ma’am it stays. The refurbish crew will collect it at 1400. It will be given to a new med trainee in couple of days and this room will be occupied by 1500.”


“I love that suit. I spent many hours in it. I suppose they will eventually have to assign me a new one for surgery.”


“Yes Ma’am, I understand how you must feel. I love wearing my suit.


“I don’t think you can understand how I feel about my suit. I just spent a week in one like it without unsealing it for the entire duration. As result of my work there will soon be a Type III combat suit with a guaranteed week wear time.”


“So that’s what you did to earn the promotion. Ma’am from all of us grunts thank you. We all look forward to receiving the protection of your work. I love wearing my suit because it’s what’s saved my butt through so many battles.”


“Sergeant, what’s all the decoration on your chest mean?”


“Ma’am, it signify 17 years of service in 7 different countries, 13 service commendations from 5 different countries, 6 outstanding valor in battle from 3 different countries and few of them are from being wounded.”


“I have to ask, WHAT THE HELL, is a soldier like you doing acting as a nurse-maid to me for?”


“Ma’am I have petition for “Transition’ while the petition is pending I’m in a temporary service pool. During my hearing the presiding officer suggested that I learn about service to the ‘Cause’ other than in battle. I’m trying my best and this may be his idea. Ma’am, I was also informed that I would be the first woman to under go ‘Transition’, I asked him why they were discriminating against women. He may not have like it and this assignment may be his way of getting even. Then, I have drawn many assignments guarding the Experimental Clinic and General M-124 may have issued my orders because of my service at clinic.”


“Sarge I will do my best to make it as easy as I can for you. Is there anything I can do for you.”


“Ma’am you determine my uniform for how I serve you. I’d like to wear my Type II suit in as much of that service as possible with arms. I feel so naked out of my suit. Could you talk to you superior, General M-124 about my petition for ‘Transition.”


“I-1407 effective immediately you will choose the uniform that serve us best and because of your seniority I will let you choose how you serve us and the ‘Cause’. I will look into the discrimination allegation and I will recommend your ‘Transition’ what ever that is.”


“Thank you Ma’am.”


“So you want to wear your suit. I’d like to be wearing mine. I wanted to see how long I could stay in it for the record but M-124 told me I was too valuable to spend any more time in my suit. Someone else could test for ultimate endurance. You are about same size and build. Would you consider serving me and the ‘Cause’ in my experimental med suit for as long as you can stand it?”


“I prefer the armor and armament of a combat suit but it would be worthy endeavor for our ‘Cause’. Yes Ma’am I’d be honored.”


“The food in the suit is terrible it will be the biggest reason to quit.”


M-3548’s Officers housing unit, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


They hauled M’s things into the larger bedroom; the Sarge’s things went into the smaller room when another vehicle arrived. The door was open and corporal entered carrying a footlocker with the belongings of another officer. M moved to intercept the corporal.


“Corporal, what is meaning of this? I have been assigned these quarters.”


“Yes Ma’am, I know you have, but Major I-1779 has also been assigned these quarters. Where shall I put his things?”


I-1407 said, “Ma’am, shall I get my things out the bedroom for the Major?”


“No. Put them in there.”


I and M were both smiling and the corporal also began to smile.


M had indicated the larger room with her belongings. Ramon/I-1779 entered the room hugging and kissing M.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for your grand opening this morning. The General M-124 had other plans for me so he could set all this up.




I-1407 and the Corporal set the table with fine linen china and silverware and candles. A caterer arrived with dinner. I-1407 produced another envelope and placed it on the table leaning against a candleholder.


The corporal and I will go to mess. Ma’am, is there anything else we can do for you before we go? What time shall I return?”


“Sarge, these are your quarters too but we would appreciate it if you give us until curfew alone together. I’ve been in a suit for a week and we like to get to know each other again.


With the noncom’s departure M asked, “Dear how long have you been a Major?”


“4-years now and it’s probably as high as I will ever get.”


I just made Captain and I have an administrative assistant although she may be temporary.”


“When she leaves you will get another one; it’s SOP for the staff of the Experimental Clinic.”


You are Major have you ever had an administrative assistant?”




“You out rank me but you do not have an administrative assistant?”


“Dear, Rank on the surface is one thing that suffices to hold military protocol together; but the length of the command chain and what a division does also does determines the power and the privileges of individuals with in it. I have five levels of command I have to go through to get to joint chief of staff that answers to Jorge Vasquez. You answer to the Director of the Experimental Lab and all medical operation both military and civilian. He answers directly to Jorge. At present your Experimental Lab has the second highest priority in the entire providence of Amazona. You now have power and privileges equal to or slightly above that of the General of the Army! Congratulations by the way.”


“M was astounded by Ramon’s proclamation.


At the end of the candle lit supper they opened the envelope following the instruction on its surface. They read it though. They were not surprised by demand it place upon them. It was results of their activities in the past month and how open they were in the Experimental Clinic and the week she had tested the new suit. They thought about it a while. It was not mandatory that they sign the paper work but if they didn’t it would mean that Ramon/I-1779 would be moving out and transferred to Indonesia to run product supplies and acquisition there. They decided for the ‘Good of the Cause’ they would signed; there would be a brief ceremony in front of Jorge Vasquez tomorrow morning proclaiming their union in marriage. Military marriages were of convince and not difficult to get a divorce.




