Meike Schrut

Dream of a woman (6)

Only the adults were deeply disturbed if suddenly clear water came out from the sweet well or the horses of the royal family broke out, although the king himself had so closed the stable that this would have been impossible. Mea asked her nurse what the newest incidents might have then for reasons, however, her white head rocked and said: ”There asks those other beings which appear bodilessly always then when a new misfortune approaches.”
Mea dreamt since some time of reflecting worlds and from similar to being built like they - which would come out and would talk to her. One night she startled and stared in one of the head-high mirrors from which there were 7 in her room. A very slender woman and a very strong man stepped from the mirror, the woman seemed to be very furious and hammered with her elegant fists on the breast of the man who tried to appease them. Before the princess could ask, both beings had disappeared again.

One day ago it came to a middle disaster in the country of the king: the trees which produced plasticine changed into quite normal trees whose fruits one could eat. But plasticine was desired as a building material very much, it resisted here every fire and could accept every colour.
The woman and the man were unreal figures. She bore the strange name - he called them only Marg (March distinct) and Gijom. Marg? The soul of the immortal being had mixed recently with the soul of another person who came from another world which forgot bit by bit also her own name and also forgot which sense her coming over had had in this new false world. Gijom? It was the accurate effigy of an artist who had been the most popular man before everlasting times: slender, besides, very hard, dark, almost black hair and ebensolche eyes. And from the being very uncertainly what had his respect with the Marg: he never knew whether he was enough for them.

Marg felt very well that this princess Mea a peculiar charm on her partner exercised, however Marg was still very jealous before, she was different now: she amused herself only about how Gijom stared in the water of the magic lake in which he had seen the princess. “What do you make a slip of it if she could be possibly with us?” “I imagine that you start to be bored with me slowly and a friend would not be bad there.” “Friend nicely and well, however, if I look at you so: why should she find no fallen in you?” But even if Gijom had differently decided secretly: somebody else took up this thought. It was the writer who too often abused her power all to donate confusion in this world. And she conjured up a storm which led to immense floods, it rinsed even the princess in the castle well.
“Maybe Mea can help us to finish with this world.” Gijom had the recollection of those wrong experiences in his memory. The "Pharaoh", a spaceship had landed here on that other planet and now they searched a way back to the spaceship from which they were separated by a cyclone. Marg found this suddenly ridiculous, unsubstantially, however, nodded. She had the feeling to have to pretend constantly, however, the man fascinated them and she decided to handle very softly and tender-feeling with him. Different ideas of her companion  if they disturbed but still: he often imagined that they are both prisoners in this world, why also always. “What should I do then with him?” In thoughts she asked that mind who had derived them. “Is to him a darling, he earns your affection and love if you may.” “And he looks around just after another woman who is thinner than me, blond hair has and certainly spoiltly up to does not go any more?!” “Do not forget your quality: you are able to tangle with God and the world, he loves only you, you should also consider this!”
The water did the princess not to both beings. And this was not probably to be expected also straight away. They did not decide to endure here, although it had been interesting near the magic lake with the mermaids and fairies.

“Moreover, we have to go to Ines, the girl in the other castle.” Marg knew very well who gave her these ideas and why. “Yesterday she has asked us for help.” Gijom stood directly before her, his brown eyes seemed to want to guess each of her thoughts, he smiled softly, almost too softly for a man like him. “Yes, I know, but as to you is known, we may not betray to her the secret of the supposedly everlasting youth because there is not just the everlasting youth, not for them, we do not grow old, also do not die. But how should one explain to the beings?” He considered a moment, then added: ”If we return where in my opinion the spaceship would have to be, or the rests of it. Our companions will wait in the camp quite longingly. "In Marg see recollections mixed experiences with of the sister of an actor with these refine. Yes, she would settle down here, all the same what still approached them, she got used not only slowly to Gijom, she liked him almost immediately. He had a very quiet and sensible kind which kicked off in her one wave of tenderness. . “Ines can wait, now I would not like to wait.” She approached him, enveloped him extremely affectionately and affectionately. All this for what the woman to herself on the other side of the false world longed seemed to come true here. The surprised man to whom up to now his partner had seemed rather chilly cannot be asked long, he spoilt them according to all rules of the art not only with his careful kisses.
They felt no both cold, no heat, these sensations had been taken from them for the protection before the strange fairytale world. “We should at least say Ines that we help her by no means, we may not mix up here a lot, these beings have a right on her independence.” Gijom was exhausted strangely, however, this did not let make a note. Was it possibly his regulation to stand always in the shade of his friend? At the moment he liked it exceptionally, even if he could not explain her mood change to himself.

