Iris Feller


Everybody enjoys the holidays
Tear drops are running down my face
Helpless he lies in the bed
His immovableness makes me sad
Suffering seven weeks long
There must be something wrong

Oh Lord, tell me, is there a sense
Behind the hospital fence?
Why must he suffer so many days?
There is less hope in his pale face
Hes such a lovable old man
He wont see the sun rays again
Why dont You take him?
Why do You prolong his suffering?
Why dont You grant him Your mercy?
He needs You, cant You see?

Its strange how many relatives hes got now
Through the seven weeks they didnt share his sorrow
But there he would have needed them all
Nobody visited him, they all let him fall
Now they pretend love at his grave
But thats no proof of being brave
They left him in the lurch
But now they dare go to church


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Iris Feller.
Published on on 05/14/2004.


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