Meike Schrut

Dream of a woman (13)

"Vinc" as a subtitle

“This is only a supposition, I did not have more time to be able to be common with him.“ “Everything what they acted, was her own will, have not liked I thus, but I allowed to make you, was about one mistake? Wanted they to be trained more?” “I do not know it, no more, I could not anticipate his reaction, but I would have concluded the door of the room in which I slept, but there was also no key.” “You mean when he laid the arm around you?” He nodded, went a little bit sadly to and fro and also knew how to start with this sensation a little. What did him then emotionally with his other I connect? “I can say you what connects you in kind absolutely devastating for you, because of what I must inform you now, is difficult to understand, to take even heavier if one as feels as you.” “Then fast out with it!”

She also got up, saw in any the flickering monitor, from which to one of the mirrors shining out from the inside. No, she did not want to recognise something certain, her look was empty when she explained:

“Now Ralf feels already very differently than ever before, not only this: actually, he is not able any more to work 3 days one after the other, his tiredness becomes with that Time still increase, does not want to hope that he does not awake sometime at all from a sleep, no, he does not die, but. Actually, I would have to intervene, because this is fine it what you expect from me, or?” “If you want this and are able?” “It is the world of the really existing people and I am afraid already around this world, I can try it, nevertheless, wait.” She moved up to a map which showed only the area of the cardboard town and tapped at random on a spot.“ Here I allow to project in a part of the real world, he will think, he is still in his town and is steered by me there to devote himself to quite a certain work on a film: he is so put on that he will wish nothing at all other to play one of the leading roles and he also has to do this. I do not want to make easy it for him in such a way, therefore, another really existing star is also channelled in this filmland and also this does not notice immediately where he is. They Roffe will look after these both men, all the same as they create this, however, I am they Director and helps you.” “Honestly?” “Yes, quite honestly.” Then honesty was her biggest problem, she loved to be deceptive exceptionally, to dissemble, to make makabere jokes and then to look with relish at the final result, up to now only with the beings in which though immortal souls were at home which, however, could exist at least 50-100 years only in the imagination worlds before they strove in the human world. “Will I recognise the other famous man easily or hard?” “Easily, very easily, here.” The monitor switched on one you, whispered a saying - (which just caused the same, as if a person must search awkwardly cassettes, CD `see or Blue ray discs and insert, here everything happened on shout or by whisper) and the film clip shimmered about the ground-glass plate.“ Night of the adventures”, they had forgotten the year of the origin, to her there mattered only the actor of the panel beater. Briefly, however, intensely, anyhow lovely meeting with a small girl which fan of the God Thor is and HE is level in such a way, as she fancied him: hard, with blond hair and a very nice face, slender. “Does not fit so completely.” She remembered - of course - also on the earth some years had gone to the country. “Now this is he...” And the cutting of a crime film part ran off, the same man, older, more robustly, more hard, and he seemed to be bigger, he was not natural, but his presence was new, quite differents. His quite slightly grey hair and in the face a not very cultivated beard at the moment. ”You will experience, that they Bystanders at him stare, because people are surrounded in this world by a flickering light, so that the beings know it and understand. May be, they bring automatically because they react rather indifferently, also my will, so that they do not suffer, but one can never know.” “How should I call him?” “Vinc.” “In such a way, I believe, is not only his nickname, he is called also in the friend's circle and family circle.” “Does he become.?” Now she laughed a little bit uncertainly. “We will find out this, I can steer people also here and control in every detail, but only I must also see how he behaves: whether he resembles the people whom he plays or whether his character is so completely different. If he is fast raised, we have to persuade it hard him, however, he does not join in: alone he does not find the way on the other side and spins possibly, nobody wants.” “Can already introduce to me that it could be also exciting for full of suspense and more perversely wise to experience this with.” However, this he thought to the care only and this time it could not receive his thoughts what she irritated only one moment.

“When will Ralf and Vinc arrive?” “I must prepare patience, because this world, people like many different colours, it must allow to I only start, assistant. has luckily”

These specialists copied in the PC just that part of an American filmland, everything had to tune few kilometres only, but there.Nun few 1000 kilometres from quite a certain position and this all around. Vinc and also Ralf should find the way just immediately about this ready simulated world, because they knew them very well. Her cameras still caught the Hollywood sign and because only at the end the case might be, she was contented. “Unfortunately, this town is still more nicely than means, but if it is around.” It was annoyed only slightly, her newspaper men confirmed to her: the beings pretended over and over again to be right people and if they were near to lose the version because they just got that they could not just be, she adjusted the soul transit: took from this or that being the recollections, the respective soul sent in the other world and heavy heart even prematurely on the other side of the mirrors...

What passed meanwhile with Ralf? To him it fell heavier and heavier to breathe, to him sometimes became so dizzy that he almost tipped over and he did not sleep at night 10 hours as before 6 or 8th hunger feeling he edged out, he drank more, even if no alcohol. Then there it was the highest time when he found himself one morning though in his room, but an internal voice made him travel to a certain place.