They were awakened to sound of the Venezuelan equivalent of reveille and the knock on their bedroom door.




They pulled up the covers.


I-1407 entered carrying a breakfast tray complete with a single Rose in vase. She returned shortly with another tray for L-1779. Then she busied herself with selecting attire for both of them laying it out while they ate breakfast. They both though it was wonderful gesture and appreciate the service; however I-1407 was encased completely sealed in a Type II combat suit with potent automatic pistol size weapon on each forearm.


Ramon volunteered, “She seems to be a kindred spirit.”


I-1407 orders were to have them at the ceremony dead or a live and her weapons would guarantee it. They choose alive. It was an automatic pistol wedding reminiscent of an old shotgun marriage.


The wedding was followed by a supersonic Gulfstream Lagoona trip to Tahiti. I-1407 and a corporal came with them. Whenever M-3548 and I-1779 saw either one of them they were fully suited in a combat suit with full sized machine guns and powerful lasers. They took shifts guarding the newly wed couple. I-1407 continued to provide domestic services.


On the Water Hotel, Tahiti.


It was just after mid night of the third night, I-1407 loomed above the couple in bed in her combat suit and machine guns and laser. She had shaken M-3548 and I-1779.




“Ma’am, we have to go. Sir you can stay if you like. But M-3548 will not be coming back to Tahiti. We are sorry to cut your honeymoon short but Captain M-3548 is needed.”


The sound of a helicopter could be heard approaching the hut. They were both out of bed and dressing in the clothes laid out for them by I-1407. Immerging from the hut, the corporal was holding the lift chair. M-3548 went first then I-1779 and finally they lifted I-1407 the helicopter sped to the airport leaving behind the corporal and rest of their belongings. They were soon in supersonic Lagoon on their way back to Venezuela.


Cabin of the Lagoona, In Flight, over the Pacific


“Ma’am, There has been an incident on base 6-trainees die while on night training mission. There may be some kind of biologic contagion involved. Wait. Yes Sir, I will do that.”


The large screen came on and a tired looking M-124 sat.


Major, Captain sorry to interrupt but I need M-3548. You are the only one of my staff in Experimental Clinic not assigned a project. You now have a project. Find out what killed 6 of our fine young soldiers and make sure it is something that will not happen again. There is some kind of contagion involved. I have enacted a level one quarantine until you determine that is unnecessary. The chief of Base MPs are on scene and the chief medical examiner of the military. Both are awaiting your orders. You are my Deputy, my eyes and ear and in charge of this investigation but use your people wisely. Keep me informed, out.”




“Ma’am I have both on line whom do want to talk to first?”


“I want a sat pics of the scene on screen.”


“I’ll get on it, Ma’am.”


“This seems to be primarily a medical matter, give me the medical examiner.”


Ma’am, Colonel M-780 coming up.”


An older man with gray hair appeared on screen his gold eagles of a full colonel gleamed.


Colonel, give me a quick assessment of the scene.


Captain, six soldier spread over about 10 m (33’) in Kroll/Mendoza Type II suits. They fell at slightly different times during break in a night march. There was retching sound in COM before each fell. Their fellow soldiers opened their faceplates as quickly as they could to try to revive or assist them. With trainee protocols in place it was ten minutes. They remove their breathing masks and a greenish yellow and red slime came out from the mask. The attending medic has had them close the faceplate and the soldier not in contact retreat. The lieutenant is keeping the attending soldier separate for rest of his troops. The contagion is limited to the soldiers struck down and the attending soldiers. The wind is calm and there is no emanate danger of airborne dissemination. Permission to medically process.”


“Colonel are all your people in med suit?


“Yes, Captain.”


“Can you get your men into combat suits in the next 10 minuets?”


“No way. Then permission granted as soon as the MPs have satisfactorily mapped the scene. Make sure your team, when they are finished are washed down with a sterilizing solution. They and their suit stay in confinement until we are sure that the solution did its job. We cannot use flamethrowers on them like the soldiers in the combat suits. You bag, tag and collect anything the MPs want but keep them in you possession, level-one quarantine protocols. All troops that didn’t come in contact wash them down with a flamethrower and make sure they do not return to their barracks. Have you secured the barracks?”




“Get a team on the barracks -in combat suit if possible- immediately and get it sealed and process it. We got to trace this back to source hopefully you find the next step back in the barracks. Those that came in contact process them and then sterilize them with a flamethrower. Then find them new billeting with rest of their comrades. When you and the MPs are finished processing the scene containment bag each of the dead soldier in their suit as they are. Sterilize the outer bag and route to sterile confinement morgue. Sterilize the site to 15 cm below ground where any contaminate came in contact. Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez.” 


“Ma’am I have sat pic.”


“Put it up”  


M-3548 took a rapid look.


Sarge, get and save as many high resolution and detailed pics of the scene in as many wavelengths as available and get pics after they sterilize. I’ll talk to the chief of MPs now.


