Meike Schrut

Broken dreams

Is everything not what we see and only one dream within a dream seem? 


Because I absolutely wanted to take this subtitle, he stands here. Edgar Allan Poe has put the question and because I am a fan of his creepy stories, I dedicate a part of my stories to him.

Experimental - I also understand by it: there I mix sometimes the history around a film which one could turn fictitiously with the construction of a screenplay as I would write him. Frame action forms follower: Two men talk about who could take over of which both roles. The year is as fictive, but, perhaps, emergent resemblances to still living people are not wanted neither by chance yet. What is, by the way, a parody? Could one call this story with good conscience so? I mean here only the positive factors, because would mock I neither living persons nor dead people.

Theatre in London - camera journey to one of the open high windows,                                 
                      Man withdraws from the window in the room.

Scene                                                                                              place time of day

    1                                                                     INSIDE - space in the theatre - MEET

                 RALF the gigantic mirror, stands before the chest of drawers, on the           
                 Man props himself up a little bit exhausted, it was an end of the image and he 
                 with something again not contently, although it, actually, no reason    
                 for doubt would give. It was not the text, rather his facial play, to him              
                 imperfectly his play almost everyday seems as imperfect as he 
                 feels. Dangerous sensation for an actor, because: 
                 nobody is perfect.

                                                                         Voice of the narrator off-screen
                 "And again an evening in the view which begin maybe boringly  
                 would be able, comes to an end boringly and the night Ralf also does not position himself  
                 intoxicating and interesting before, has to like he finds no reason. 
                 Something loads him, he does not know how to arrange it exactly and, as usual, 
                 if he exactly cannot grasp a little bit, uncontrollable fury packs him 
                 on himself."

                 (the narrator speaks, while the camera to himself always 
                  more on the face of the man concentrated, to only his eyes 
                  in the picture are. Camera shows the eyes of the man, to itself down 
                  incline, he shakes annoyingly the head, reaches behind himself and wants one 
                  grinning stone divinity (Loki) in the mirror smash, when it 

                  (eases about the disturbance)
                       "Always only in...!"

                  Door opens a little bit too carefully which peeps head one of his employees  
                  almost anxiously out.

                             (timidly questioningly)
                   "May I really interfere?"                 

                   Ralf smiles very peculiarly, cheerfully also almost irritated by the excessive one  
                   Care, cautiousness him surrounding without turning round he waves to him    
                   Employee to himself.

                    "What is then thus important?"

                    " There a person means you of what interesting to have to inform."

                     Ralf makes only briefly surprised his grimace, he is too tired, around now a lot 
                     to want to know.

                      " Lot already, man: is this person there personally or what?"

                      Employee shakes nervously the head, hands over a package to him, wants to go.
                      Ralf would have detained him, however, deals internally already with the package and  
                      asks itself what there who allowed to block. Then he recognises by the writing the sender  
                      and be improved delighted smiling drawn face, he knows, who  
                      turns to him.

                      Ralf goes together with package to the table, sits down before it and the camera shows one 
                      Moment ago, as the hands of the man tear off the packaging, 2 folders 
                      finally, lie before the actor, a letter strikes him, this stuck up to now 
                      between both folders. Ralf opens first the letter and reads. It sounds 
                      the voice of a woman off-screen, that woman who sent the package.

                      OUT OF VISION Voice of the woman, as Ralf perceives them in his thought

                    "Dear Ralf, is quite quite long, since I turned to the last spot to you,
                     would be thanked warmly for the correspondence from the heights of the fame - you know,   
                     how  I mean it: rather mockingly, because possibly you are not to be envied, where you him
                     every day can see official or has to go. And I am too much a woman, around myself
                     to be able to introduce, like the amicable feelings of a man, how you one 
                     is look if you look at him. Is though itself actor and still he trusts you so much that he leaves    
                     the  choice to you what he could play as a next one?
                     Of course I turn to you and not to him, he would only think, it would go for me
                     around a-Pardon - ridiculous autograph. Why a man with thus to one
                     insignificant wish bother. Writing does not state this what expresses his face,
                     this is more than I can write down now on the quickness. Forgive to me means
                     suppressed romance, you are surely often a witness, how many female fan his
                     Nearness search, a nearness which can be frightening. Now, however, to the questions, 
                     which   you   to me had, supposes, they come, actually, from him, if he sometimes only
                     honest answer wants to have, neither abusive nor flattering (we Germans
                     call with pleasure arse-bootlicking, and I have read sometimes, that he very well fun
                     has in crude expressions, interruptions during interviews says there too much from.)
                     should come along: asks you and knows from his deepest inside: the answers
                     can come only from a woman who is happily in another respect and
                     has only him as an actor before eyes and not, primarily, the man. See me
                     off the shown events and has me during the last 3 months only surprise
                     are able. Would like to call to you different examples where I accept, he would become
                     maybe shake the head. I would never write that I love him. Remember
                     to one of my poems in which I turn to other women, in which I
                     in my kind the word love takes apart, it means for me, actually, a little
                     to nothing at all, because the word love one has too often stepped in the dirt, you know
                     what I mean. Examples with the help of the films in which I saw him up to now and I call
                     to you also immediately reasons, why I just see a film under no circumstances


                    "The woman is entitled in narrow contact with Ralf whom you trust, them point-blank
                     understand gives how she is in habit to see his employer."

