Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (13)

Scene                                                                  WHERE - EXACTLY WHERE - TIME OF DAY

                                   Marianne went with him by the flat, he wanted to go to the sitting    
                                   room   to use the Coatch, she shook the head.

                                 „Now this does not go, Madleine will look through the screenplay once again and I 
                                   ask you if she gives to you to suppose in such a way as it is then.“

59                               He took no time for an answer, she led him also in her common bedroom.

                                                     INSIDE - BEDROOM in flat RF'S - MEET
                                   Just he could still prevent that she helped him to file his clothes. She lifted apologetic  
                                   the hands.

                                        (embarrassingly touched)
                                  „If I did not plan now really, forgive.“

                                  „If I have already said you that these everlasting excuses make to me the life with you 
                                   also not lighter, you planned it. And I do not want to have this thus: the fact that you 
                                   still help me in it! How much in embarrassment you still want to bring me?!“

                                   He got a fright, wished the last sentence he to be able to fetch back, of course it 
                                   avoided this just over and over again. He suppressed his own excuse, now to him 
                                   was not after talks which could break the banks in the endless. An embarrassed 
                                   look would look to him rather stupidly as good, he was neither 18, scarcely about 
                                   that or underneath...

                                   Marianne put on an expressive smile. Embarrassment? You dear God, a funny word 
                                   in his present. How did he come on this idea? Quite briefly she closed the eyes and 
                                   saw him again before herself when the modern "Princes Charming" he had found so 
                                   hideous... And the age might make no difference there, nevertheless, really.

                                  „Would prefer me if you lie down and try to sleep a little bit. Must not be long,  
                                   maybe  to you...."

                                   Marianne `s voice off-screen
                                  „the shivering fit or the light shock or what always this is, is wrong. Now illness is not 
                                   at all conceivably with you, not for me.“

                                  „Marianne had always hid from him that she could not fancy with him and wanted. 
                                   Fear struck them if she had to accept, he as the intolerable sick people who would 
                                   make the life difficult to everybody round him.

                                   Ralph did not pay attention further to her interruption, lay down and had fallen 
                                   asleep almost shortly after. Actually, she had had before to let him only to consult 
                                   with Madleine. Thoughtfully she looked at his peaceful face and because it remained  
                                   just longer than thought, was not to be ignored after other 20 minutes any more that 
                                   he needed very well even other help. His breath went more and more in a hurry, 
                                   more obsessed, he opened mouth, something wanted to say, she did not understand 
                                   him because he already had a fever and was near to lose the meditation.“

                                   Marianne` see voice off-screen
                                  „There we have our middle disaster, RF somewhat in order, now it worse goes for 
                                   him, should go on forever so.?“

                                   Ralph felt very well how to him of minute by minute became hotter and hotter, panic 
                                   seized him, not so much because of this heat, but because the situation for him any 
                                   more was not to be controlled. The distrustful man in him loved to plan accurately 
                                   any minute in his life, to form to change like he liked and now ill in the bed to lie 
                                   belonged not at all in his daily routine. As if he could change such a thing, he also 
                                   wanted to leave immediately the bed.

                                   Marianne saw how he stood up.

                                   Marianne `s voice off-screen

                                  „I would not necessarily favour this now what I think there for a nonsense. Now the 
                                   man cannot act just sometimes what wants he.....“

                                  „You will have to bite in the sour apple and hear a little bit more on me or then 
                                   should also admit others which want to help you and have to go you this, however, 
                                   you can understand me still.“

                                   He heard very well the light shivering in her voice what meant that it started to cry 
                                   surely immediately, but he did not understand her words any more.

                                   Ralph `see voice off-screen
                                  „Little one, sweet angel, has held me always for invulnerable or what your heroic 
                                   types still have thus in themselves, is glad that I just no hero am.“
                                  „With effort and need created them that up to the early evening the fever so far had  
                                   sunk that he could move alone in the flat. Though both doctors Pieter and Marie  
                                   were quickly accessible, but she also wanted to save him furthermore every situation 
                                   becoming maybe embarrassingly from the start. She asked herself why. The 
                                   disagreeable truth for them was: he and ill? He should play the sick person and also 
                                   arrogant sick person in films so much he wanted, but in the reality had to be so bad 
                                   for him possibly, as if he disclosed something again. Yes, he could prevent that one 
                                   perceived in public his private feelings too much. But now he could not just prevent 
                                   that one saw the weak man. She observed that his appetite had suffered, he opened 
                                   his shirt further than absolutely urgently and asked Madleine to give her the 
                                   telephone number of Pieter and Marie.“

     60                                            INSIDE - SITTING ROOM IN RF `s FLAT - EVENING

                                  „If this are your friends who would be, besides, good doctors, needlessly, I am doing 

                                  „As you already say, one would like to have good friends, that with pleasure around 
                                   himself and I think that Pieter must travel tomorrow where or wants.“

                                   Madleine `s voice off-screen
                                  „And again a lie which is easy for me Marianne is right, he looks bad and would 
                                   rather break a leg, than to have to admit that he cannot remain without help now.“

                                   Madleine gave her the telephone number and Marianne called from the smallest 
                                   room which fulfilled only the purpose to take a little bit old junk on, oddly enough an 
                                   old phone also stood here. However, Marianne reached to her mobile phone and 
                                   spoke impatiently.