“Lieutenant Colonel P-943, Ma’am.”


The Colonel appeared on screen in a Combat suit.


Colonel P-943 all you men suited in Type IIs


Yes Ma’am.”


You and you people know more about dealing with crime scenes than my med people. We need some of you people at the Barrack. Do your thing, map the scene and anything you want for evidence let the med people collect. Sarge our ETA?”


2 and half hour Ma’am”


“I’m 2 and half hour out. Out.”


M-3548 collapsed back in her chair.


I-1779 was clapping his hands.


“Where did you learn to do that?” asked I-1779?”


“Pre-med has requires courses on microbiology, their procedures, watching the Addromada Strain and Crime Scene Investigation.”


“Sarge, have a combat suit and transportation for me when we land. Oh God! Get both of them back up.”


“Colonels the suits and the backpack may be the possible source. Gentlemen, can you think of any other bases we should cover? Check the Combat suits I may have made a bad call in suggesting my med people use them. NO drinking in the suit until further notice.”


“Not at this time Captain. We’ll get people on it with best suits available.”


M-3548 turned to her new husband. “It your turn now. Sarge a line to suit supply command.”


“I-3486 there has been six deaths in squad 35 our serviced suits and supply backpacks may be source get all the record together and make them available to the MPs and the Med Examiners. They will be there shortly. Cooperate fully and place a hold on all suit and backpack that have been serviced near the time of squad 35. I-1407 has requisitioned a combat suit for temporary use by Experimental Clinic Captain M-3548 fill her requisition with all new equipment as specified."


"Sir to fill a requisition for new equipment it has to be a permanent issue and charged out."


"Make it permanent, if that’s what it takes but make sure it get to airport in hour. Bill it to Emergency Containment Command. And please, personally check everything yourself. It’s for my wife, you understand! Out.”


The screen blanked and I-1779 turned to his wife.


You now have a 200,000 Bolivar ($80,00 dollar) suit for as long as you want it. I suppose I will rarely see you out of it. I under stand the combats suits are even more alluring than the med suits. What’s next dear?”


“We do the most difficult thing. We wait.”




Ma’am sorry to interrupt but the Med Examiner reports transport of the bodies and neutralization of the site. Where will we be going when we land so your driver will know?” They have just secured the Barracks, and they are going through supply records. Your suit and transport are waiting on tarmac at airport. Ma’am, may I ask? Have you ever worn a Combat suit?


“The morgue seems to be the best option at present and No Sergeant. I haven’t worn a combat suit.”


Ma’am, no offense, but I didn’t think you had. Putting on a combat suit is considerable different than your med suit. I have put together a team of seven of the best fitting people for you. We will fit you in transit. Just do what they ask and let them do the work. It’ll be much fast that way. I will have a closed COM to guide you in your suit operations; they are considerably more complex. When we stop rolling start stripping as you run for the truck I will be right behind you gathering your clothes. Nothing but underwear or less when you go in back of the truck.”


Tarmac, Airport, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


M had her boots off and her socks and was out of the top of her jump suit before she left her seat pulling at a leg and then the other as she went down the steps and two people lifted her into the back of the truck followed by I-1407 and they were under way with flashing lights and sirens, drawing the rear curtain. M surveyed her dressing crew in purposeful motion; they were all male. There was no time for modesty there was too much at stake.


A hand unclasped her bra, then four other hands rudely removed it with little regard to rubbing or bumping her breasts as a fourth person indicated she should hang from an overhead rod placing his arms around her waist hoisting her so she could grab the bar, hanging they tore down and off her panties, then two more people inserting her feet into legs of a new suit, as rude hands positioned her sanitary appliance, tightening the harness, while other hands pulled her hands off the bar dropping her back to the floor in her boot covered feet, while others were guiding her arms in her suit’s sleeves, as more hands adjusted, fitting her shoulder yoke latching it together as more rude hands pushed her breast into cups of the torso support as it came together with nine straps tightening it constricting it oppressively, the first zipper went up folding in the sealing flap and the second outer zipper went up, the backpack went on and she almost collapsed with weight, while others were closing collar ring, the helmet going on, in went the bar and mask familiar additions as the faceplate came down with a resounding whack, with someone else hit the button on a stopwatch exclaiming with pride:


“It’s a new record.”


The whole suiting process literally took her breath away with speed in which they moved. She had only taken 2-breaths during the entire process. They were faster than her Lab people.


They didn’t stop but the pace had slowed as they mounted two-auto pistol weapon on her suit’s forearms.


“Sarge what’s with the pistols?”


“A Commander of Emergency Operations is required to carry a weapon at all time and be escorted by at least one well armed guard. As commander you may have to use your pistols to carry out your orders.”


The bustle had ceased and M-3548 took the lull to thank her crew for their alacrity. The lead asked Sergeant I-1407 if it was ok if the team took some valuable time from the Commander of the Emergency Operation to introduce themselves. M-3548 intercepted him shaking his hand and introduction followed.


As they sway with the rapid trip I-1407 was coaching M-3548 on the suit function different from a med suit.


