Meike Schrut

Wrong thoughts

He would not believe
If he heard
I do not love him
So many women do this supposedly
How they want to love him then
With the body with the soul, with all what they have?
It seems, the word love only wears out
Then it would also hurt him
And many words could not make up for this,
This is why I do not pronounce the word,
I look according to words
To express indescribable feelings how it was with it:
I wished, I could see by your eyes,
Then I would see this world from another perspective
I wished, I could be your lips
Then I tasted more than good wine,
Also I wished to hear with your ears
Then there would be other words, other languages, other tones not only to my dispersion,
It would be also even exciting to smell with your nose,
Then all fragrances of this world could be mine
I would keep thrilling manner, however, my hair my figure, my voice sometimes
The sad shine in your eyes?
I spare him my daring wishes, because
He would not be welcome to me.
Does to me the favour - sometime -
If my soul, my conscience too often loads not all
Yes, I already state
For what I need the love
Because there will not be You for me,
If this word is pointlessly for all time...



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 10/03/2009.


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