61                                                 INSIDE - THE SMALLEST ROOM - EVENING

                                  „No, you do not know me, but I know Madleine, here your help is urgently required 
                                   and you bring please everything what is used generally for nursing. Excuse the 
                                   disturbance, in RF `s flat of course, I am something by the wind.“

                                   Then she sat down distraughtly on a box with the label "BUM".

                                   Mariannes voice off-screen
                                  „There I know what makes I soon on with RF `see to gentle permission of course.  
                                   Goodness gracious, my reverence for these people goes almost to the spiritual 

62                               NARRATOR
                                  „Of course Pieter was also not amused, Marie not. Marie packed her suitcases, 
                                   actually, her vacation was quite overdue, tomorrow it should go off.“

                                                     INSIDE - FLAT of Pieter and Marie - evening

                                  „Think back sometimes, is soon, maybe only blind alarm, if not....“

                                   Marie `s voice off-screen
                                  „Yes, what then? Luckily we wanted just briefly to our small country house, without  
                                   phone, without television, without computer.„

                                  „I must drive you, you have drunk something.“

                                   They got on the way both and this turned out luck. Since though Pieter had not 
                                   drunk a lot, but to have a quiet hand, this still lasted some time.

63                                                 INSIDE - SITTING ROOM in RF `s FLAT - evening
                                  „It had seized a silence of the people in whom everybody dwelled on own thoughts, 
                                   including Ralph who was just about to leave the flat his mood got worse 

                                  „Have you been moved everybody? It could certainly have become a great evening 
                                   somewhere beyond the flat, to me the cover falls on the head.“

                                  „Why you get excited. We wait everybody for Pieter and Marie, Madleine and  
                                   Marianne will have quite good reasons, why they ordered them here. The women 
                                   also do seldom what without occasion.“

                                   Ralph got up very slowly, the light dizzy spell had become stronger during the last 
                                   minutes and he did not feel like generally seeing concerned faces. RF stepped 
                                   behind him, laid to him the hand on the shoulder.

                                  „I certainly have no right to interfere, but if you had hard time just now already - 
                                   without evident cause - you should not depreciate this. Here nobody has been also 
                                   moved, we give ourselves all big troubles about you.“

                                  „It is this, yes, can you imagine how do I feel? The work cannot begin because of 
                                   me, would have had to be avoided.... I feel just  swindled.“

                                  „Just RF to him wanted to press the a little sensitive saying: „If just everything passes 
                                   for the first time...„ as Ralph his head to him leant and for several minutes in a flat 
                                   voice cried. RF felt only how the man trembled quite violently and just gave to 
                                   understand in his kind how he managed the situation: not at all."

                                   RF `s voice off-screen
                                  „What should one say at such a moment? Best of all nothing at all, but come the girl 
                                   called and it will be this what he would like to avoid.“

                                   He was forced, the emotional outburst other silently about himself
                                   to let go out, although it took him himself.

                                  „Marianne sat in such a way that she could see both men. It was strange already that 
                                   Ralph leant suddenly and apparently exhausted his head with RF, she said nothing in 
                                   addition, was surprised only.
                                   Madleine went when one rang in the door and opened.
                                   Marie and Pieter asked them immediately further in the sitting room.

                                   Marie also did not believe only what or whom she saw. She was not so old still and 
                                   her husband she had gathered more than once with the fact that still in one of her 
                                   rooms posters of the man hung whom she revered as it thousands of other women 
                                   acted. Halting she passed to him the hand.“

                                  „I do not hope that we have got out you of a work where you are used more 

                                   Marie` s voice off-screen
                                  „It will be here hardly about the fact that you want to get to know sometimes old 
                                   fans, this is his kind to play down the situation to see through easily.“

                                   With the eyes she asked RF for permission, herself the man in another space
                                   to be allowed to consider a little more exactly, because she strongly supposed that it 
                                   could be only about this: when she felt his hand, it already glowed.

                                   RF nodded and stepped to her, while Ralph was asked first of all in one of the 


                                  „No question, why not. And Pieter?“

                                   Marie explained to him fast that Pieter had to become sober. Could not last long,  
                                   but they could not risk her call if Ralph got this alcohol flag.

