Meike Schrut

Dream of a woman (3.)

The next week?
He could not handle with this vague time, he believed, he would have hurt them more than she wanted to admit. But with which? He wanted to continue the screenplay only with her help, she had brought in ideas which well read and before all things: here he could as play parts of his life either as he left or his life differently. Mother and father? It still hurt deeply in him and it fell to him like scales of the eyes: if she read almost his thoughts, it anticipated at least that him the death of these people had never let go. And without doubt it was the too early death of his parents which allowed to react they so.
The brothers and sisters? With those he could only talk, was it that what depressed other? Had she accepted, he would say to the plan „film about his right life“ immediately? Yes, he had wanted to reject it originally, just startled what she wanted to make from him: a still living legend, living, but from legends surround. Did he need this? Not really, but pleasantly the thought was not also to take roles. Not a thought had come to him which people should take over the part of his parents, there were things in his life of which he neither spoke with pleasure, nor which he could simply check off so. The death was for him only on the stage and in the film an experiment, otherwise...

He transmitted his schedule to her in an easy mail, suggested to her for... a club at a hotel in London. Asked whether he should fetch them at the airport. So in 6 days?
She agreed of heavy heart, had wanted to maltreat more time out, but if then new work promised to become exciting, she could not hold in herself. Too much pro was in her. And the first what it did: determine! And then these plans hung again as normally in the 1st office of her personal and narrowest employees. Women should give her some tip for clothes, shoes and what woman so needs, otherwise, she also wants to have topical photos about him, the flight schedule of the „free cardboard town airline“ had to be arranged with the English authorities. This developed to a strange mess: possibly one believed on the distant island in a joke, until it threatened to spin out this incident in the press straight away, she is never used to being ignored.

The flights of 3 machines of the free cardboard town had attained special status, too seldom and were too kept secret plans and reasons for the flights of the boss and her narrowest employees. London never stood up to now to the debate. She let her most agreeable airport the appearance of her machine and the desired landing time space for... mail and got the assent almost immediately. „Nevertheless, goes.“ She selected their bodyguards also alone, too much it was controlled by the fear, foreign, too foreign people would only stare at them like a miracle animal. The logo of the airline also stung a little out with the fas `see into German and the writing on top of that and an old camera before and behind the fa` see Like she found: was enough around something to state! Plans of the English capital lay before her on the floor all over in a mess, this time in own flat! Then their people to concerned admissions of his voice, some consistent scenes from select films should come again they only in the eve of the flight, then she wanted to discuss the next hours with them, as long as one leaves them alone and she acted well in it.

R.F.? Was there a figure which could breathe no life he? Hours passed, she smoked again, smelt of it immediately in that bottle with the magic substance which did not promise everlasting life, but everlasting youthful beauty though. And with the beauty nothing had been said there wrong. She pressed the springs over and over again in the chock-full ashtray, 4 boxes from which she had maybe completely used 5 cigarettes, she had swept annoyingly from the table. The mess originating bit by bit in her room did not concern them, she called it creative chaos and she was called too with pleasure also an anarchist. This time, however, before themselves smoking, so she stated, the best ideas would come to her.?

Poster had looked at them who showed him more recently and older, compared features, heard his voice than he was young, then had procured as an older man and even some theatrical performances one for her: full-size she experienced him on her quite special canvas. She felt him as a miracle, however, could not explain itself what put out now with priority this miracle. And inexplicable moved them sometimes into fear: too immensely his radiation and by her technology he seemed to stand directly before her.
She did not know yet how many days she wanted to stand with and beside him. The more she wanted to dive into the perfectly appearing face, all the more it recognised of the more often an expression who looked after pure desperation and just not after bubbling over joy of life. Or she believed him to recognise. How much in his face was mask? In the private life like on the stage in the film? She admitted herself that she liked no faces similar to mask.

Did she deal with a depressive person, or were the only very strange and brief mood variations, because he thought in the middle of his life and mourned too much the youth? „However, this would be very silly from him...“ With the finger she glided about the corner of mouth of the photo and then was only really glad that none of her people got her strange whims. 
Younger and older photos did not say her a lot about the man who was scarcely older than they and about which one whispered, the queen would move in mention to let ennoble him.

Charlotte Street hotel?

