Sarah Eschbach


       When David
got older he grew out of his crying, but I never grew out of my illness.
Overtime, like my older brother Matthew, David would react to my illness the
same exact way. It didn’t faze him. No more crying whenever I would threaten to
run away, or saying how much he needed me when I would get at my all time low
and think about ending my life once and for all. No, my little brother grew
tired of my ways and we grew apart.

    I was
hospitalized for a week in a near by mental health program. The day I got out
of the hospital to my surprise there was David parked outside ready to bring me
home. But he didn’t bring me home right away, we went and got ice cream.  My little brother and I will always have this strong
bond and I wouldn’t jeopardize it ever again.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sarah Eschbach.
Published on on 09/21/2009.


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