Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (12)

Scene                                                          WHERE - EXACTLY WHERE - TIME OF DAY

55                                                                         INSIDE - FLAT OF RF - MEET

                                  VOICE OF THE WRITER OF THE SCREENPLAY OFF-SCREEN

                                   „I have hotly felt beloved Madleine, I anticipate that you this address cannot make
                                    happy, but as you know very well all my life for women like for men, also what 
                                    concerns the SEX. You ask so dull things such as„ Ralph as a great type in "Maid 
                                    in  Manhattan". Does not want to say that this film Desolate ones seemed to me, on 
                                    the contrary: he had to be only nice, and that is still understated - unfortunately-: he 
                                    was for me the dark-haired angel who floated just so past. If Engel seems suitable, 
                                    and for a man: amazingly: the same year, as well as "Spider" was produced, does 
                                    not  surprise you that I had to look twice. Ralph has himself possibly in "Maid in 
                                    Manhattan" bored, or has felt it as a vacation, because he was in such a way as the 
                                    men envy him, women round him swarmed, may be also valid in the present. 
                                    Around  immediately on the „English patient“ come to speak - because it interests 
                                    you how I see my figures in my screenplay: by no means by this form of mental 
                                    cruelty. A great face cover with mask who arises such an idea?! We women need 
                                    hours to see attractively from, or in such a way as men see us with pleasure. Ralph 
                                    in  the rotary year 1996? This question shames me, the man was able unshaven, 
                                    uncombed, unwashed maybe even (to put the crown on to the exaggeration and 
                                    you   know like I ordinarily exaggerations hate.) in the bathroom door run past, or 
                                    sloping look in the mirror, are found incredibly and this then was right even. No, 
                                    you   hold me possibly too surely for overexcited, the fact that I leave this world 
                                    shortly, lets me write lines which I mean thus: "Maid in Manhattan" for me so 
                                    fantastically because he did not have to cry, finally, sometimes or had to go, was to 
                                    be looked only incredibly attractively.“

                                    Ralph could find this neither entertainingly nor nicely, on the contrary. Who 
                                    compared then already films with each other, which one with little excitement, the 
                                    other where he could properly gas. As a mental cruelty he had never seen this 
                                    mask, he understood certainly also still not enough from the thoughts of the women 
                                    who had looked at his face.

                                   „His reaction was also absolutely different than somebody could expect it which  
                                    knew him not really: he searched a corner in this room for himself fast and threw in 
                                    the book then exactly there. His unbelievable fury - which who knows where from 
                                    came - hung up together with the fact that he did not want to be objective with 
                                   „Maid in Manhattan“ and was able. He had not accepted this work to be nice and
                                    just only this, this had become to him meanwhile not enough.
                                    His thoughts circled round the fact that there were women who wanted to see just 
                                    only this: then the Princes Charming to whom the woman of his heart placed on the 
                                    horse and this it was already or virtually. In the kitchen he did not find so 
                                    immediately  the distraction, took a glass, it poured with any juice up to the edge 
                                    fully, even a little about the fact that to him ran through the hand. Nervously he 
                                    drank,  tried to calm down. Glass blank and he of course as beside oneself as 
                                    Quite slowly his hand pressed together the glass as if he wants to examine how 
                                    much strength was still in the just hand. Few minutes this lasted, then the vessel split, 
                                    splinters were in his skin. Possibly that it hurt, he took it right. Could it be that SHE 
                                    made his work consciously, therefore, thus under it because he just came not in 
                                    sweet fairy tale films, hence, ridden and did not fight only surely against knights to 
                                    go as a beaming and fascinating hero of the place...?

       56                                           INSIDE - KITCHEN - MEET

                                   „What is wrong with you, man?

                                    She scrutinised him startled. His look was only empty, the blood dripped 
                                    meanwhile onto the ground, he made no arrangements to remove glass and blood.
                                    Warily she did it, the hand connected to him. She tried to move him to stand simply 
                                    on, instead of this he preferred to remain on a chair in the kitchen.

                                                 (in a flat voice)
                                   „Leave alone me now for the next half an hour, please.“

                                   „Madleine went to Marianne, they searched both the screenplay, thought where he 
                                    had thrown down it, he had partially torn the side to clarify how, „until here here 
                                    and not further with the junk.“
                                    Madleine flew over the side, smiled in peculiar manner. When these sentences 
                                    originated, that friend was not already 4 weeks any more among the living persons.  
                                    And because Madleine could not know how to have once contact with actors who  
                                    just became from HER before pitilessly under it, wrote Madleine really in her style 
                                    further. Besides, she had thought to herself absolutely nothing, Marianne also did 
                                    not know exactly, when that had died THEM.“

      57                                            INSIDE - A SITTING ROOM in RF `s FLAT - MEET

                                                 (briefly decided)
                                   „Now, nevertheless, I go to him, one does not know what he could do as a next 
                                    one,  he must have been irritated quite if this is the right word.“

                                    Madleine looked to her that it did not disturb him with pleasure in his 
                                    selfconsiderations, but she worried too much.
                                    Madleine nodded.

                                   „Act what you would absolutely like to do, nicely thinks that it is the right thing for 
                                    him, he may not always creep away thus in himself.“

                                    Madleine `s voice off-screen
                                   „ He may find out by no means that too many remarks about his work of me come.  
                                    If this should happen, I can probably dress very warmly.“

58                                                  INSIDE - KITCHEN - MEET

                                    RALPH seemed to feel that one wanted to help him and he did not want just now 
                                    this help. Before Marianne had entered the kitchen, he asked....

