Meike Schrut

Dream of a woman (7)

The court jester of a prince had fallen in love with Ines, but she itself in him and he also did not know that she would never love him, just his destiny was to be lived unhappily. Tragically for him: he was the mediator between the king of the lake and Ines. Ines wanted to have absolutely everlasting youth and this youth, beauty and everlasting life would even still guarantee the scale from the treasure of the prince - one whispered in the fairyland-. Was this right?

Ines had briefly spoken with the court jester and had applied to him kind regards to his man, the prince. He bowed with his forever melancholy smile and rode on his horse back. He had to go by the wood of 1000 secrets. Every normal fairy tale being had dreadful fear of this area, one even not even came to the nearness of the wood. The horse briefly hesitated, shook the golden mane and then said all at once: “You are very silly if you believe the rumours around the scale, fool. You would have to know if you bring this scale to Ines, you still die on the same day. It means, nevertheless: if you give your luck in foreign hand, your soul will leave you.“ „I have my instructions and maybe I am better in the soul world, anyhow I long to come there, now, however, we ride by the wood, my good companion!“ The enchanted animal neighed sadly and lost countless sweat drops with every hoofbeats. Where always these drops fell down, flowers and strange garish plants grew. If animals and beings sniffed in it they staggered drunk of her ways, there were also animals who died on smelling. Though the fool thought long about what the horse to him to the heart laid, neither, however, fear had to die in the wood nor fear, he smiled furthermore wistfully before himself. In the wood the fairies had stuck on at certain places annual fire, for them fire meant life and it was right even: where the fires were burnt down, everything grew in lightning-speed faster and more admirably.

He saw from distance a miserable hut before which a female figure stood. „Deplorable creature,“ it occurred to him when he approached her, it was a hunchbacked old person who grinned at him, however, disdainfully and changed all at once into a very nice woman, with speaking eyes, to silver hair from those, however, queues out hissed, her almost translucent garment embroidered with pearls fluttered in the upcoming wind. “Turn back, you fool, double fool, the monsters will otherwise destroy you!“ He had never experienced one single monster, nevertheless, he inhabited the castle together with king and prince. Shaking the head he refused and the woman saw that she could not detain him, threatened only: “Your soul will dry up on the other shadow side!“

The horse, vexed by fear, carried off him even faster, he looked round, there the hut rose in blue flames. „Blue flames? This also means nothing good: the soul of this being will donate somewhere else to strife.“ A crazy laughter came over from from somewhere to them.

From Nothing appeared before them a black castle, the fool had to cling even more firmly, his loyal horse could not make way to the columns and walls any more, did bump against it, but it happened nothing.? Invisible forces prevailed here. „One says from foreign beings that then they protect us always when we do not expect it, so also here.“ The horse was detained by a man who asked the fool to give him moments hearing. „We do not come from the other side of the unreal world, our souls are caught here, can penetrate into every body. I admire your courage, fool, but it is a pointless courage, then you bring to Ines the scale, you die and your soul is lost for good, unless.“ He shook annoyingly the head, it was also not allowed to him to preempt to the decisive mind.“ Also your horse is only an execrated prince, however, can not be released by you, rides without fear further, up to the shore where the empire of the sea king begins.“ The man disappeared without other words.

The horse set down him on just that shore and still said: “I leave alone you from here, probably live, because I am not weary of life, yet, you do not bring me the death if we should see again, Adieu!“

The sad fool patted to the animal once again the graceful head, knocked to him gently on the back to the sign that now it is free. He himself approached the very worried lake, jumped in the water and was not surprised at all that he could move like above, his breath went more freely even. To his luck he had a road fork before himself: "Luck", "paradise garden", „way to the castle of the king“.

If he should soon die, he at least even wanted to satisfy his curiosity and decided to take the detour about "luck". He swam peacefully there, however, mermaids and other sea inhabitants did not see often a stranger, gave way horrified aside. One of the guard's fish reached him, snapped at him and pulled him in a nearby cave. „We know everybody about that you would come idiot, to both higher have forbade to Ines to want to attain everlasting youth and there you may also not bring her this scale. But because you are bound of course to your obligations: our latest sea virgin escorts you from here up to the royal castle, but pays attention to your soul, she is because immortal, we will see again on the other side of the light, till then.“ The fish nodded to the sea virgin who packed him in the arm and escorted him. The fool was still completely befogged, not only from the words of the fish, but also from the stench which this guard's fish spread, no miracle that there were here below hardly intruders.

He tried to start an entertainment with the pretty sea child, but, instead, only her soul answered to him: “It was born silently, will be able to speak only in the next life, around is quiet you, and does not make them even more sadly!“ Before the throne room the sea virgin let go his arm, waved once again, disappeared.

