Jens Marquard



Those days they were together in the park,
he said they┤re all that he had ever thought,
she remembers the promises they┤ve made,
those days they were together and they held them straight,


Everything was going right,
till the day he left her,
this adventure all behind,
it was the day he told her,
he┤d dislike her childish kind,
then their love became to hate,
┤cause he left her with her fate,
thus she was educated,
she had a too young age,
to detect her deep state,


Nowadays she must begin life from new,
without aid she must find her way through,
she still believes men can speak the truth,
nowadays she thinks about this and she┤s stronger, too,


As her soul could die,
she wants to cry,
another heavy day,
her fate, it did remain,
every night she prays, 
that she finds a way,

The line which states that he dislikes her childish kind is meant to express that the woman got a baby and is consequently left by her man. She stays strong and has the charater particular that she doesn┤t bear the thing in mind and doesn┤t take revenge.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 07/05/2009.


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