Iris Feller

Life units

The first cry into the new worlds light
Does not reveal the next years of fight
Being pressed to the bosom
Family shows enthusiasm
Screaming and squirting away the pap
Laughing and often taking a nap
Beginning to speak and to run
Causing lots of trouble and fun

Life passes to more seriousness
Kindergarten time is one of the best
Learning, making friends
Praying, joining hands
Becoming tolerant and fair
Beginning to accept and to share

Again time changes life
Because school days arrive
Getting up early is bad
Rushing back home is great
Leisure is being reduced
Many subjects are introduced
Always trying hard to keep the balance
Between one’s own and the others’ expectations

With the grammar school the stress really starts
Everybody envies the others’ better cards
No time neither to breathe nor to rest
Nor to help nor to be honest
Make eyes at one’s admired sweetheart
Selfish ambitions tear them apart
The imminent school-leaving exams destroy the last human touch
Even the laziest layabouts suddenly work much
Good marks are necessary for a good job
Because who does not want to reach the top?

But the top is far away
And so many will fail

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Iris Feller.
Published on on 05/13/2004.


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