Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (3)

Scene                                                               where - exactly where - time of day

9                            Ralf nods and takes away both texts from the colleague, she wants to tear, Ralph    
                              shakes  the head.

                             “Yes, I still trust you, however, I will get in contact during the next days even with her 
                               whether she has used now white or black magic is to me no matter. She must have 
                               tapped some springs, whether from the time about 20 years ago or the time before.....”

                               Ralf has not escaped, Ralph spoke more and more hesitantly. Did R. believe more than 
                               he wanted to admit?

                             "Let from me in the other room bring, you urgently need sleep, does not want to  
                              know  at  all how many hours you have renounced at the last nights this."


                             "So I am not weakly, nevertheless...."

                              Ralf lets him get up only and jumps here when Ralph loses the balance. He must pull the 
                              possibly immediately tallness and also like gravity laboriously to the opened couch on 
                              which, actually, he wanted to sleep.

 10                                                                   INSIDE - ROOM - MEET

                              RALPH laboriously awakes, almost it is one to itself come. Uneasy he recognises that 
                              this dizzy spell a shot must have been before the bug. Instead of sparing itself, he slowly 
                              rises, even if with difficulty, dresses, eats only very little, around the colleague finally      
                              who  had fallen asleep on the armchair to leave the following slip of paper:

                             “Is sorry me very much that I have caused so many inconveniences to you, you will find  
                              me in the theatre, needs for the distraction, see you soon.”

                             “Of course Ralph also wanted to avoid that Ralf of too much fuss made around his 
                               weakness, informed about one doctor. He held what attacked to him, not further for 

                              RALF awakes about 2 hours after Ralph left, looks around searching round his house, 
                              does not find this and thinks quietly for himself: “Nevertheless, the type spins, can one 
                              help him generally still?”

                                                                        Ralfs voice off-screen
                             “If he continues in such a way, it is directed sooner or later to reason, is not though my  
                              problem, however has be of property that he is away. Oh, he has taken the letter, but 
                              leaves me even both folders here. Besides, the long letter would have been very 
                              important to me, will I ask them to fax to me him the 2nd time or to mail, she certainly 
                              has nothing against it?”

11                                                  Other place somewhere in Germany
                                                                        INSIDE - ROOM - MEET

                              Madleine, the letter friend of Ralf gets up about 11 o'clock.

                                                                        THEIRS IS RIGHT off-screen
                             “A miracle that I could sleep with sleeping tablet now I has taken even one and not 2, as 
                               I do it from silly habit, otherwise. What may be wrong only with Ralf and Ralph? I had 
                               already forgotten the "Sunshine" history, for me it was clear, with the help of which the 
                               press photos which were passed to me that there shortly what will happen: one reads 
                               almost everything, nevertheless, from faces, although...”

                             “However, Madleine had only dreamt a lot of that what happened just really, her maps 
                               had conferred with, looked in her and other horoscope, had visited even her friends 
                               who  were also wandered spiritually. Together they had looked at the constellations of 
                               the stars. And a board was used what was seldom applied: with candle-light and at 
                               dead of night they had crouched with a glass about the figures and symbols and finally 
                               in  the future an amount of evil see coming up to Ralph and Ralf, but as this evil should 
                               look which were able to do foretellers, did not want to see it or were not able to  
                               interpret seen: what they saw, was a mystic world in which film determines the life of all 

                               Madleine moves up to the PC, opens her e-mail account and: of course Ralf again, her 
                               best friend to whom she is able to think very affectionately all the other men despises 
                               them anyhow, must deal with her previous lives.

                                                            (quiet before himself under one's breath)
                             “Nevertheless, is anyhow an idiot of quite special kind, dear Ralf. Now he will quite 
                               exactly study folder and letter? Oh, ever, that will hate me if he has done this not 
                               before, then I did not forecast that a certain film would get particularly a lot of bad 
                               criticism, the year had properly predicted, however Ralf has, possibly hid this 
                               from  him,  Ralph is not leant towards to the magic arts, bad luck for him...”

                             "Every time when Madleine had to think of magic arts and predictions, her her 18 year-
                              old son occurred who had seen some year 2 ago black towers which allowed to think 
                              of chess towers. When in the USA many years ago (before birth of her son) something 
                              strange happened what was also to be equated with pilework, she pushed the 
                              dangerous association fast aside, because: Nostradamus already wanted to have 
                              predicted, but does one not punish the bearer of bad news with travesty and mockery 
                              nowadays? Their son had it briefly before he fell asleep said and did not refer to an 
                              exact country where one could have foreseen something?"

                              Madleine shakes off the awful pictures of dead people and mails the requested letter 
                              Ralf, still adds:

                             “Oh yes, the 2nd reader, (so I call this anyhow strangely become film.)? Have the action 
                               only indistinctly in recollection, as a man he had there only moderately sex, and later 
                               than lawyer he sends to German imprisoned cassettes on which is spoken in the 
                               German  version also in German and this time German speaking articles with photo in 
                               addition on the walls of her prison cell and the book about a woman with dog. The ex-
                               supervisor, she learns even in German... Great that you would like to have my help and 
                               my advice as a seer. Wishes to you rather only neutrally: all the best for the todays, 
                               before happens with my concrete wishes more and one cannot know it. Though I 
                               wrote,  but how should I know that from it truth becomes? To soon, and how I always 
                               add at the end still with pleasure: Adieu.”




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 10/30/2009.


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