He had not been forever here and because he was too tired again a little bit, struck him Vinc only when this welcomed him friendly and asked whether he is also invited to take part in an informal casting. “Yes, yesterday the communication has agreed.” This time Marte Ericson wrote these texts and the boss of the filmland to the men - SHE - got it, however, felt for different reasons fear. Marte, the often present magician (however, invisible) had asked them to keep for a while out if she wants to do no harm to the beings. The soul transit had led to some confusion on the human side. Children more and more often remembered an enchanting world before her birth, thus incredibly that the parents there did not come along any more, to a slow one are moved of the little ones thought...

Roffe looked around worriedly for Vinc and Ralf, Ralf recognised him very sudden, hurried beaming with delight to him, embraced him brotherly what disconcerted to Vinc, nevertheless, very much. Nevertheless, he did not know Ralf in such a way, was mostly too reserved. Ralf laughed when he looked at Vinc how he shook the head. “No, not what you think, I call him with pleasure my better one I because he resembles me and we handle brotherly with each other.” Roffe more exactly looked at Ralf and saw follower: Ralf `see face was too pale, he had perceived a very light shivering with the embrace and Ralf also spoke with interruptions. Was it so bad?

But because the other man looked around slowly critically as if he looks for mistakes in these surroundings, Roffe asked him bluntly:

“How do you feel, Vinc?” The strong giant smiled pleased. Who handled quite carefully with him. Ordinarily everybody accepted, he would always feel well on it. “Cannot complain, but do you not perceive also the flowery smell? Must be new, but becomes this even stronger, I vomit.” He had at the moment a weak stomach, he hid as a precaution, he discussed such little things with no human soul. He felt in his coat pocket, searched tablets and found none. He could repulse the climbing up panic in him only with played casualness.

The sentences caused that one world of the fairy tale figures had to be separated even stronger, because, only hence, this air blew. Over and over again there originated there new plants and these other aromas streamed out, more hard, flowery than one was able to fancy a perfume. But also more terribly: a chemical factory was nothing against smells which sometimes blew near: stinking like a Cloake, then again like a strong cleaning agent, liquid manure... The plants in which the soul of people or beings had gone in defended themselves in this way, these plants blossomed without respite to dry up incapable.

When the glass bonnet had completely stretched around the cardboard town part, the general air on the best one neutralised itself. But Ralf felt how to him the ground threatened to break under the feet away.

Before Roffe could do something, sent Marte Vinc some kilometres farther where the casting was in full way and appeared even on the image plane. “File please your jacket and your shirt, Roffe.” "Why?" “question not, it simply acts.” He had hardly bared his upper part of the body when it took a sharp object which seized invisible cover and cut a hole in. Then she pushed Ralf so close in Roffe near that Ralf could stand exactly in this resulted gap.

“Close please the eyes and say me immediately if to you becomes dizzy, Roffe.” He nodded and allowed that now parts of his inside were able back to the originator, this maybe lasted 5-6 minutes, then had recovered not only Ralf, also Roffe felt a little bit dizzy. “What happened?” “Better, we say him the full truth.” You did it during everybody to three to the place hurried where already Vince had joined. The Hühne badly managed with the fact that was whispered round him that one stared at him and he said a little bit nothing but, almost quite aggressive as artificial: ”Yes, I am this man, but as you see, I must fancy also over and over again and now I also do not give autographs.” Marte and also THEY whom curiously on the edge the events pursued took down secretly this trait: “Feels fast irritated, would like to hold fans certainly also colleagues apparently with pleasure on distance.”

SHE handed over Marte even very with reluctance the direction to the ominous film which it only wanted to produce to help Vinc and Heaping and particularly Ralf, in the human world it could be often complicated like that and HERE existed no hard drugs, also people could hard approach the drugs which made easier the fickle life in the false world to them. And why had she closed the names Ralf and Vinc in her heart, although she felt nothing for those men? In her inside monstrous pictures from the subconsciousness dived over and over again grazile, then, however, high: “The big food”-La grandee Bouffe- with the magnificent actors who had preferred strangely enough to let use her names from the private life in the film for what this? The action itself amused them in common kind, suicide rejected them, but strong pictures also anyway fascinated them. Here she had not disfigured the names of the actors completely and also from the appearance one foresaw if she fancied. Should she create even more imagination figures which resembled the originals like an egg to the other?

Marte had escaped that Vinc looked more and more nervously for drugs which he carried in the eve still on himself, always ready if he wanted to suppress upcoming feeling of sickness, dizzy spells. Somebody had still urgently got to him shortly before to visit a doctor, this had annoyed him so much that he swung and gave him a strong box on the ears. “I am not ill, has worked only too much, only the everlasting tiredness disturbs me.” Marte was pulled by HER on the side what they would have to discuss, only she would begin currently.
“Could you not anticipate that he has mental problems which threaten to destroy more and more also his body?” “I did not have the time to check him by.” “This time would have been necessary for him, we should observe him here as intensely as Roffe and Ralf?” “Now apparently we have this new problem, I will ask some assistants to help us.” “You make this mistake and I should still raise understanding for you?” Marte scrutinised the soul of the young woman distrustfully, then annoyingly, thought: “You are able to do nothing for the fact, that your core it was destroyed long prematurely, you still know name, are enthusiastic in her sound, however, the real people interest you still less than.” Marte admitted itself that also it had delighted this choice of the immense man who should play now a orderly .  She had disregarded his private life which was at the moment of so full contradictions. He depended on drugs almost, he would not probably have to play the half maniac, it would apparently soon be he here? 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 10/24/2009.


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