Maren Sandkuhl


Life seems to me like torture,

it sickens me,

the more days it goes on.

I haven't found my destiny

and the reason why I should remain to be.


You treat me like I'm an inferior


I'm one of your superiors

you hate me, you fade me

you drive me crazy.


I dunno what to do anymore,

I can't sleep at night,

I just want to go away.

I wanna scrap my nails in your face

and see you bleedin'

after that I'm leavin'


I know my mind's fighting against my needs,

like devil and angel on my shoulder.

It feels like a snare 'round my throat:

can't think, can't breath,

with no might to fight against my silent death


I dunno what to do anymore,

I can't sleep at night,

I just want to escape my pain.

I wanna slit you open

wanna hunt you down

so you can't harm nobody no more


It's time to see you bleedin',

It's time for me to go,

I'm leaving,

I'm leaving now!


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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Maren Sandkuhl.
Published on on 08/05/2009.


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