Isabelle Lenk

Letting you go

I told you, which was probably the best I could have done, 

but you said nothing, 

at least not really, 

except for "I don`t wanna loose you", which meant everything to me,

but now I have to get over that whole being-in-love thing, 

which is hard cause you didn't state anything, 

rational I know that there will never be more than friendship, 

but my heart tells another story, cause it lives for that tiny little hope, 

that comes to my mind every once in a while,

that keeps me from falling apart, but still hurts, 

cause deep down I know that this is just an illusion!

I gotta let you go...even if I can't imagine that right now!

And you gotta let me go, too!

You gotta stop feeling punked when I kiss other guys, 

cause that keeps my hope alive andI don't know what you really feel!

I so gotta let you go...even if writing it hurts like hell!



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Isabelle Lenk.
Published on on 06/15/2009.


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