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 10,9,8,7,6,5,the bomb ticked down 4,3,2,snip! Just in time jimmy sniped the wire, deactivating the bomb. Jimmy and bob were best frends and sandiagos best bomb squad opertives. They had just saved a church from a mager remodeling, they narroly stoped the bomb befor it was too late. As they walked out bob saide to jimmy "how did you know it was the red wire?" "i didnt" replide jimmy, "im just realy luckey."
             The next day they both got a call that some sico hade a school held up and was hevily armed, Five minutes later jimmy and bob arrived. they walked in the building and emediatly the sico fired at them. the jump agenst walls opisit eachother and pulled out there pistols. Jimmy jumped out of the corner and fire!, but there was noone there!!!! H e relised too late it was a trick, the sico was hidden in a corner 20 feet away from him. He jumped out and fired twice, then hid agen, bob dove in front of jimmy and took two bulits to the cest. He layed silent not moving on the floor as blood trickled from his chest. Jimmy screamed nooooooooooooo!!!!,then kicked over a desk and hid. When the sico poped out agen he fired a hole round in his head it was over,bob was dead. The next day jimmy got a medale for bravery, an hour later he laid it on bobs grave and said "For you.............thanks." he walk away in th rain.
2 years later bob was added to the police hall of fame.              by T   SARSANO


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Tommy Sarsano.
Published on on 09/03/2009.


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