                   Ralf rises, cooks to himself a coffee and this time sits down on the wide sofa.
                   Although the eyes threaten to close to him over and over again, actually, he would become with
                   pleasure him  Letter read to an end.

                                                                 Out of vision voice of the letter writer

                  "I hope, now you do not try to read the letter on one day. I also have to me  
                   on several days of time for the writing taken and you knows, how with pleasure I 
                  write, the screenplay scenes go for me by far heavier from the hand than you think. 
                   Already wanted to ask you: take to you my book and write itself the screenplay, if 
                   he would like to have it absolutely. The figure of the Vinc interests him burning? Would become 
                   however, mean: he would have to increase to weight and a little bit more in muscle mass, so 
                   if I went off either to want to see him as a Vinc, or for him especially this 
                   Appearance of the Vinc change. What will be exceptionally difficult for me, how you 
                   knows, I have developed a weakness for V. (type from remake “The cell), and have myself
                   later surprises how he changed from the face and from the body. But R. should act 
                   or leave what he wants. Vinc against R.wobei you yourself could be this Ralf, how to me 
                   it occurred. I had written Ralf because I read to the names Ralph just in such a way, as he him 
                   may hear not really. And my headstrong kind would do him to the rage, 
                   therefore, he must not find out zuviele details from just this letter, promise it to me.
                   Now to the films, remake has: Nevertheless, "Spider" (are 20 years since the original!) yet    
                   cannot see, but already few scenes from the trailers and the cuttings with Youtube have caused 
                   that I have howled like a castle dog and it was no releasing howl, he comes along so
                   wretchedly   that I automatically asked myself: “What is if it goes for him privately as 
                   rottenly.”     Does a fan feel in such a way, may he feel so? I had to ascertain - in forums - that 
                   there are fans, rather strangely write . Certainly: though they want to seem to be everybody no
                   child of him, however, far away them not. If such a fan must be, I want to be furthermore an
                   only neutral viewer and you may suppose that I must be though occasionally a feeling woman,
                   however, if I films considers, I say myself behind: “Now, was only played and it felt well, very
                   well.” Also the so-called flops have not interested me up to now yet, sends me please the "bird",
                   the first film should have been with him, then I will inform you how much heart pain there
                   perhaps was necessary or how much almost not enough.

                                                                   INSIDE - space in the theatre - late afternoon
2                                                                      RALF
                   "I will purely maybe stretch the whole letter in the course of the evening."       

                    He rises, takes the letter, however, leaves both folders, this extinguishes  
                    Light and draws in the anteroom his coat, goes with a taxi home

3                                                                 INSIDE - ROOM - EVENING
                     "Though Ralf had already supposed of the more often, that to have them the 2nd face  
                      seems, but he had to be persuaded only painfully of it, when they 
                      predicted: ”If he wants to succeed in this film, he had to do him differently 
                      play.” Ralf knew, if to himself Ralph van den Bergen first of all in a certain kind of her 
                      Representation virtually had "scored", one might not interrupt him, besides 
                      and what had happened? Exactly this film became a such flop, that R. 
                      no need had to express itself in addition before the press, but R. would have to him nobody 
                      Word believed if he had drivelled what of a warning R. did not stand with 
                      still he believed some minds in connection in extrasensory, very much to 
                      Grief beings for Ralf who always suffered with, when R. just no real success 

                     Ralf trims, when he after the dinner folder and the letter with to himself in the bed 
                     wanted to take, to his preferential place for reading of all kind. Dung, he had that 
                     Folders forget.

                     So he closes himself the 2nd time on the way in the theatre, enters his space,  
                     to him, however, also R. Admission has. And, unfortunately, there is Ralph van den Bergen. 
                     just in this space,  
                     when Ralf in sprinted comes.

4                                                                    INSIDE - space in the theatre - evening
                    "Did not know at all, that it you after a long morning, midday and also 
                     still afterwards again would drive to get?
                     "You would have found out the contents still early enough, she has called it draughts, 
                      if she probably sent me in hope, I bring in there more swing.

                                                                           (only a half calmed)
                      " What you do not say, it would be very embarrassing for You to both turtledoves, if  
                         I me purely according to hobby of course only of the thing accepts?"