“Sarge, it is very different from a med suit. A med suit feels like a raincoat in comparison –its incredibly heavy and far more confining. I love the feel and I can understand how you must love your suit if it can do all they say it will do.”


“Ma’am if you love it at this time you will be ecstasy in a week; it gets better when it’s broken in. It’s like western boots.”


Temporary Containment Morgue Base Hospital Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


The truck skidded to stop at the rear of hospital in the loading zone. They were out of the truck headed for morgue pick-up dock. They were deflected to a stairway by a corporal to second floor observation room where M-780 paced and occasionally looked down through the glass.




“We’re just beginning examination and extrication of the first victim.”


M-3548 looked down through the observation window.


“I want to go down there.”


“Captain there nothing to be gained by exposing yourself; let my people do their job.”


“I’m going, Sarge you can stay here.


“I can’t Ma’am. I have to be in sight and no more than 2 m from you during your command.”


M-3548 was head for door and running down to the airlock and as prescribed a determined sergeant not more the 2 m behind her in full armament. They burst in the autopsy room the doctor in progress exclaimed:


“Welcome gentlemen. I am removing the breathing mask. To me the slime looks like chyme we have pieces of chicken here is some rice and here some beans, evening supper. The red I’m willing to bet is blood.”


“Doctor, would you pull back an eyelid for me.”


“Yes, can you see the petechial hemorrhaging possible C O D is asphyxiation from drowning in his own vomit. What a horrible way to go. The design of these damn suits never made allowances for all the possible human functions. They are too encumbering and dangerous the way they are.”


“Get the chyme to lab we got know what in it. Doctor if we go with you proposed C O D we might surmise that all of them are the same. Get samples from the mask of each of them to lab let the rest of autopsy go for now we might be ahead if we do that.


“Doctor would you care to give me hand?”




M-3548 collected samples from three corpses and bagged and noted the particulars. She had a feeling. To the lab tech M-3548 said:


“Run chem. test first on all of them. I want the results ASAP and before you do anything else.”


“While we are waiting for the lab shall we dig in Doctor? Whom do have I have the pleasure of sharing my autopsy room? I’m Major M-3276. I’d offer you my hand but that might induce cross contamination. It’s the first time I had a combat suited and armed doctor in my theater.”


“I’m Captain M-3548. I think I will take a look down their bronchi.


She hoisted a bore scope inserting in the mouth of her victim.


I have extensive burning of mucosa. The Burns look chemical and trachea is full of what look like more chyme all confirming your C O D.


The Lab tech was back.


“Sir you should hear this.”


Major M-3276 commanded. “Get on with already.”


Sodium hypochlorite, Hydogen chloride sodium chloride, potassium chloride.


“Stop.” Yelled M-3548. “Are you reading from the most concentrated to least.”


“Yes the hypochorite is in all of samples.”


Damn get the thirst bladder out of their backpack and to lab ASAP. Tech test for the concentration of Hypochlorite in all the bladder don’t worry about anything else I need it now!


Sarge you can you help? Tech, get in here and help. The four of them were prying off the backpack and the panels to get to the bladders and the major M-2376 out of curiosity asked:


“Captain, Doctor M-3548 just what is your involvement with this operation? You are walking all over my feet ignoring proper procedure giving orders but I will admit you do seem to have a keen sense of what needs to be done. I’m willing to go with you because I see bleach poisoning and everything you are doing seem to be proper for that prognosis. If it isn’t I will write you up.”


I’m currently commanding this emergency operation.”


Sir I apologize for my brashness it’s your rank are with Experimental Clinic?”


“I am and apology accepted. You’re welcome to come share my operating theater. My patients are alive though. And, I’m not a Sir. Ma’am will suffice.


The Lab tech ran and was back almost as fast.


“Captain all of backpacks samples have hypochlorite.”


“Colonel, stand down on quarantine; it’s a poisoning. You can release the evidence to the MPs. Sarge let others know they can cancel the level one quarantine protocol. Get the barrack crew to stand down and the barracks MPs to supply. Pull the med people at supply. It’s the MPs’ case to deal with. Let me talk to P-963. We’re heading for supply. Doctor bag and note those samples for evidence then please carry on with your proper procedural protocol I might be wrong and there is a different C O D. Thank you for sharing your theater with me.”


“P-963, I’m in autopsy and it is no longer a contagion problem and level one quarantine is cancel. What we have is a poisoning that seems to have originated in supply; all the quencher bags had a hypochlorite solution. I believe they use the bleach to sterilize the item in the suit supply and most likely some kind of mix-up occurred. It’s your case to deal with since we ruled out contagious medical aspects. I will be joining you shortly in supply.


On the private COM M-3548 said, (“Oh Ramon should be there and I left him at airport.”)


(“Ma’am, I anticipated that he would be needed in Suit Supply. I arranged transport for him. He should be there.”)


Suit Supply Depot Building, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


M-3548 and I-1407 entered the supply building. On COM M-3548 called P-963, She was beginning to get hang of some of her suit function.


I am in supply’s main office and I have commandeered the Major I-1779’s office for my command center. Do you need directions?


“I know exactly where it is.”


