Joseph Trance

Who And What You Are

       Excuse meÖ  Hey, you! who are reading this.  How you doing?  Howís it going?

Welcome..Welcome to your Life.  This is no mistake that you are reading this right now.  This was meant to be.  This is an appointed moment in time.  SoÖWelcome!!

Now, having said all that, I have to say something elseÖ

Before you read this, Iíve got to give you a warning.  DoníT.  Donít read this if you donít want to find out who you really are.  Donít read this if you want to continue just as you have been.  If you do read this, it will change you.  It will change your way of thinking.  Because, if you have never thought this way about yourself, it will be an eye opener.  If you read this, you may find yourself thinking about yourself differently, about who you are and what you are doing.  It may change..a lot of things.  At the very least, the time and energy that you spend reading this will change you.  It will change the things you could have been doing with your time, your energy and your mind.  It will change your brain.  No, will.  Because hereís the thing;  When you spend time on a thing..your brain uses brain cells to perceive it and process it.  And as a result of that there are changes in you.  There are changes in the cells you have you used to take the information in,  changes in your time, changes in the decisions you have made to read this and not do anything else.   There has to be..itís all part of who you are.  The more time you spend on..anything..the more your brain changes.  So..if you donít want to change anymore than you have, DONít READ THIS!!  STOP! (whew! That was close!)


Okay..  For those of you that are still with me..

   If I was to tell you that you are more than you think, would you believe me?   If I was to tell you that you are more than your job, your position, your successes and failures..would you believe me?  What you are is more than all those things.  If I was to tell you that you are a Child of God, A brother of Jesus, a Spirit Being in a human body, would any of that make sense to you?  ( a religious thing!    No, itís a relationship thing..)   If I was to tell you that you are capable of doing awesome things, and that there is nothing you canít do if you have the right heart, right mind and are following Godís plan for your life, would that make a difference to you? 

For the Truth of the Matter is that you are capable of all those things.  That your Life is incredibly awesome and that you have a God given mission to do things for Him.  And that you are capable of knowing things, doing things that go way beyond who and what you are right now.  And even if you feel that you are doing some incredible things with your life, and that you know exactly what Iím talking about, then you know itís not over yet.  Because if it was you wouldnít still be reading this,

And if you are still reading this, you know that there is always more to do.

Your life is not over yet.  Your life, no matter how good or bad it is, is not over yet.  There is still more for you to do.  The circumstances you find yourself right now in are for a reason, and God is right in the middle of them.  (Oh..noÖGod canít possibly be in the middle ofÖTHIS (fill in the Blank) say).

But He is in the middle of  ďYour WhateverĒ..because His Word says he is everywhere.   And He is there to help you make it right, just waiting for you to ask Him.  He likes that.  He likes for you to ask for His help.  You are made that way you know.  You were made to ask for help.   Ever since you were born.   ( donít know me..I donít need nothing from no one..and I donít believe in God andÖ)

We are born asking for help.  We are born crying; communicating by our cries; for food, nurturing, company, help.   Itís part of our human development.  We were made to communicate.   And if we are born that way, then we must be also born to be connected to other people.  Whatís the point of communicating if we donít connect with other people.  If you cried as a baby and no one came to you, to help you, then whatís the point of crying.  If no one fed you as a baby, if no one took care of you, youíd die.  We would die without each other.  We were never meant to be alone. 

                                                         You were never meant to be alone.

And all those other things you have; your mind, your heart, your physical being, are meant to be used for Godís Glory.  And hereís the thing; the Truth.  If you are using them in the right way, then you are feeling satisfied with your life right now and a certain amount of Peace.    You are feeling that you have a direction, a mission, and hope and LOVE.   And you have a PEACE, no matter what is happening around you.  Even if not everything is going right, and that there are challenges in your life right now, you knowÖyou Know..that you are on the right matter how hard it is, and you are doing the right thing, and that God has got your back

And if that is not you, then you are probably depressed, tired, not full filled , confused and not knowing what you are supposed to do or who you are.   You are angry at LIFE, and that each day holds nothing more than the day before.

SoÖwhich one are you?

You have the choice to be either of these things.  Thatís also part of Who You Are.

So,,,where do you begin?  Ask God for help.  Really, sincerely ask Him.  He made you and He loves  You, and He loves when you ask Him for Help.  He breathed Himself into you, and His Holy Spirit is with you..deep in your heart.  He sent Jesus, His son , to remind you how much He loves you.  He went so far as to die for youÖ(not a religious thingÖa relationship thing)..because He wanted you to know how much He cares for you. 

If you donít know that..consider the possibility.  Itís no mistake that you read this.  Itís no mistake that your mind has taken this in.  Itís a seed planted and if you allow it (your choice) it will grow.  Believe that there is a God who Loves You and that there are so many awesome things He has waiting for you.

Itís True:  Itís Who and What You Are.



Of all the things that you consider to be Truth, of all the things that you have ever thought yourself to be...this one thing is reality.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 05/14/2009.


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