Meike Schrut

My surprise

Oh yes, like they swarm about him and almost pass before reverence
Can a person understand this?
These eager women and men see him almost like one
Mortal God only in?!
These are no fans - this would be still to be forgiven!
Colleagues and people who give him, what he for the work urgently
needs: they get involved in him, tailor for him, give him text and other
How can it be then that there almost the halo floats above him?
Since thus sounds if women are unsafe if they are only laboringly in his nearness.
He is quite a normal person with mind and soul, with body, language and
a face that became riper with the time.
I can resist his look also, because:
I have to go
to me to him do not live
To me to him do not work
Not be together with him.
When I did not know earlier his name: if I also lived
When I recently began, his film roles and him always very well (and very well are enough!) to find? I live on quite of course, however, more cheerfully - (thanks say him for it.)
But I do not treat myself badly, "only" because he exists.
If one day the sky has an angel more, it is sure very much
I also live without him...



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 09/15/2009.


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