I-3548 entered the office to see a number of his people looking through the records as the Lieutenant Colonel P-963 greeted her. Major I-1779 was wandered around looking bewildered. He and his people were the only ones occupying the office not in armored combat suits with multiples of weapons.


“Captain it seem that all poisoned backpack were all inspected by the same man. Lieutenant I-3144 and the worker that serviced the drinking bladders was a Corporal I-3574. Would you like to join me? I think it’s time we have a look at their workstations. Oh this is Major I-1779 he in charge of Suit Supply. I’m not sure how much help he will be; he’s been away on vacation.”


M-3548 said, “Major.”


I-1779 said, “Captain.”


Neither let on any familiarity in the perfunctory introduction.


“I love to but we need to keep the highest priority on tracking down other suits those two may have serviced and get a recall going for any that got out.”


‘My people and his are working on it.”


Backpack Service Area, Suit Supply Depot Building, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


They looked at Lieutenant I-1344’s inspection station not seeing anything on the surface out of place. P-963 had pair of his people process the station. They move on to Corporal I-3574 workstation.


I-1779 said, “I don’t know how much you people will find in the workstations. It was 2-day ago the backpack for squat 35 were replenished there has been three other shifts use the workstation since.”


P-963 took an in-suit COM call.


Yes is that so I will inform her.


Captain M-3548 my lab people say that the batteries in the Sergeant I-1405 suit override were dead. The date on them was 2-years old and were the ones in unit when it was issued to him when the Type II suits were first introduced.


M-3548 just shook her head.


Lieutenant Colonel P-963 asked, “Major I-1779 what takes place in the service area?


The depleted backpacks arrive here and they are mounted on servicing racks. These wheeled carts are the servicing racks that place the backpack at a convenient working height and make them easy to roll around.


The next stage is the inner panels are removed and stacked in the pockets on service cart and the hardware bagged and hung on the rack.


The backpacks are move to next station where they are then interrogated by a computer link that tell us what has been used and how much so we can replace or dump various items. It also tells us to replace time-limited items in the backpacks that have not been used.


At the next station the servicing begins. The first item we remove and dump is the urine bladder. Then, it is cleaned and sterilized by filling it half full with a bleach solution and sloshed around. Then it is drained before it is placed back in the turtle shell/backpack.


At the next station another employee removes the drinking bladder and dumps the remaining contents. It is sterilized by filling it half full with bleach sloshed around drained then it rinsed three times before It’s fills half full with thirst power solution and water add to bring it to full. It then goes back in backpack and is inspected.



P-963 asked, is there any indication that the bladder is half full of sterilizing solution or thirst power solution prior to filling with water?




“Then what happens?”


“The empty urinary bladder goes in on top of the drinking bladder. The two bladders are of a different design the urinary one being bigger so they cannot inadvertently be mixed; but they occupy the same cavity in backpack so as one empties the other one fills keeping roughly the same volume.”


Conference room, Suit Supply Depot Building, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


P-963 had them bring the fullest bag tagged with an evidence label from the backpack of one of the deceased soldiers. He put the bladder on table in front of I-1344 with its serial number facing him.


P-963 Said, “Lieutenant I-1344 you singed signifying passing of this drink bladder as filled and installed properly in backpack # 4582. Tell me what’s involved in you inspection?”


“I check that the pins are inserted in hole at the corners of the bladder and the retainers are locked down. Then I press the bag to make sure the connection does not leak under pressure. The final test is to draw small amount out of the pouch to check that tube and valves are functioning properly. From the amount I withdraw I take a sip for a taste test.”


Lieutenant that was a rather long explanation you must be getting thirsty? How about I pour you a little from this bladder that you certified was safe and you tasted.


P-963 poured the entire contents from the bladder in to a glass.


“I’m not really thirsty.”


“I insist.”


“You said I signed for the inspection of this bladder?”


“Yes you did and it from one of the dead soldiers.”


If I signed for I will. I-3144 pounded down everything in the glass that P-963 had poured for him. He promptly started throwing up.




“Just so you know we diluted what you drank nearly twenty times from what the soldier received.”


With some medical assistance, latter I-1344 admitted:


“I get so sick and full of the drinking solution I often skip tasting of some.”




M-124 that’s what we have put together. What do I do with it? What’s next?”


(You will bring in what’s left of squad 35 as witness and all of Suit Supply Department as witness. You will convene an Inquisition board and preside. The warehouse floor of Suit Supply should suffice. All the major officers in the investigation will act as presiding panel: The lieutenant I-4005 from the squad, Colonel M-780 Lt, Colonel P-963, and Major I-1779 head of supply. The Psychology Department will have an observer. Have them surmise their investigation call witness If necessary but do not let it run long. I will tell you what to say in your addresses. Your three culprits should be conspicuously confined during the inquisition sitting and ankles cuffed to bar works well.)


(And do it as soon as you can, no later than this afternoon.)


Warehouse Floor, Suit Supply Depot Building, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


The stores in warehouse portion of supply had been moved out side to make room for the witnesses. M-124 was observing though the camera and microphone of M-3458’s suit.


(He said repeat after me on loud broadcast.)


