Meike Schrut


"Onegin" written from 1823-1830 Pushkin                                                  subtitle
"Onegin" - Representation 1999 Fiennes                                                        

Like the sense might probably be
You will not find out directly it from Pushkin
If the work should speak even for itself:
Fiennes too famous, as that one could talk with him every day.
Now day by day too largely also this honour would be.
What I meant then important to have
The fact that my words would not prove the wrong sense?
I hope, this sense would not be in
To look "icily" as it appeared to me.....




What YOU disdain once
If YOU long for now
And does it call LOVE done?
Oh, Pushkin hardly has one look of YOU
Future and particularly YOUR play
Transferred ethereally spiritual beings, with high supernatural wisdom
knew nothing before
He quite a normal look of You
Beyond the wrong world
To the women probably likes.
If Onegin speaks sometime of love
If I did not trust to him,
The popular woman now a wife of another was
And Onegin, the only playboy, cynic feels like to be?
His love - how he expressed them?
Like she herself did it:
Written words on paper
The looking look YOU form so perfectly.
Real love?
You award if that other look I have seen quick:
Icily that he hurts to the heart
Or even quite endless terror? (I forgot)
If feeling so wrong and nastily appeared to me
Nevertheless, however, looks differently,
The fact that one has later no questions...
Yes, all the same such as wrong or by mistake wrong:
YOU have for good Onegin
YOUR noble face impressed, have thanks for any minute.
If he was inspired or
Did he smile too mildly at YOUR play?
Then forgives in thoughts the other man
Since nobody would guess his true thoughts
Not yet YOU
HER his verses once thus beloved....



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/20/2009.


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