Meike Schrut

Dream of a woman (8)

However, itself the lovers had in the early morning thus no desire to appear for a possibly rather dull breakfast and, therefore, they got up rather early, Gijom prepared the horse, raised his partner, swung itself scuffle. This looked very loose everything and smooth and she asked, when he has ridden the last spot, before the trip with the space navigate would have begun. Regretfully he shook the head. “All this what was before it was extinguished oddly enough by my memory and I also do not know whether this becomes for good thus his, but which I can ride, is still included in me.” She did not know whether she should congratulate him for this Without recollection or whether she must be sorry him. Certainly such a thing between both?

The horse interfered without being asked: ”I anticipate where the rules would want there: to Marthe Ericson who lives under the royal castle of the haughty ruler of the wood?” “If you are already so cheeky, gallop loose, only to.” He asked them quietly to hold on only very crudely in him, with this horse one can count on various surprises.

The horse also neighed pleased, started moving first slowly, but the longer both beings on him sat, the faster went the ride. Marg decided to enjoy any minute with the meek Gijom, did feel under his surface 2 hearts.?! Something in her spoke straight away: ”Why are you surprised? What you hear, is not there really, you hear what you want to hear: the heart which he has in himself apparently is that of the being, on the other hand that of his immortal soul to a part.” She shivered suddenly strongly, as she had for some time the feeling to carry 2 hearts in herself.

The castle of the forest king shimmered just once in full brown, the horse explained from himself persuaded: ”The colours do not serve of course the camouflage, according to mood of the ruler this changes, now brown might mean, to him makes no difference of the todays very much.” “You know quite well, friend.” Gijom was guided towards the animal who exactly knew where Marte lived, or where the entrance to her rooms lay: beside the horse stables. “She already expects You, I will look around with the other horses.”

No being detained them when they wanted to rise a slimy looking stair down. It concerned obviously a thinking stair, because the slimy disappeared, after Gijom had done the first step. “We are really expected, dear.” Marg was surprised once more at his peace of mind, it was so very as if he has grown up in this world, not on the other side of the shadow world. “There you are, yes, your sweetness.” A very bright voice received them and a very agile woman approached them. Marte smiled.

“The horse has.” “Yes, I know, the horse got from me the order to lead You here and I immediately say You why.” Marte waved they friendly in her bright rooms. “The light which you see comes directly from the reflecting world, here it is always a day, always summery warmly.” Marte saw the astonishment of both beings and offered to them place on 2 floating soft armchairs into which they sank like on soft feathers. “Then I want to explain to You the sense of this world, does not ask occasionally, I often do not have to answer the patience immediately.” And she began.

“Now 10 years ago happened something strange: a human person whose name everybody knows which, however, one never dares to finish speaking - yes, I know also this sounds famously - had an odd dream of a filmland in which she visit agreed from the man who controlled all her thoughts. What she did not know: here in this shadow world of the unwritten stories her dreams became at the same moment true, so strangely and incorrectly they also seemed always. When she got this, it was for the man whom she revered already too late: when he died, he not even knew, why he had to die too early and since that time his soul wanders around somewhere between the worlds, however, it was condemned to live forever. But she lives locked up in various figure: sometimes as an animal, sometimes as a plant, never as a real person on the honest side of the life. From whom condemns? On Avalon 2 live other fairies which exactly examine everything what happens on earth, all the same in which world: Reflecting world, shadow worlds and many still uninvestigated unreal worlds which exist invisibly from whose existence also I get here below often what. Which sense my life has now? This person who was condemned created me from nothing but desperation. Before she would change once again between the figure of a death bringer and a water nymph you left the fairies a rest as an elf and they an empty book visited me in such a way, in the hand. I got from her the order (then we everybody, except the fairies from Avalon, are obliged to obey her!) to control the book, a being may not be condemned twice to the suffering.

Here very much you the book.” Marte got an immense volume from one of the shelves in which many bottles, little dozings and droll figures were lying round. “We have the 23rd day in the 4th month, 10th year in the empire of the unwritten stories. The fool changed in another shadow world over and now thinks again, from him would soon become a right person, you, Marg will not return so fast in this shadow world, like you also Gijom, yes, even you are not no one, right people grow old, but see please here.” Marte brought out another book, stories about really existing people of the right world, indeed, stories from the future of those people. “If we turn the leaves back in 1940, pursues his curriculum vitae and you will recognise yourself, you are not he, but she has decided that you should always look as if it were 24 years, her kind of her Admiration. Now 1962.” Marte leafed whispering, then tapped on a place. “Exactly between the years 1993 and 2005 something happened what both people could not take, it connected her life tragically, they not even anticipated something.” Here the door was opened all at once and 2 almost transparent admirably clad beings entered, the man apologised, wanted to go again. “Remains only, I had already expected You only not now.” The soul of a very famous ruler and the soul of his lovers bowed halting also to Marg and Gijom.