“I Captain M-3548 of the Experimental Clinic acting as a dully appointed Deputy for Doctor en General M-124 of Medical Operation and Health of Amazona call on the members of this inquisition board to share their finding with these people related to this investigation of these three suspects.”


M-3548 was prompted on whom to call and follow up questions by M-124. She was getting the hang of the inquisition and he had to do less prompting. The stories went on about 45 minutes.


Does any of the panel have any more comments?”


She went one by one getting a resounding no from each.


“Lieutenant I-4005 after hearing the testimony of this board how do you find Lieutenant I-3144- and Sergeant I-1405 and Corporal I-3374 in the deaths of I-4531, I-4532, I 4533, I-4537, I-4539 and I-4541?”


I-4005 proclaimed, “I-3144 guilty, I-1405 guilty, and I-3374 guilty.


“Major I-1779 after the testimony of this board how do you find Lieutenant I-3144- and Sergeant I-1405 and Corporal I-3374 in the deaths of I-4531, I-4532, I 4533, I-4537, I-4539 and I-4541?”


I-779 proclaimed, “I-3144 guilty, I-1405 guilty, and I-3374 guilty.


“Lieutenant Colonel P-943 how do you find?”


“I-3144 guilty, I-1405 guilty, and I-3374 guilty.”


“Colonel M-780 how do you find?”


I-3144 guilty, I-1405 guilty, and I-3374 guilty.


(Again after me.)


“The panel has vote unanimously guilty for all thee defendants to the charge of negligence dereliction of duty resulting in the death of I-4531, I-4532, I 4533, I-4537, I-4539 and I-4541. It’s unnecessary for me to cast my vote so I will move on to my next duty; that of sentencing. I Captain M-3548 of the Experimental Clinic acting as dully appointed Deputy for Doctor en General M-124 of Medical Operation and Health of Amazona hereby pronounce sentence of immediate death for I-3144. I pronounce sentence immediate death for I-1405, and I pronounce the sentence of immediate death for I-3374.”


(Go stand behind them and execute them with your pistol.)


I-1407 was standing beside M-3548 and on their private COM:


(Ma’am if you don’t I have to do it for you and then I have to take you into custody for an inquisition for dereliction of duty and you know what the sentence will be. I have like working you and I would not like to carry out that order. Carry out your orders and do you duty and let’s get this over with!)


M-3548 had the safety off her pistol and her suit’s arm actuators in the shoulder yoke and arm joints moved her arm to aim the pistol to where she placed the aiming cross on the convicted man’s head. She was aiming with the precision of a surgeon so it would do the maximum amount of damage to his brain and make it a quick and a clean death.


Her faceplate went to black and she heard strange noises in her earphones that drown out everything.


The gathering saw M-3548 carefully shoot I-3144 in the back of his head her arm moved rapidly to shoot I-1405 in the back of his head and then move once more shooting I-3374 in back of his head. She raised her right arm -her gun arm- in salute and proclaim.


“Justice has been done for all peoples of Amazona and our beloved Governor Jorge Jesus Vasquez. People take a good look this is reward for negligence of our duty we must work hard and well for Vasquez. Praise Vasquez, one world under Vasquez.”


The gathering returned the salute and the prescribed incantation.


“I declare this inquisition closed. Get to work make one world under Vasquez a reality.”


Her faceplate cleared and she was standing with three dead people in front of her, all shot in the back of their heads. The gathering was rapidly dissipating. Her pistol display registered three shot having been fired and her brand new combat suit was spattered with blood. M-3548 bowed her head turned and silently walked away toward the exit in disbelief and horror of what she had apparently done. I-1779 made himself scarce disappearing with the gathering. I-1407 marched just behind her.


“Ma’am is that the first time you killed some one? It’s always rough the first time.”


“No it’s not the first time I killed someone. Doctors are not supposed to kill people.


“Ma’am, you are not just a doctor any more you are soldier and part of the Command Staff and it is part of what you are charged with doing. Welcome to a very special club Ma’am.”


“I-1407 how many people have you killed?”


Ma’am I do not know. It’s in the thousands. With missiles and bomb is hard to keep a count.”


“How do you cope?”


“It is easier when they are trying to kill you and you do not know them. Think of the 2 supply people as trying to kill you. The poison they let get into drinking bladders may have been in the suit I order for you. It was wise that you caught the suit as a possible source and your husband could requisition you a new suit and equipment for you. I see you’ve christened it, I will get it clean for you.”


“The sergeant.”


Ma’am, He was a good friend of mine for ten years. We saw a lot of action together. Don’t be concerned about him. I hold no ill will against you and I don’t think he would. He screwed up and when you screw-up in the field people get killed. If you are lucky you are in the number that gets killed. You did him a favor. He probably would have done it himself just a little later after a lot alcohol and drugs.


I will take you home, get you out of that suit, draw you nice bubble bath. Then I will mix us both a good strong drink and we will drink a toast to a new command officer tested under fire and a sister in arms, a new member of a very special club. You have done well and I salute you.


“Do you ever have a blackout period when you kill someone?”


“Once in a while on the difficult ones.”