In a fairytale world like this there were very well also silly as well as very clever beings of all kind. Ines was the silly daughter of a magician who was blest neither with special beauty and also was not immortal because she had fallen out with her mother. One repeated after these both incredible beings Marg and Gijom that they would be immortal not only, but, besides, also any time for the help ready, now: then it was a matter of using this, however, hard. With it Ines had never had problems. Contemptuously she thought about Gijom from which one said, he is maybe a sort of the bodyguard of Marg, but if a being like Gijom stayed almost insignificantly in the background what was this then? He could hold a candle of the Marg which one revered like a goddess, never, all the same on which of the sides of this false world also always.
Now the 3rd day it rained in this part of the world, in the rooms of the castle it moved, Ines also did not have guests any more, since it had got about that she threw of the more often on trifling occasion with objects around herself. If she laughed, one also did not know, which is why generally, then used the fairy tale figures the expression: ”She is far from her thoughts.” What might also mean: she is not as well as she should be real.

Ines could not see these both unapproachable from her position in one of the crystal windows in her castle. Yes, she knew, why she laughed. She had made it to herself the job, it to the beings - to all! - to point, then it would go only after her head. And she would form the life here thrilling and full of suspense. “How in a film?” Ines asked herself, where from the other voice came. “You do not need to search me, I am the mind of the writer who created this world. Yes, it will partially go off here like in a film, but the film was not turned for you - if there should be him - you should do to the human however unreal beings harm, then you can also not return in your other lives any more.” “To other lives? Up to now, nevertheless, one might live only once as a thinking, then as an animal and then as a plant.” “Now, she has decided that there may be several lives considers whether that what you wish is so worthwhile. Maybe you are happier in the next life and are nicer?” The voice laughed a little longer than ordinarily and Ines could also not ask back, because this voice was even more difficult laughing to endure than not laughing. Marg, the majestic? And Gijom, her shade? When would they come, finally?
Marg entered the castle as 1. “If I felt cold, I would think: yes, it could be even colder here absolutely than outdoors. Quite badly heated, or?” Gijom agreed to her, however, when he did not do it sometimes? He froze really, but, nevertheless, could be not really?
Marg felt only irritated by Ines, this audacious girl only, nevertheless, wanted to detain them with this silly wish to get everlasting youth. Though one exchanged politeness, Marg sat down without having asked in the best armchair, while Gijom stood behind her and listened in. It did not disturb him that she led the big word, he loved them for her happiness of deciding, while he knew how to use rest, deliberation and strength. Marg looked so sovereign that it intimidated Ines already by the fact that she drummed only with the fingertips on the material, material which had seen already better days. “If daughter of a magician wants to be and she has such a catchpenny here are lying round.” if she thought. “It gets up a lot for me, highly honoured,” began Ines carefully. You was known that they itself at all in Gijom do not turn needed, not only because he had to say a little, also because he itself with the wish do not fulfil occupied. “I would faster grow old if I do not get these means.” “And this is enough for you, girl to ask for the means? We are able and will not give it to you, you are not worthy enough this By means of.” Nevertheless, Gijom was surprised very much as Marg knew how to handle thus with the words, because she still lied! Marg rose quite comfortably, did not pay attention to the bow by the young beast. “If becomes time that we get away, we should really return, nevertheless, becomes a little bit strenuous if more and more beings have some wishes which one cannot fulfil and wants.”
Also in a false world like this it must go on on the other side, for 2 days the body of the woman lay as lifelessly, but very quietly breathing in the villa of Ralf and his family how one had discussed it. “We not always have there time for, I hold hypnosis for possible, but for you, Ralf.” Amazed he looked at them. “Now you do not think what I think?” “Nevertheless, if it is the same. For 10 minutes I can send you in her world of thought over.” He needed 2 days to decide on it. It resembled for him everything again too much a film, but this life became a little bit too dangerous slowly.
These 10 minutes became for another man, or a being what kept for a man, the horror: before his eyes everything became blurred, in his lines of thought other ideas and images appeared be I released itself, another I took not only this from possession of his mind: his face changed: blue eyes, short brown hair, other features, anyhow attractively, but.
Marg looked at him horrified. “What happens with you?” “You will exactly know who or what I am, why is your mind here in an apparently parallel world without sense? How long want you to steal our time?” “Nobody has asked you to pay attention to my body.” “Am I the reason for the fact that you have released yourself?” “That to which I think with your sight - automatically must think - it would not have needed to travel behind with his mind to somebody because to him my lifeless body became too much.” And she still placed on it: ”What do you mean what you can feel there? Is everything really real or is got to believe in you what?” “I do not understand you.” “Then take here another body to tell me what moves you, but leaves alone him to which I just start to get used.” 10 minutes approached her end, still few seconds his mind looked around, golden and silver it shone from a distance: Ines Schloss who was just entered by a court jester of a prince.
She noted that her new companion awoke like from a brief sleep, he apologised to her, he also does not know why he had been absent. “I anticipate there only what, however, is too early to load you with it.” “There really go forward the things which one cannot explain.” “We should disappear from here, nevertheless, maybe Ines has one more rest magic power in himself, supposes just in such a way.” She got it with the fear to act, a disappearance would be of use a little, because the mind of the other being would find both certainly everywhere, or?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 09/20/2009.


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