                                   When Marie alone from the bedroom came, she did not sound very confident.

                                  „It has felt well that one has called us, I could need RF `s help to prepare everything 
                                   before, so that Ralph gets through the night fairly rationally.“

                                   Marie asked Marianne not to go at the moment just sometimes to Ralph, that would 
                                   not get that she would be it, she would already call them.

                                   Madleine took crying Marianne in the arms. Now of distraction was not to be 
                                   thought, Marianne might also not sit down or calm.

                                  „About our plans a curse seems to lie, the more we mean to make progress, all  
                                   the  more something forces back us.“

                                  „It drives us nobody, we can also come along much later to the work.“

                                  „With the whole worry about him I forget almost that you and RF are there still, does  
                                   it go well RF now really very much?“

                                   Madleine hid from her that RF has briefly informed her that Ralph suffered far more 
                                   emotionally from the situation than he was ever ready to admit. Madleine nodded 
                                   only very politely.

                                   Marie came after one hour to Marianne and, nevertheless, asked them now to give 
                                   her support of special kind.

                                  „What could I do what a doctor cannot do?“

                                  „When he briefly came to himself, I tried to penetrate to him by, it must load him 
                                    things  about which you maybe know, there it would feel well if you were near 
                                    with him to calm him.“

                                   Marianne went with Marie to the space which resembled half a sick-room.

64                                                 INSIDE - BEDROOM in RF `s FLAT - EVENING

                                   He got very well from time to time that something was not right with him. So often 
                                   he tried to raise his head, this was pressed gently the cushion, so he omitted to strain 
                                   himself in. His eyes were half awake, he could find no rest and this dealt not only 
                                   with  those sides, the contents soon did not seem to him any more so interesting. He 
                                   knew all that or had anticipated it. Marianne sat down to him.

                                  „Do to me the favour and forget the work for for a while, forget also what you have  
                                   read and have indicated wrong. Now you need only rest which you had not got just 
                                   now same.“

                                  „I would like to feel your hand, give them to me.“

                                   She had belonged very well out how grievously the last moments might have been 
                                   for him, his voice sounded to tired, too quietly, she only had been able to foresee 
                                   what he meant.

                                  „About 3 days he needed to come somewhat to himself, to catch clear thoughts. The 
                                   small community from RF and Madleine, Pieter and Marie and Marianne had 
                                   alternated in this time, so that everybody sleep, could eat and also go sometimes out.
                                   In wondrous kind she welded this time close together and when Ralph was almost 
                                   healthy, they also did not let feel it him that he had shown a big load for them.
                                   If he was grateful to them, he did not express it extensively, was surprised only, as if 
                                   he was internally of the opinion: why all that was done for him and he still avoided it 
                                   to speak of his feelings.“

65                               INSIDE - THE SMALLEST SPACE in RF `s FLAT - MEET

                                  „After the situation had relaxed, one hesitated to take the screenplay generally to the 
                                   hand and first Pieter and Marie went in the deserving vacation, Ralph prepared for 
                                   one of his next duties: any role in the theatre, not especially wittily, but thus as an 
                                   entrance more than pleasantly. He contorted for it in the space in the theatre where 
                                   him nobody guarantees would interfere. Madleine remained with Marianne and RF 
                                   in RF `see a flat. A very positive thing had the resemblance to older Ralph with the 
                                   man, the RF had been before that the still active police pursued only Ralph up to the 
                                   theatre there and back. Marianne asked RF to permit, nevertheless, to her to see in 
                                   the small space sometimes in the box with label "BUM".“

                                  „If what is rather for people who were confronted with strange experiences how 
                                   Madleine, for example, in any case, nothing for sensitive Ralph, would like to remain 
                                   so the contents among us!“

                                   He pulled from a field within the box - from leather made - a sheet of paper with date:

                                  „And I thought, you have decontaminated the sheet of HER long time ago because it  
                                   does not seem to apply thus 100% ig to Ralph, or?“

                                  „You forget that she has put down the matching remarks on the actually ghastly 
                                   written  screenplay every now and then, according to mood. It might fit as good as 
                                   everything: she has foreseen his big career, she lived in 1990 as can be proved in an 
                                   area in which one dealt neither with Hollywood actors nor with English actors who 
                                   became successful just in the theatre like Ralph... And because reads so crazily, 
                                   only  few fragments of this clairvoyance - or what it is, otherwise - contain like this 

                             VOICE OF THE WOMAN, THEY THE CONCERNING LINES WROTE off-screen

                                  „The young man felt very well how him some women stared as it were, a little 
                                   embarrassed he saw aside. He could not claim to be happy, although swarms 
                                   because of his beauty, nevertheless, he still searched the woman for life. As, 
                                   besides, he examined himself the most announced bride of the whole party how old 
                                   she might be: 27? Masterfully and carelessly she worked, with all what she acted, 
                                   was elegance with in the play. Their dark heavy hair whirled they to the back.“

                                   Madleine saw very well Mariannes shaking of the head and laughed.

