Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (4)

Scene                                                       WHERE - EXACTLY WHERE - TIME OF DAY

12                                                             INSIDE - Ralph `see day room in the theatre - day
                           RALPH looks up pleased when Ralf comes to him. Though he does not like his sad face, 
                           but what it has to do...

                         “Nevertheless, I leave you the letter and here I bring you 2 folders and also still her remark 
                           to the “reader of number two“”

                           Ralf does not know exactly, why he is at the moment so chilly to Ralph, possibly he hides 
                           behind it his fear of that what could come: Ralph `see movements are erratic, he is 
                           unconcentrated and because he felt fine not completely, he stayed in the theatre, allowed 
                           to call off the image, however, to the security.
                           Ralph thanks voluble and accepts the short text, flies over him, nods.

                                                      (  a little bit absently  )
                         "Yes, can already be that it prepared fun for me, although it a very disagreeable subject 

                                                                 Ralf` see voice off-screen:
                         “Man, was also no criticism, she has described only this what she has seen!”

                         “What should become now from both folders? Do you not have for the use or rather?”

                         “Clear, she lays both there on the table I still look after it.”

                         “Then it will make no difference to you if I take one, the 1st folder with in my space and try 
                           to empathize with the role of the Roffe?”

                                                      (amazes the eyes narrowing)
                         “You would want this? Nevertheless, Roffe should be rather a dull figure.”

                                                      (pained, slowly irritable)
                         “It does not go for me virtually to you, you live in a villa which to you your aristocratic    
                          forefathers leave have. I have talked to Madleine, she wishes me for the role a lot of 
                          luck. If  boringly is called for you always: there one does not suffer, half crazily or quite 
                          crazily one is not there also, there becomes not died, there nobody is shot about the heap, 
                          may it be worth for you, I need THIS role, so.?”

                                                      (smiles, as if an enlightenment came) to him
                         “What do you hold of it if I play myself?”

                                                      (surprises feignedly)
                         “How do you come on the magnificent idea, she could have meant you?”

                         “I have perused to me the very long letter very well, it seems to be a sort of instructions for  
                          how one should read the screenplay, under normal circumstances our official preexaminers 
                          from the hands would have liked it directly in the garbage, pure coincidencially of course. 
                          But on that postal day somebody had service which has very well notion that I have 
                          currently not only desire for what new, but that to me any form also makes no difference 
                          once again, the whole regimentation is fed up what should hold with thus and so many 
                          distance hold on top and below, line distance. If an author writes rather liquidly one after 
                          the other away how is supposed to come too of such a work finish.? Oh yes, why I had 
                          the idea, I as Ralph van den Bergen could be meant very well, although there Ralf 
                          Friedrichson stands: the type can be my twin brother, as well as you look, he feels, namely 
                          exactly like me, astonishingly how well she seems to know me and: the exaggerations, 
                          almost the insults (for which they lift in the same breath excused), but also in the sky: The 
                          parody in which I could certainly have a lot of fun with the trick. I could never see myself 
                          up to now as the man with whose fathering the gods must have been present, which gods 

                         "Ralph plays just a bad God, but here he would like to suppose too with pleasure that she 
                          meant the positive gods exactly to get to know which, he would have to ask them, but, 
                          nevertheless, to him is very important not really what she had with her magnificent 
                          Überspitzung for the purposes of. Ralph has understood very well what she meant if,  
                          moreover, she wrote: ”To accustom me slowly to the uncanny in his play to beginning who 
                          has endured already such a facial play on it with the "only" grief? And his remaining play.? 
                          If one sees this how all famous actors, whether were called ennobled or bourgeois  
                          remaining?“ Ralph felt more than once very uneasy with the reading of the letter which was 
                          not partly a letter and just partly so correct screenplay. And Ralph also does not know 
                          follower: all excessively sounding lines are only tributes for a man to whom she entitles as 
                          the biggest English actor of all signs: RF in short form, and they: also not Madleine, but a 
                          friend of her who left the lines her, so to speak, and which died, moreover, in an accident. 
                          She travelled to England, never came back. Madleine knows the last sentences about her: 
                          “All the same what one will also play: he would have better shown it, I know and I have 
                          loved him for his art, have hated, revered and have idolised.” Madleine supposed, the 
                          accident was faked, was originally a suicide. The person concerned got to know from her 
                          incurable cancer illness and had fear of miserable suffering, was in habit to say:“ How has 
                          the “English patient” done it? He can be killed, sometime I will commit suicide by own car.”

                         “What you plan: want we both to go through the screenplay roughly with each other 
                           loudly? Thoroughly read how do you do it with pleasure if you seem to like something? 
                           Although this screenplay maybe shortly (maybe even at THIS moment?) again is 
                           circumscribed? How stands here: I make different points just of it dependent whether  
                           your worth aristocratic employer has time and desire and perseverance "to page through" 
                           also a not correct screenplay briefly sometimes, so, and she turns to me: dear Ralf, I 
                           would  also wish you with pleasure one of the roles, Roffe maybe, because he seems to  
                           have concentrated upon the Vinc or wants to play he even all three figures: Roffe, Ralf     
                           and  just Vinc still? If one of the minor parts remained for you, but with pleasure I just 
                           write this role even longer and expression-stronger... Forgive me that I form my sentences 
                           so long. Is not able often differently.”

                                                      (briefly decided)
                         “Long speech, short sense, thus: then here with the 1st folder.”

                         “Ralph and Ralf stop short also of course with the sometimes inserted sentences in German 
                           writing which were translated though immediately into the English one, but just also, on 
                           this occasion, not everybody. And something still strikes: now and again strange verses 
                           stand there in in French when Ralf reads them, it shakes him: the lonesome life of a female 
                           fan who becomes mad before nothing but pain has been described. Reason: the honoured 
                           man has died meanwhile. Thus intertwinedly the French lines are in themselves and are 
                           twisted thus - apparently the writer was ashamed even still for her feelings - that one 
                           could compare them to the lines of another foreteller: really announcements stand also in 
                           these apparently only longing and poetries very erotic every now and then. Ralf must 
                           explain Ralph long and broadly also this meaning and they find out an exciting history from 
                           grief, love, and unfull longing for the lover.”

                           And they are internally in this scenery...

                                            A town in the world of the souls and reflecting beings

13                                                          OUTSIDE - BURST BEFORE A THEATRE - MEET



                         “THEY and I my dear listeners and spectators find us directly before the centre of power   
                           of cardboard town, unfortunately, the boss of this metropolis more extremely of small and 
                           big films had a full appointment calendar again, hence, I will meet her speaker who can 
                           say me a little bit about what could be planned here. Yes, would be able, because here 
                           one cannot be also watched with pleasure in the maps and public figures one will not 
                           remeet in the films and little films, this is probably the most unusual what is conceivable. 
                           So they follow me please on my way to the office of the speaker...”




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 10/31/2009.


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