Mikayla Powell

The Beliver's And The Non


In the old Vanbell house there's a ghost most claim to have seen. Other's claim they're insane to think of such a thing to be possible.

The ones who say they have seen, heard and felt the presence of the ghost or ghosts have gone crazy.

They say it had red skin, black lifeless eyes, many sharp dagger like teeth and a laugh that will huant them forever.

They crawl into the dark corners of rooms and their very own minds.

Most turn emo, or go to mental hospitals. Other's isolate themselves from civilization, or simply commit suicide.

The ones who do not belive die shortly after visting.

Or denie ever seeing anything in the old Vanbell house.

The beliver's die as well but suffer less that than the non.

The old Vanbell house has a keeper very few no who she is.

the ones that meet her don't come back to tell other's of who she is

The visiter's that see the demon that prwols the grounds of the house

feel the emotion of painic creep over all emotions.

The shiver's they feel down their backs arent those of cold or nerves

Seeing the face of the demon himself will kill you instinetley

If your a beliver stay as you are, if your not change who you are

Because the little old hag and her master will be sure to make you a beliver of the devil and his follower's


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Mikayla Powell.
Published on e-Stories.org on 11/11/2009.


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