                                  „You should contract the habit that one can read every line also differently and had 
                                   to go, even the date 13.10.1990 is of importance. It is not here about the woman, it 
                                   is about the young man, she refers to him. Now black is not right with the hair, but 
                                   on the 13.10.1990 Ralph is still precisely 27 years old, maybe she writes as a 
                                   distraction if you take other floors like beauty, masterfully, carelessly: if one can take 
                                   everything also for Ralph for his later years. Sharp luck: if one cannot be sure with 
                                   him also, neither in 1990 nor years ago. However, the strange comes here in the 
                                   other segment.“

                            VOICE OF THE WOMAN, THEY THE CONCERNING LINES WROTE off-screen

                                  „Enter, nevertheless, my dear. They are indeed one of the meddlesome reporters, 
                                   but today I want to make an exception.“ „You wander, I am an actor.“ She laughed. 
                                  „Oh yes, now I recognise them again.“

                                  „I try to interpret this so: if an actor does not stay yet constantly in the limelight, film  
                                   meant theatre, he is not necessarily recognised with under not as an actor, therefore, 
                                   the sentence by her: “Oh yes, now I recognise them again.“ Possibly that she had 
                                   seen him in the theatre sometimes. And, nevertheless, his time might have begun only  
                                   in 1991, there crazily I me not. Later she describes his qualities how it could read 
                                   them in the face and often this applied. For me sounds several times very much after 

                                  „Here one does not wish what here? She could have meant another young man, 
                                   somewhere else, she has not even called the town in which he lived at that time.“

                                  „She wrote fanciful stories and these had every now and then an urge to become 
                                   love stories, depending on whether she was in love or not. Yes, there has been 
                                   sometime a man who was too old, she has not swarmed about whom constantly, 
                                   however, the badly written screenplay (it contain a lot of imagination which just goes 
                                   over in the fantastic, everything was there already once) is with remarks would 
                                   overlook which point to Ralph what he did or could have acted. And because he 
                                   just was too famous already, it was moved into a fanciful world and he also did not 
                                   bear his right name, or?“

                                  „The name Ralph is right, but she has changed the surname according to mood, also  
                                   RF stands here.?!“

                                  „Yes, one could get the impression, she has also foreseen our current activity in 
                                   certain  points, Ralph has stopped exactly at the right place and has partially torn the 
                                   side, has irritated him quite quite to read all that what was not determined for him 
                                   any more. One should offend no one in such a way, whether famous or not.“

                                  „Although Madleine itself wrote passages in which she criticised, she acts for good 
                                   reason in such a way as if she found exactly this bad, also to excite no suspicion.“

                                  „The film „Maiden in Manhattan“ which did not interest him apparently late any more 
                                   so - to express it carefully - and because he just took this side as an occasion to 
                                   stop with the reading of the book: one cannot offend a person because he did his  
                                   work. And where do I read here insulting words? How should she know that he 
                                   would dissociate himself from certain works? At that time she has not certainly 
                                   pursued any press announcement. The form of the criticism - which is just none, but 
                                   rather a praise hymn - he has not endured, but after all years?“

                                  „The film was too clean, too pure, maybe he felt forced to accept just action film 
                                   roles not to be mended in into the push field "Prince Charming". He could not be 
                                   squashed into in a stencil and, hence, his fame probably touches till the current time. 
                                   Oh: famous, must this be a bad word?“

                                  „Not if one calls famous, infamously in a breath and I have stopped for a long time  
                                   thinking about his private past after.“

                                   RF had belonged to the dialogues of the women only with half an ear. He saw for 
                                   the clock and decided to call Ralph whether he should fetch him at the theatre.

                                   RF goes out in the hand his mobile phone, to the carriage and calls from this.

66                               INSIDE - PASSENGER AREA - MEET

                                  „Ralph? Had just felt the wish to fetch you, does get on the way me now, because 
                                   you would soon come anyhow, to order?“

                                  „If I find very well, then can explain to me immediately, why to me an amount of 
                                   policemen jump before the feet virtually around. When I appealed to one of them, 
                                   nevertheless, he believed, this is to mine - yours - a security. What goes forward 
                                   here damn once more?“

                                  „You will hold me for minced, but I must explain to you all that in present of a certain 
                                   detective superintendent and Madleine, it knows a lot about such a junk, lets me 
                                   drive off now fast and no excitement.“








All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/09/2009.


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