These both figures from England of the long dating back century dealt a moment with themselves, Marte suddenly smiled, whispered to Gijom and his partner: ”Actually, they came on the headword exactly, you will have recognised them surely immediately: yes, she was the lover whom he never forgot who gave to him a son from this line he is descended whose names we here do not want to mention.” “I correct you only reluctantly Marte,” the king interfered sadly.” when I was still young, maybe 16 or 17 years, I have followed many young women and have also provided for the fact that they would get a child. He comes from a line which originated, because I did not want to control myself: sometime the easy nobility and the centuries mixed also did not change: yes, one could say if he had been born at my time, I would have recognised him with joys as a son, I have pursued his life with pride and have also tried to meet his soul, unfortunately, has never succeeded me.” “And, besides, there should also remain, o king. Why his soul should believe you, it does not disturb, but it never finds the way to Avalon 2.”

Marte could never stop from seeing the original people in the souls of the beings, for it the ruler also never lost his boldness and also cheek. Marg interested him very much, because she also reminded Gijom of a figure from one of his former lives: very slender, largely, shining black hair and blue eyes and wittily if it depended on it. However, at the moment it depended for Marg on making way to the more and more covetous becoming looks of the former king: he was too thick to her, too audacious, too old, the whole opposite of her friend. The king had only one advantage: he did not forget the fights and challenging and he could still fight.

How did the hours pass by? Nobody knew about that, nobody asked for the time. While the female people talked lively after the meals which one took when someone felt afterwards, both male beings could have a look only lurking, Gijom got itself with how he looked at the king estimating, he thought: ”Yes, before you one may have had while still alive all necessary respect, but today? Do not hope sometimes for you that you would like to win Marg for yourself.” Gijom had no notion that a privilege had been permitted to the soul of the king: he might eavesdrop, whenever he wanted it, on the thoughts of other souls what he did with pleasure. The king smiled at him challenging, asked: ”Marg interests me very well, so much, that I them best as mine 2. Lovers on my castle would take.” “Does not permit to you too much, old man!” Gijom was not able to do his reactions all at once any more control, he lasted after one of the swords which hung, actually, only to the adornment on the wall, the king laughed pleased, also pulled his sword and they delivered a little bit unequal duel to themselves: the king had also used as a soul every free time to challenge his opponents what was quite brainless. Since either the souls floated in another shadow world to come again soon, or one injured himself slightly. These souls felt such a kind of phantom pain: if they wanted to feel with pleasure like person and feel, it was permitted to them if not, fights were absolutely senseless. Most souls decided on almost honestly active fights in which they might feel like person. Gijom and the king had exchanged itself ideally quick as a flash, everybody preferred it to feel how a real man not only to resign itself, but also if necessary, injuries, but when was this necessary?

Before Marte, Marg or the distraught lover of a king could go in between, the weasel-agile king had already injured the partner of Marg that to him blue blood ran out of the side. Surprised he pressed shut to himself the place something, so much - was it removed, actually - should the king not wound him, but which ruler already holds his word, even if it only was intended?

In any other world an assistant was there immediately, here.? Marte was observed by nobody, she sent a quick prayer to the omnipotent fairies and they seemed to have heard them straight away: the door opened and a 1.80-m-man, or a being what looked like one joined to them and looked immediately after Gijom to which it did not go well at all. Oddly enough the arrival knew what he like dealt. “Who is this?” asked Marg which calmed her companion warily when he wanted to say something.

The arrival did not answer first of all, sewed to him without numbing the wound and Gijom no pain also felt, he had become only furious. “This holds absolutely up to the next foolhardiness, friend and colleague.” Marte looked at the new confused, numb and bowed so as it in ancient times the servants had acted before a Pharaoh. “Only one may forgive, if we for you not immediately recognised.”

If one was striking in him, it was his melancholy look. Even if he seemed cheerful, the strange sadness of his soul had provided already while still alive for some whirl. Now he shook his deep brown mane, smiled so softly that Marg felt very unsafe, also to the other female beings it did not go out differently. He became only very slightly irritating when he said:

“I do not know, why one entitles to me here in such a way, too much honour for me. When my soul separated before about 10 or even to 11 years from the body, I did not know what happened round me, as in the unreal filmland one treated me so obliging that I could nowhere feel at home. Because, however, also an immortal society needs, I tried to help. If my face also tried to change what is permitted to other beings, me, however, not. Somebody explained to me - and this Somebody eavesdrops on every thought, knows about all things - I would look in such a way as if I was 40 years old forever. If I wished it, I should only say it and one would give me not only another and appearance very youthful then, after other 100 years here I would reincarnate than person in the honest world. Still I have decided to no variation, first I would like to get out, why at that time my life was finished so suddenly. .” “One does not call You wrongfully Only one, once your soul was also in a Pharaoh, before she proceeded on another trip. It is better, you know nothing about that person to whom one gave the title "Indescribable", she would like to make up for this what she believed to have done You at that time, any more is to be said me not permissibly.” Marte made way to his examining look, his blue eyes had never lost her watchfulness, at least he had already wished a smooth face what demonstrated him scarcely more than 30 years, now he had never admitted vanity to itself, but in the soul world everybody felt Scooped highly honoured by his presence, he was not always direct and recognizable straight away, (also doubles of him lived in the soul world) then long ago every being did not know the history of his life. And slowly it flattered him to be treated deferentially like a prince. Cheerfully he could be only rare. And this was possibly to be looked like a curse...



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 10/04/2009.


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