Dirk Schumacher

Friendship means Freedom

Friendship means Freedom


Black was the day you left my life

Dark was the night when I lost my drive.

All my life seemed to be falling apart.

And there was ice covering my heart.


That armor kept my heart from breaking

Kept my soul from shaking,

but my life still seemed like a terrible mess,

and I was left to loneliness.


Is there a chance for me to live again?

And when will I ever be whole again?

When will I overcome the pain?

Was all that really worth your gain?


I know that someday I will live and love somebody new

That there is a chance for me to see it through

Even though the tears I´m crying were so bitter sweet

Bitter from the pain but sweet so sweet from the freedom I was given by your leave


And I found new friends these days

They give me peace in oh so many ways.

I´m bringing back together the pieces of my puzzle of life,

The flowers of friendship they will still thrive.


I sit here in my lonely room,

And feel the friendship bloom

And I am oh so grateful for that I was so gifted

As finally the weigh on my soul was lifted



© Dirk Schumacher 7-2007


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Published on e-Stories.org on 07/25/2009.


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