                                                 (a little bit greedily)

                                   „Is the half an hour already around, my love?

                                    MARIANNE approached unmoved near enough him to see to him directly quite 
                                    quietly in his eyes. To have to speak not from on high, she went to the squat. It was 
                                    uncomfortable a little bit and she hoped that he soon behaved again normally.

                                   „What is so bad in it if I you help now.“

                                   „Cannot be directed at your both simply after what I wish now most ardently: my 
                                    rest, only this?!“

                                    Because to her of the backs something started to hurt, it got up, however, stepped 
                                    only so behind him that she could lean against a cupboard.

                                   „Does not sound after you. Have the feeling, you are too exhausted to know now 
                                    exactly what you would want.“
                                    She laid to him warily the hands on the shoulders, felt how these easily started to 

                                    Marianne `s voice off-screen
                                   „I did not want to feel exactly this. If I am right, he breaks down either immediately 
                                    or thinks up a new variation like he me from the kitchen agrees.“

                                    Ralph `see voice off-screen
                                   „I can make nothing before to her. She has belonged to herself my voice so often, 
                                    has dissected my facial play and gesture formally. Clear I wanted 2 minutes ago still 
                                    my rest. Now she stands behind me because she does not want to see to me any 
                                    more in the face, because of fear, I could have that perfidious glitter in my eyes. I 
                                    hate myself for the moments at which I have shown my feelings too often openly, 
                                    has not done good to me. They.? Is her thoughtfulness possibly quite embarrassing 
                                    for me? How she had said sometimes jokingly: „You with your aristocratic blood.... 
                                    every too private feeling is disagreeable to you? Then is not really to be helped 
                                    He had said nothing to this putative joke, rumour-wise his family about the centuries 
                                    was related to a woman whom Heinrich VIII about everything had loved, had not 
                                    married but still, she had given at least one son him. Though he found out from 
                                    relatives that his current family tree expelled him as the 8th cousin of the sometime 
                                    once king his growing Charles, but, nevertheless, he had never planned to squeeze 
                                    before any work. On the contrary: to have to excuse as around himself for the fact 
                                    that he came from a very noble family, he acted too much, up to the edge of the 
                                    exhaustion. And now except him this could favouring really nobody.


                                    Of course she had provoked. I have dealt with my forefathers only alongside 
                                    whether there close to Heinrich VIII what had happened who wanted to know this  
                                    even today. And her provoking, cheeky kind had been first it which had reminded 
                                    me: no, help accept? For what?“

                                   „Ralph was really in a situation very disagreeable for him. Marianne felt and felt 
                                    exactly that he needed help urgently, not only because he started to freeze, although 
                                    it was warm in the kitchen. The "package", what he carried again, existed of pride, 
                                    introversion, shyness, and the consciousness: he does not want to have this in such 
                                    a way because it showed him supposedly smaller in her eyes. And with it his 
                                    physical size of 1.80 metres was not meant.“

                                    Marianne felt how he stronger trembled and this was the moment for them where 
                                    she said almost indifferently.

                                   „I can only ask you to let your pride, restraint or shyness of me sometimes aside and 
                                    lay you, finally, to, you need it.“

                                    Their voice had shaken before excitement, but she saw that it had reached what she 

                                   „Yes, you should have your will, I will lie down something, then maybe I forget that  
                                    me there somebody can still excite, so to speak, from On the other side.“


                                    Marianne did not let make a note of her surprise straight away. He had not only 
                                    read  these sides, but also had taken seriously thus as they were not maybe meant. 
                                    At many places she picked out rather, held for the as admiration-solemnly writer 
                                    the man. The writer about said witty proofs On the other side: „If my favorite God 
                                    Osiris has his face, I must be not afraid of the death.“ How she could also forget 
                                    that since that fateful interview about 2005 he was not ready any more to show up 
                                    in his soul. 1993 still floated apparently like a sword of Damocles about him and 
                                    her became bad with the thought of 22.12., 28.12 and all days which it could not 
                                    celebrate, in any case, any more. Their own mother had had her last life day exactly 
                                    on the 27.12.1994. Mysterious situation: one day earlier, but a year later and both 
                                    women had not even known themselves, as well as. She would not forget 
                                    accidentally to congratulate him for the birthday. For them were the people who 
                                    invited themselves with him as by chance on the 22.12 every year rather absent-
                                    mindedly and had seen either never in his curriculum vitae, or exactly had never just 
                                    looked in the few open, but interviews going to heart, had exactlyed.... Interview 
                                    2005? She did not believe her eyes to trust: his whole facial play if only infinite 
                                    longing and melancholy had expressed from a certain moment for them. And wisely 
                                    he had never again admitted this state publicly, but it had made him humanely for 
                                    those people who to him pull every weakness not only, but they also considered as 
                                    this what she was: quite of course. He might only have injured himself and have felt  
                                    maybe also humiliated.
                                    In addition this often uncanny sadness came in EACH of his films from 1993 (and if 
                                    this pain was played apparently, fitted exactly in the role, just the sadness 
                                    sometimes did not fit: a real villain shows no almost melancholy expression) it also 
                                    had been able to read from photographs, in many expressions which showed 
                                    though a smile or laughter, but it differed from those before 28.12.1993 for them 
                                    completely definitely. And one had often enough confirmed to her that she could 
                                    read very well in human faces.“



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/08/2009.


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