                         Ralf anticipates that it will have little sense to hold the colleague from it, 
                         to throw one or several looks in the draughts and leaves alone him, there 
                         R. holds anyhow already the folders in the hands.
                         To both men makes no difference how late it is, they sit down towards: R. on
                         the sofa, Ralf in the wide soft armchair. 
                         R. reads in one folder on which stands into English language: Thoughts 
                         to the preliminary work for the “other side of the light”

                                                                (quiet before himself speaking)
                         "Dear Ralf, it avoids around sky will, that he the letter in the fingers  
                          agrees, I do not want myself thousand times for my opinion about his 
                          Role creations must excuse. Attempts to him after best one 
                          Of conscience to talk out the Vinc, it would turn to me the heart, him again 
                          to see suffering playfully and I know very well, which self-destructive 
                          By virtue of in him is. The drug type Vinc is contradictory very well, but 
                          how somebody was in habit to say sometimes: ”Scenes recur - or - one 
                          if everything has already seen.” Correct me, if I crazily. As well as I Vinc 
                          in both draughts before me has written, if what was for 
                          I would never write our Vincent, but to him, his huge one 
                         Appearance would make fear to me privately rather, the type has such a thing, what 
                         R. unfortunately, could not express."

                not exactly amused when he pass the last sentence to one more revue 
                         leaves. Besides, interested him up to now, what some other people 
                         felt if they saw suffering him emotionally or physically? Nevertheless, it is 
                         not my right life, R. thinks amused and the figure of the Vinc moves 
                         him magically in.

                                                                (in a low voice demanding)
                         " If I had enough time, I would become to myself the role 
                           Drug types on the body write, but one is able to do only one: play - 
                           properly, or write - properly, I hope, she further writes, I want this 
                           absolutely have and tomorrow I would like to hold the letter in the hands, 
                           apparently he belongs to it."

                         Ralf knows that he must hand over willy nilly the letter, it reaches to him 
                         Hand for the discharge

                                                             (quietly, more conciliatorily)

                          " After we have cleared this, I am able to do you by my carriage 
                            take, sets down you with you and: yes, we would be able to do the letter from yours 
                            Flat get. "

                           "    Ralf anticipates, why R. would credit him, the maybe deciding ones 
                                Tip for the screenplay (he does not doubt that it is a ready one) 
                                to destroy "by mistake". Mistrust hears to R. `see life normally 
                                in addition like to other people take a usual breath.  "

Scene ends with it, as both men in a carriage (VW make)

5                                     INSIDE - vehicle inside - EVENING

                           “   Come along about what I could possibly think, no thoughts.
                                Doubt anyhow, that a stranger itself seriously with it
                                puts apart which feelings I have what I think how I think
                                had to go as I should play.  ”

                                R. if the radio, perfectly from a CD switches on the classical music, which he in
                                "Reader" during the journey had to hear. He sees amused, how Ralf
                                unnerves and groaning makes the grimace.

                           "   Of course it feels well that R. cannot hear the thoughts from Ralf.  "

                                                                                       Ralfs voice off-screen
                           "   This is apparently another method of the punishment: the same one
                               nerve-killing music of the CD:Klassik in the purest form. If the type with me knows
                               or even with himself no compassion, he needs this? He should hear classical period  
                               this,  nevertheless, at home...  "

                               Ralf sees another CD "Native American Flute Music" in the field.

                                                                                       Ralfs voice off-screen

                           „  This? Why not, but as I know him, besides, he can be relaxing only moderately, 
                               he cannot always need the sad also.  “

                           "   I do not want to think at the moment about music, she also does not have to do me 
                               put to sleep or make drowsy.  "

                               Ralf promises there rather nothing, his colleague has shade among him once again 
                               Eyes, sleeping lack or much unnecessary stress.

                               Carriage holds in the settlement in which Ralf lives.

6                                     OUTSIDE - before the house - evening

                               R. suddenly hesitates, then follows him 
                               but still.

                                                                                        R.` see voice off-screen
                           "How embarrassingly must I come across then? If both folders are not enough for me, 
                            possibly contain a screenplay, what neither ready nor till then well 
                            is structured? What does have to do the letter? If I have to go around the letter please
                            and  he  him do not give to me because they are maybe very good friends, everything
                            do write? Why I break him of somebody private sphere generally?! How had
                            they him immediately asked? At any price to give me of the world the letter?"

                                                                           (very uncertainly)
                           "I still had to clear up no time, knows, how much you love order, but
                           could I know that you come?"

                               They enter both the house which Ralf alone inhabits.


Parody (in Greek  parōdía "countersong" or „shifts chanted song“) the distorting, exaggerating or mocking imitation of a known work or a prominent person calls and though the form or (with people) typical behaviour patterns are maintained, but another, in addition suitable contents does not put under becomes. A humorous effect originates from the clear divergence built up it compared with the known original. A parody does not need to have compelling mocking character, she can walk along even with a homage.

I have already "let down" my personal remark: no mockery, rather a sort of "how should describe one unbelievable."
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 10/28/2009.


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