“I have no recollection of pulling the trigger on the three of them. One minute I was standing behind them think about how best to aim and the next minute I had three dead people in front of me.”


It’s just a psychological protection you brain blotted out the horror of actual seeing the physical details.”


Conference Room, Psychology Division, Subterranean floor of the Command Staff Building, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


S-1203 in his hooded black robe that was jump suit with a black screen insert in front of his face flowed in conference room and took his seat next to his team of 3 statisticians. The rest of the psychology department entered and sat. The director stood at the head of the table. An arm extended and a black gloved hand game out pointing at S-1203.


“You exercised psychological combat suit override. You statistics better justify such a drastic emergency action.”


“Desirable out come points if M-3548 didn’t execute was in the low teens. If she did execute desirable point were at 85 points but reaction time was going out the window for self-motivation. Desire outcome with her believing she did the executions just brings the out come down to 70 points, indicating triggering of override but it will require more conditioning that self motivation option.”


A vote was taken of the Psychologist. The decision granted an exemption for S-1203’s activating of M-3548’s suit overrides


M-3548’s Officers housing unit, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


M-3548 had gone to bed wondering where her husband was; it was curfew and he should be at home. L-1779 staggered in through the front door fell over a chair his uniform was rumpled and he was disheveled. He went into the bedroom taking off his uniform in a heap on the bureau. He climbed into bed silently as stumbling drunk could lay facing away from his wife, mute.


M-3548 screamed, “I didn’t have a choice. I was ordered.” and she began sobbing.


I-1407 was now standing at the foot of their bed in her Combat suit as usual but her laser rifle on her right forearm was held across her chest glowing and humming with a full charge waiting to be discharge.


“Ma’am, are you physically unharmed? I know you hurting very badly inside.”


“He didn’t touch me.”


I-1407 extended her laser rifle still humming and glowing pointing menacingly it at I-1779.


You are a discussing disgrace to the uniform of a major and a man and husband. I wish you would give me reason to cut you in half. Just for your information your wife didn’t choice this afternoon. If she had not carried out her orders from M-124 I would have and there would have been a forth dead person, her. My order came from Jorge Vasquez.


You wife has probably in last 24 hours has had the most stress in her life and after what she had to do this afternoon feel like crap and could use your support; But where F were you? Out getting drunk when you should be working on fixing problems in you division. All this came about because of crappy way you run your division.


Now hold your wife and tell her your sorry. She has a very important meeting tomorrow morning and has to be at her best.


“I do?”


I didn’t bother to tell you about it because the only thing you can do is be rested and in a good frame of mind. At 0800 you will have a review by your peers on your handling of the Emergency Operation. We will be appearing before the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Sir, I have taken care of you as curtsey to my officer but It stops now and if you have any ideas of charging me for insurrection I would like to let you know, Sir, these Kroll/Mendoza suits have a camera and microphones and I have recorded all your disgusting behavior since you came through the door. Good night Ma’am.


I-1407 powered down her laser rifle pivoted leaving the room shutting the door.


“I-1779 said, I think she love you.”


“I know she does, but you probably would not understand. It’s not sexual. It is strictly professional and out of duty.”


Dear I’m sorry I didn’t know. You look liked like such a monster this afternoon killing 3 people, 2 of them I had worked with for years. You were someone I didn’t know nor someone I could love any more.”


“I know, I can understand how you felt. I do not like myself very much after what I did.”


They embraced.




In the morning I-1779’s uniform were as he placed them in heap nothing was prepared for him as it was for M-3548.


Chiefs of Staff Conference room, Command Building, Military Base, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela


A rare site now I-1407 was in dress greens and M-3548 best prepared by I-1407 med whites


“You sit here Ma,am I have to stand behind you.”


Members started to file in, Director of Psychology, all the generals and the admiral commanding the Navy , the Marines, the Air Force and the Army and finally the Chief of Staff and Doctor en General M-124. They sat and their assistants stood behind them. There were extra people at this staff meeting all the commanders that served M-3548 during the emergency operation were there with their assistants and the Psychology Department Director and his observer S-1203.


The chief of staff made the first statement to M-124:


“She yours, why don’t you conduct this meeting.” Handing the meeting off to M-124.


M-3548, normally we do simulated command exercise for our officers that are potential candidates for staff membership. But this Emergency Bio situation seem to present it self for your test. At no time was there ever a risk; I was monitoring everything that went on and ready to take over if it was required.


I know you never been through one of these meeting and a candidate will only get three before they are permanently passed over. So I will explain, what we will do, is each of the people you commanded during the exercise -a real situation- will give you an evaluation and a rating of how well you did. If all of them give you passing evaluation you become a staff member. S-1203 will you begin.


“Candidate Medical Captain M-3548 dealt well and rationally with the overall situation. From my review there was no signs of panic or indecision. There was one fatal mistake but she corrected it before it became a problem. Her treatment of autopsy doctor lack respect for his expertise and the abandonment of protocols were problems that also alienate the commander of Medical Examiners. This could be major problem in her future. You need to work on it. Her behavior at the inquest was miserable she was reluctant to carry out the sentences proclaimed. However she eventually did so even though I would like to give her an F; I rate her as D for her performance.”


