Jens Marquard



Baby you don´t know,
what you´ve meant to me,
your loyalty was undeniable,
it showed me that you wanted
more and more to see,
as the next time you told me
things would work perfectly,
I should have no sorrow,
I should have no fear;
but now I´m telling you;
don´t follow me;
I don´t wanna stay there;
and you go anywhere;


Because I need someone that I can grow;
who follows me every way I go;
maybe I´ve found him for one day;
but maybe I´ll find him for always;
just go anywhere, go anywhere;


Baby can´t you see;
what you´ve done to me;
your identity is unforgettable;
it is telling me;
that you impressed on me;
every way you did;
your meaning was too deep;
I should have no sorrow;
I should have no fear;
but now I´m telling you;
don´t follow me;
I don´t wanna stay there;
and you go anywhere;


Boy realise,
what you´ve made of me;
your personality is undisputable;
you stole my sleep;
and without you to be;
that´s a big leap;
now don´t come and creep;
I should have no sorrow;
I should have no fear;
but now I´m telling you;
don´t follow me;
I don´t wanna stay there;
and you go anywhere;


Boy. I´m out of this;
you deserve no good bye kiss;
I don´t know whether I will miss;
I´ll surely see, what it is;
you were close to me like my sister;
like my brother;
like my mother;
like my father;
but now I have to whisper;
go anywhere this door out there;


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 05/19/2009.


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