On the left and on the right beside the throne he saw old friends: the stinking guard's fish, but twice as largely and it also stank more brutally. The ruler waved over him friendly grinning in himself, the fool buckled after the length on the ground as he had to do it also with his man, here the king knocked to him gently with his sceptre on the arm: “Something like that is not necessary here, poor fool. I have received the prophecy of the uppermost mistress and, therefore, I must give you the scale, so that Ines finds her rest, supposedly, cannot only understand, why you must die for it. However, it is like it is: follow one of the guards in the treasure hall, there you find the scale already.“

Yes, he also found them: she was in a pocket, shone in many colours and when he took in hand them, she burnt to him the meat. “Take this chain, it ties together with the scale and then you will lighter have it.“ The fool acted like him called and put his last way away to Ines who expected him longingly. However, he himself waited for his death which also moved up like a good friend to him: after the fool had sat down exhausted on the castle stairs, the blue eyes closed to him, the ghost of the death moved up smile to him, wrapped him in a green garment, sucked out the immortal soul from him and escorted this in the other shadow world in which also the waiting stayed who kept for real people: Ralf and his sister Anna. The body of the fool disintegrated to gold dust which agile animals brought in a special tower, ironically „to tower of the life“ called.

The horse as a storyteller

A better future was possibly certain to the soul of the fool. While he had to look in the other unreal world for a new body, but which acted just very slowly because this new flighty life was quite a great life, Marg and Gijom met the horse who had carried him. It had given a lot of time to itself, because only the beings which crossed in complete silence the dangerous wood could be sure to reach regardless of up to the neglected property of Ines. Gijom appealed to the horse without shyness, he liked not only animals with pleasure, also rode excellently and anyhow he had there a very pensive being before himself. ”Have you not carried the fool of the prince where is he?” The horse neighed sadly before himself, answered:“ He absolutely seems to want to reach the other side, we have regretted him since the moment in which he stepped in the services of prince and king: he seldom had a quiet minute. Certainly he may look somewhere else now only after himself.” Something in Marg answered to her: ”I hope only that he does not return and brings us to both misfortune.” She had an awful notion where the soul of the fool had got. Ralf and his sister? She already had Ralfs soul in Gijom may experience and was worried before every new not quite welcome surprise.

“On the scale there lies a curse, because she brings big bad luck, one says. But whether that of the truth corresponds, I do not know. Can I come with you? For me there is nothing more to act and, moreover, I know a nice fairy tale.” Gijom expressed the wish to want to ride on him, however, Marg went comfortably beside, the speaking animal seemed to her eerie, it knew to her too much.

Fairy tales of the treasure

Before the horse what could tell, already interrupted Marg: “I think, we are too tired to sound this, or Gijom?“ She expected, actually, no objections, they also did not come. „Lift me please to up, dear, I has every sense of time is lost and is also exhausted I.“ The first one was the truth, the second one a lie, them felt here neither exhaustion nor special joy.

Pleased he put them before himself and dreamily she closed the eyes, the mistress about this world used this moment to send her strange messages.

Marg or that other woman in her saw a small boy of whom everybody took care: it was not Artus from that legend, with it enough: the soul of the king walked from a body in another and from every person became either ruler or at least admiral. „Drops of the noblest blood were poured up to the today to make quite a tallness from him, his soul will choose once again around walk, you are both to make to him the life in the shadow world so pleasantly as possible.“

Startled she tore open the eyes. “Badly dreamt, darlings?” “It was nothing, less than nothing.”

Finally, the well-preserved rests of the spaceship came to view. “May I remain with You?” Gijom agreed, bound the horse to one of the next trees, besides, his partner did not consider. It was as if seemed to him, he must also determine sometimes something. There he heard in himself a warning voice: ”It is not your job to be the decision-maker, do not spoil it for you with me!” Nevertheless, Marg liked it, she smiled at him halting and both visited the accommodation: The log cabins which had been equipped with all possible comfort which was also available in the spaceship.

Gijom lay down to Marg and they fell asleep almost at the same time. The man or the being which kept for a man woke very sudden when the door was torn open and Richard Anderson, Margs `father and doctor of the team came in. “I am sorry that I have woken up you, but I also do not know.” Any more he could not say, snapped helplessly at air, then solidified and his unreal body divided, another being stepped to Gijom. “Do not look at me as if I was a monster what you see, is the soul of an unreal being, a being which was only created, so that she can forget the other.” “Whom then? This here, I throw his picture to this wall, but look fast, forever there does not remain there.” The young man which he saw carried brown short hair which changed, longer became, the face grew old in seconds, the hair disappeared around in another colour to grow, only the blue eyes remained. “She fell in love with this man, however, may not admit it to herself, it is forbidden love, it is the being whose soul was already in king Artus. If you asked them who is he, you would get the answer: “You are so unlike to him as a man to the other can be only unlike, I will always love him, however, nobody ever becomes his names from mine Mouth hear, but it brings to him bad luck...” The picture of a nice man disappeared and the unreal being conjured a message to the wall in garish red characters: ”Attempt not to get out his name you find out him, it brings you here the death and your soul will never reach to Avalon.” “Then there is Avalon really?” “You can call it also the second Avalon, in him not only heroes may stay, but also normal people who never did something bad in her life, but now allows to go me.”

The body of Richard Anderson excluded itself and the doctor inhaled excitedly and. “Has never happened to me which I came and have forgotten what I wanted, actually, or ja:wir expect You tomorrow in the rooms of the spaceship, quite informal breakfast should become.”



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 09/28/2009.


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