Joseph Trance

Mind Holds

The most expensive costs are, of course, personnel.”  Janice Maddin said.

“Of course,”  Denton said, as he shook his head.  “And that’s precisely why we say that we can downsize your organization and cut personnel costs by at least 30%.”

“But at what cost?”  Janice asked as she gave him her ‘deer in the headlights stare.’

“It will cost you about $50,000 to get you to a comfortable skeleton crew that will be able to manage all of your organization’s needs.”

“I wasn’t talking about the monetary costs, Mr. Denton.  I was talking about the costs in morale and time and security that will be gone once this thing is all done.  We can’t possibly operate at your projected numbers.”

Denton regarded her before answering.  She was tall, thin and her concern for her employees was something that he would be able to use.  She was fighting to stay alive like everyone else during the current economic crisis.   Denton would have to combine the truth of the technology while at the same time appease her moral sense and her concern for her workers.

“Ms. Maddin,   suppose I could demonstrate a sample of what we do.  Would that make you feel more comfortable?  It will only take a few minutes of your time…if you don’t mind.  I promise you that it will be worth it.”

“Truthfully, I am skeptical and I don’t see how a few minutes of my time would convince me to..”

“Ten minutes…that’s all I’m asking…Janice.”  She regarded his smile, his stylish hair and suit.  He was slick, alright, but he wasn’t going to get over on her.

“Ten and we’re done,” she said.

“Thank you, Jan..Ms . Maddin.” 

“Who are your most expensive personnel?”  Denton asked.

“That’s easy…our trained restrainers.  They are the most experienced in the facility, and we pay high for their training, experience and psych profiles.  It takes a certain person to be able to go up against a client with emotional issues who can break you in two in the blink of an eye.”  She smiled at him then…throwing down a challenge.  Denton proceeded to fire questions at her that he already knew the answer to.

“How much does one of these ‘trained’ restrainers cost?” 

“About  $100,000.00/year..with fringe.

“So about $125-150,000.00 depending upon their benefits package?” 

“That sounds about right, ..yes.”

“And what do these people actually do, Janice?”

“They..restrain.  We have some very violent clients here and even with our most advanced techniques, they still need to be restrained at times.  It just comes with the job.”

“And I take it you have a data base of the all of the times your clients have needed to be restrained.”

“Of course…as per Pro Act, B.M.A.C .and S.K.I.P. guidelines.  Every incident where a restraint was necessary is computer cataloged: date, time, duration of the entire incident.”  We make sure we follow both East and West Coast Guidelines.

“Of course you do,” Denton said.

“What was the last pleasurable thing you did, Ms. Maddin?”

“Excuse me…? 

“The last pleasurable thing you did…that you can share, at least.”

“I don’t understand what this has to do with..”

“Please, Janice.  I promise I am going somewhere with this.”

“ I had breakfast;  waffles with melted butter and sweet syrup, some bacon, eggs and vanilla flavored coffee.  It was very …satisfying.”

“What time was that…about?”

“7 am, and you only have about 5 more minutes left…speaking of time.”

Denton reached into his pocket, brought out what looked to be a lightweight cell phone with two metal probes coming from it.

“7 am…and what time did you finish…about?”  He asked.

“Somewhere around 7:50…maybe 8 am.”  She stared at him as he flipped open the ‘phone.’

Denton punched in some numbers (five minutes should be more than enough time) and then gave it to Janice. 

“Do me a favor.  Place these probes here and here .  He touched two spots; one on her forehead and the other at the base of the neck.”

“I don’t think that…oh..alright.”  Janice Madden complied, but she was not happy about it.

“Good. “  Denton smiled.

“Ready for another breakfast, Janice?”

“What…?  I don’t understan…”  Click. 

She was back in her booth in the back of the coffee shop.  Alone,  feeling good and comfortable, she loved her alone time. The smell of vanilla was thick in her nostrils.  She was holding the fork, that held the waffle piece dripping with sweet melted butter.  She dipped it into the puddle of sweet syrup that graced her plate.  She brought it to her mouth and licked the butter with her tongue.  MMM… sweet.  She placed the piece against her lips and rubbed them.  MMM..sweet..sweet syrup. She bit into it and her taste buds exploded with sweetness.  She regarded her hand as she went to pick up the coffee mug…mmm.

The smell of vanilla filled her nostrils as she brought the mug to her lips.  She could taste it before she even took a sip.  Glorious.  The combination of sweet waffle and vanilla was almost..orgasmic.  She chewed slowly and deliberately.  Heaven.  Click!”

“Ms. Madden…?”

She opened her eyes slowly.  She had the dreamy look.  She would take a minute to re-orient.  Her glazed eyes cleared and then focused on his face.



She blinked.  “What..what did you”

“I made you remember Janice.  I replayed a memory for you.  A pleasant one. “

“How..?  I..I..”

“You could feel it all..couldn’t you?  Feel and smell and taste and…?”

“Yes.  All of it.  I was back…there.”

"Now suppose..just could make your clients remember..."
"Being...restrained...?  (She was a quck study).
"Yes.  You said you have the data..dates, times, durations..
Alo we have to do is plug in those numbers and 'Click!' anytime they were about to have an...incident..
"It would save you..."
But Janice wasn't listening anymore.  She was thinking of all the employees who would never be hurt again, all the money she could save the organization and the sweet taste of many many waffels.

Here is another Time-Backs Technology Story, that makes some practical use of the technology. It is based on my work in a Day Treatment Center for adults with special needs, and my love for really bad, unhealthy food, that tastes too good to put down.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 06/11/2009.


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