Joseph Trance

"Idiot Stupid Jerk"

When I was a child
in my childish days
I used to speak in anger
and here was the phrase:
"Idiot stupid jerk."

They were three bad words
that came in a cluster,
and were filled with
all the anger I could muster.

It was my way of expressing
hurt and pain, at all the
people who drove me insane..
and that was O.K....because
I was...a child.

Now as an adult
at age fifty and some,
sometimes I think
of that thought-phrase

I think it at people
who anger me now..
it comes with old Batman
images of "Bang, Zap and Pow!"

And while it screams
"Humor," "It's FUNNY.."
I think of the hurting
that it's MEANT to say..

And the face of my Jesus
who hung on the cross..
how would He feel about
these "thought words" I toss?

He hung there for all
of my anger and pain...
for the Kingdom He won
that my soul then did

"Out of the heart,
the mouth does it speak,"
and the thoughts that
we have are sub vocalized

So, Lord, at this moment
I ask, Here my plea,
Forgive the "Stupid Idiot Jerk"
that rises out of me


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 09/28/2009.


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