She already marked to herself this wish, because she had no notion where she could spend the night. Or rather immediately in Buckingham Palace? Very wittily how this idea came up in her, no, she was no queen, however, her cardboard town was already so blind that one could not mark out exactly the border as if the surroundings float as by chance with in as if this blossoming town became every year bigger and bigger. To Peenemünde her town applied and from there it also wanted to allow to fly to London....
The trip in the airplane did not develop completely so pleasantly as she had believed. Besides, one already left alone them, she woke up only if it something gave to eat: prepared food was very important to her. Nervously she had a bath extensively, can be made up from her beautician some arrogant folds away, she did not want to remove the silver threads of the age, however, still from the brown of the hair.

Three „F` see“ also woke some sensation on the airport of London Biggin Hill and from here she also fetched R.F. He saw very well the not quite small machine and asked, when it must fly again, because this machine would hardly wait. „Why not?“ She laughed resounding. „This machine has been built my quite personal darling if it is about technology our baby, so to speak, first and I can be brought only by them everywhere there.“ „Then my carriage will hardly inspire them.“ She promised there nothing. Decided first of all, the new surroundings on himself to let work and looked at him curiously. Yes certainly: her own gigantic machine in which much more people would have place than were always carried: how should this not be interesting? But long no reason to find his carriage bad:
No, his carriage was neither too simple to her nor too exklusiv:Tesla roadster, she could not say to such a journey of course no.
Now it became also clear to him, which is why she needed such a machine: her staff! And vehicles by which this staff had to be transported. Since in some distance a small "court" followed her: if only just 50 people, half were women, other half men.

„Is this not a little too much expenditure?“ „Do I know how long I will stay here?“ She had to him before the journey there could go off, simply one of her translation devices warily to the head sedately. When she also placed the counterpart to herself, she quietly said: „I hope, now they better understand me?“ „Astonishingly clearly,“ hardly he had said it when it already translates into her ears came. Inconceivable the awkwardness if one is only misunderstood. „Or unpleasantly?“ He shook the head, a little bit confused about her kind to meet him. He went to her too fast and after only 10 minutes it asked, he may use the next opportunity to stop in a restaurant. „Of quite normal ones?“ „Why not.“ Their people were well trained and pushed absolutely no other people aside when she ordered very easy food and tried, besides to become man to the buzz in her head. Since what could not anticipate R.F., was follower: among the rest, the smell which accompanied them in many bottles like perfume was there to sharpen all senses and thus it happened incessantly that the small translation device also passed on his thoughts of them. In this case very useful, because the sad thoughts of the man disturbed them something, he thought of the day of death of his mother and which he would certainly find no time for the usually natural visits in her grave. She had to pretend very much, but she would have said him that one included in the plan more time than for such things enough, it would lie in him how the schedule of the next days would have to look. She circumscribed it: „If you must do something else other, let know it me.“ „When?“ „We take the appointment calendar before and then we will certainly come to an agreement.“ His plans looked thus: Tests at home, in the theatre and also still the following 2 days on the stage stand. He invited them freely out to observe him at the work. He could not know which strong impression he on them leave had when he had come of the canvas to her.
Only she wanted to decline from a strange feeling, then said itself, however: "Every normally thinking woman would never reject such an offer, right now so I behave like a real fan." Whether was she already a real fan, did she not know roughly, because what put out such then? Had one to get hold to the dream always and constantly hinterherreisen, every picture, every poster? She had well talk about it: you were available to means about which other people could know nothing.
She nodded in the affirmative, besides, looked like, besides, his hands: slender, wiry, hard, largely and also this remained not concealed to the attentive curious man, however, it indicated wrong. Unpleasantly touched he stretched very elegant gloves about that, said to her: "Do you say please nothing, my hands are possibly too tender to them? I have been interested sometimes in it in which kind of man they stand: so a copy between Hulk and G.M. when he was about 26 years old. ." "On the contrary: if I look at a man, the hands also belong to the external picture, you have very nice hands, this has already irritated me. Has just only asked me whether these hands of a woman could hurt." "I have preferred it up to now to meet all women with whom I dealt - no matter whether privately or professionally - with respect and respect." "Was love never present?" This question came so unexpectedly, simply because he had not credited with such a question the chilly working person yet: her glasses completely covered her eyes, a hat her hair, only one brown strand peeped cheeky out. "What may be love also always..." He more exactly decided to observe them, she interested him, but how much nearness wanted he to admit this time? "Nevertheless, this is no answer to my question." "Love can be great, however, she can also hurt very much, I felt up to now only pain. He edged out the beauty what there was sometimes in the respect." "Then you are so often a part of themselves on the stage and in the film because you were just too often disappointed?" "One can say in such a way, but now to you." 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 09/11/2009.


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