Sharon Brasher

Father´s Day

This poem is
Dedicated to all the children who will not celebrate Father's Day with their daddies:
Father's Day
My child turned to me the other day to say "Oh, Mommy, Mommy, why don't we have a family? Where is my daddy? When will he be coming home? The kids at school tease me, they say, I don't have a family without a daddy. Why is it just you and me? If he comes home, I will be good, I would not do the things that makes him mad, I won't be bad."
My words came out softly, as I sat down and guided my child to me. "Oh, sweetheart we are a family"...but before I could say another word, my child's words were over heard. "We can not have a happy family without a daddy and if he loved me why doesn't he call me, where is he? He says he loves me but why doesn't he come to see me? It makes me sad when Rachel's dad is at every game, when Monty's dad holds her hand, Michelle's dad picks her up when she is tired. Why can't I have a family, I just want a daddy, one who loves me."
With tenderness in my heart and no words in my head, I started to speak and this is what I said, "Dear child of mine, you do have a Father that loves you even more than me."
 With puzzled eyes starring at me I continued, "He's at every game cheering you on, He carries you even when you are not tired, He knows you so well He has the hairs on your head numbered, He never lets you go a day or night, He just holds you tight. No matter where you go He's always there. He protects you all time. He is the master of the universe, creator of all, a real super hero. You are the apple of His eye."
Without another word a smile and a twinkle looked back at me and off my dear child went to play.
A few days later I heard, "Oh, Mommy, Mommy, today at school my teacher asked about our dads and this is what I said,  I have a Father who loves me so, much more than words can say. He's with me night and day. He is in heaven you know."
My teacher turned to me and said, "oh I'm so sorry, I saw your dad just the other dad, I did not know he passed away."
 "Silly, silly, teacher doesn't know so I told her so: "My Father did not pass away He lives everywhere, He's with me at every game, He cheers me on night and day. He holds my hand and my heart, He is the best Father anyone can have, He loves me no matter what I do, He'll never go away. He is so grand. He never forgets how special I am. He's always there wherever I go. He lets me know when I am scared that He is bigger than anything. This Father's day I will not be sad, because I know He's the Best Dad."
I could see my teacher had a tear, so I held her hand and asked her," Don't you know He loves you too?"


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sharon Brasher.
Published on on 05/18/2005.


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