Petronella Steevensz

Fable de la Fontanella 1

I'm a dedicated vegetarian
and no such barbarian
as my colleague wolves my dear

vegetables, fruit and milk
is the food that keeps me fit
my beauty
you can take my word for it
when I solemnly state, that I simply hate
to eat meat
so don't be frightened and take a seat

what turns me on are your truthful eyes
believe me, I'm telling no lies
your soft and woollen skin is worth every sin

she knew he was a wolf, she knew that wolves eat meat
she thought he was an exception, she took a seat
she thought of love
she was young, she was wrong
and when she found out, there was no time for tears

she was the best dinner he had in years



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Petronella Steevensz.
Published on on 05/31/2005.


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