Hollie Walker

The wish

I looked at the empty chairs stitting in the living room. The Helium balloons were starting to fall and the icing on the cake oozed ever so slighty on to the table. It was the middle of summer and I was having my belated birthday thrown by a person who never should have thrown it in the first place. Me. I sat there watching the 23 candles burn down and beads of wax built up over the cake.I held my head in my hands and blew them out after waiting an hour for everyone to show up then made a wish. Maybe they all was running late or maybe they all rode in one car and had a flat. I expected someone to call as I glanced at the phone for the hundreth time in the last thirty mins. I know they had my number, it was written below on the invitation cards that I made by hand, giving each person a personalized card. Maybe I had written down the wrong date or the wrong time. I glanced at the spare card I had made just in case I forgot to send someone one. It was right. July 30th. I glanced at the phone again and this time it had a tiny fly sitting on top of the reciever. But still the phone was silent. Maybe it was unplugged. I got up andcross the floor to check. Nope, it was plugged in. As a matter of fact, they all were. I guess no one had intended to come. No one even bothered to say "I'm not going to be able come."
It was six o'clock this morning. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to get ready for my birthday party. I hurried and shoved my head through the hole of my shirt and my legs through the holes of my jeans. I washed my hands and went to the kitchen to start making my birthday cake. I put it in the oven and started to decorate the house. I hand made my own decorations. I sat out my finest plates and silverware. I sat the chairs up and got the punch made. I made the sandwiches and the dip for the chips. I made the pigs in a blanket and I made the jello. I cut up all the veggies and placed them in a designed pattern on a crystal plate. I hung the sign that said "Happy 23rd Birthday." I took the cake out of the oven and sat and waitted for it to cool. I iced the cake and placed the candles in the middle. I was so excited for my friends to be coming and my co workers from the place I use to work. I sat there at the kitchen table as the time was getting closer, I was getting morenervous and excited. The sun slowly eased its way down behind the trees and made the evening beautiful with the orange and gold sunset.
I cut a piece of birthday cake and whispered Happy birthday to me under my breath as I scarfed down half the cake. I ate through tears and snot as the last crumbs fell to the plate. I hated myself for thinking I was special.I hated thinking that I mattered. Iput the food up and went to my bed room to lay down. I closed my eyes for a brief monent then something inside me woke. I rasied from the bed and it was morning again. I looked at my cell phone andtoday wasJuly the 30th again. My birthday wish!
I repeated the steps as I did the first July 30th. Made the cake and so forth until everything was the same as before. I sat there waiting for my wish. I heard a knock on the door and I got up to answer it. It was here my birthday wish. I opened the door and looked around smiling. My wish came true. I looked around at the full seats and saw myself when I was 7. Another sit was myself when I was 10. Another was myself at 13 and another was me when I was 16. I looked and there I was when I was 21 and just for a kicker I saw myself when I was 30. We laughed at the good O' days. Wetalked aboutall the things I love. They all told me stories and me when I was 30 told me a few things of the future. She told me I wasvery special and had lots to look forward to. I hugged them all and the faded away just as the last of the goldsunset disapeared. That was a magical evening. The phone rang and it was my friend telling myHappy birthday and that she was sorry she couldn't make it. I smiled to myself and said its ok. I went to bed and thought of all of my old selves sitting in my living room. I had grown up and I was proud of myself. And knowing the end isn't as bad as I thought helped me even more. I had myself to count on when I didn't have anyone else. And the future is just as bright. :)


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Published on e-Stories.org on 09/18/2009.


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