“Thank you S-1203. P-963 would you give us your evaluation.”


“Candidate Medical Captain M-3548 dealt well and rationally overall with no signs of panic or indecision and was as profession as any I have worked with. Everything she did was that of consummate experienced professional. I quite frankly do not know how she came by it. There was only one fatal mistake that she fixed. I rate her A+ and look forward to serving under her again.”


“We have one more evaluation, M-780.”


Overall I concur with facts she dealt well rationally with no panic or indecision. Her behavior toward me was of a cool nature and respect was not present. She ignored my suggestion to stay out of autopsy room and just observe, thus placing herself and her aid in danger that wasn’t necessary. She entered the autopsy in inappropriate attire overriding and countermanded orders of my autopsy medical examiner and her superior in rank. She abandoned established procedures. For you information always identify yourself and your command status and take proper command. It makes for better relations.


In her defense we rarely have such a well-qualified doctor in one of these exercises. Her short cuts of protocols were of keen and well directed saving thousands of man-hours securing from the level one quarantine. Appropriateness of her attire to the situation may have been better than the proper medical suits it is still to be determined. I give her a B-


“Thank you.”


The chief of staff said, M-124 it is time you delegate some of your authority, She first of you Clinical people to pass our Tactical Test.”


“Yes I know her rank is too low and she has only had week at Clinic and all of it was in a suit.”


You can promote her and may be assistant director so you can work with her and get her ready.”


“She just made captain by field promotion I can promote her for three months.”


“You can do second field promotion as result of her command of Operation Emergency Quarantine; it does not carry the requirements.


M-124 shook his head in conformation, turned and whispered something to his assistant who promptly left the room.


M-3548 would you please stand and I-1407 take her seat. S-1203 would you give us your evaluation.”


“I’ll keep this short. Infantry Second Sergeant I-1407 although she never been an admin’ but, experienced proper and appropriate A.”


“P 963”


“No sense wasting time A”






“M-3548 your evaluation of how well she served you in your command.”




The officers rose from their chair and there administrative assistants took their place. Each was asked and all respond with ‘A’ rating.


The assistants took their place standing behind their seated officers.


M-124 did you anticipate?”


“Yes. We have one more item. I-1407 has a pending petition for ‘Transition’ a simple hand signal if you wish to recommend her.”


All the seated officers voted were a yes with the exception of M-780 and M-3276.


“I will put a form letter of your recommendation in her file. M-3548 and I 1407 front and center.”


M-124 assistant returned with a box and stood at the side of M-124 with M-3548 and I-1407 attention in front of him.


“Congratulation M-3548 your peers feel you are worthy so you are now a member of the Command Staff. This bar signifies that.”


He took a bar from the box held by his assistant. He pinned on the bar of staff command on M-3548.


“For you handling of Emergency Operation I award a field promotion to Major in three months a review will convene for a permanent promotion.”


He took out the gold oak leaves swapping them for M-3548’s captain’s bars.


“This got be one of the fast promotions I have ever done, Since you are the only one in the Clinic qualified as Command Staff you are now Assistant Director of the Experimental Clinic.”


He moved over to I-1407 then turned to the Chief.


“She been yours you take care of this.”


M-124 sat and the Chief took his place in front of I-1407.


“You are promoted to first sergeant, I-1407, see if you can keep your stripes this time. Stay out bar fights and brawls if will reflect badly on your officer.”


Chief handed her new stripes.


“I hate to loose you but your officer is in a different division. You are transferred to Experiment Clinic.


The Chief handed her the patches of the Experimental Clinic.


The meeting broke with congratulation from all but S-1203 and the Director of Psychology who promptly stood and left without a word.


After the congratulations M-3548 asked, “What's on my schedule for the rest of the day?”


“Qualifying, we will suit up and go to the practice range where I will teach you all the function and about all the weapons that go with you new suit. We celebrate by blowing the hell out of things for the rest of the day.


Tomorrow, first thing, we start meetings to solve the problems this inquirery has brought to light. Is that acceptable Ma’am?”


Next installment: The First Female ‘Transition’, With Extras


I’m not a hack writer. I do not write on anything someone tells me too or I know nothing about the subject and meet a deadline. I feel the literary world probably would be much better without them. I write as inspired. Sometimes I can write 50 pages in three days then I will not touch a story for months. Then there are sections I just don’t seem to have an interest in and the story sits with gaps in it. ‘My Trimorphic Suitors’ was all but finished 6 months ago but it’s still missing three sections that I just don’t seem to find an interested in finishing. I wrote most of this installment in a week but the section in the Suit Supply was the last to be finished and several days have passed before I wrote anything for that section.


The next section will be about ¾ new if not all of it so it may be awhile for me to finish it. Please be patient.


Before closing. When I first started writing, I fantasized about have the income from my writing so I could travel to exotic places and I could sit on veranda looking out at the ocean with an adult beverage as I compose a story. Part of the editing and the Suit Supply section were done on veranda looking out over the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii. No income from my stories and no adult beverage though.


John R Starvele


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of John Robinson.
Published on on 03/28/2009.


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