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2008:Die Herzogin (The Duchess)

Ralph Fiennes:William Cavendish, 5. Duke of Devonshire

1998 Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (Biographie) written by the British author Amanda Lucy Foreman



A duchess has not interested me so
Although it is about them
Georgiana - princess Diana of her time - and wonderfully
17 years the woman counts and is not they
Too young for duke William?
Love was not at all important.
He needs the male heir better even today than tomorrow
She wants talks, dance and game
And also the man in the bed
He already has a girl as the daughter
And more still arrive fast.
What an annoyance! And for them the joy purely
Since be mother you suit very much and sometime the boy comes
Their role now fulfils?
Yes, YOU both ones play the roles wonderfully
And to me seems, thus old the duke at all is not
The women are also not declined him.
Backgrounds were fast told and now to you.
I would never say 'du' in the life!
Here it is to me pull,
Because he never, nevertheless, would see the lines
Even if:
See it as a bow in before your size, man!
Thick-skinned he would like to see himself with pleasure?
Then look, nevertheless, please, how you in my eyes
Over here came:
Of the women clothes a lot to complicate, he reaches fast to the scissors
This was not so amusing for them
Shyness hides them what it has.
If she wants to be appealing later
Does he reject them?
There he is not the gentleman
He does not take the loyalty at all exactly:
rises with her friend fast in the bed
should the male size be?
(If everything was well put
it acts to me suffer.)
Nevertheless, this reaches for the mind.
Oh you dear God....
However well that you do not have at all notion of it -
One watches you
How softly and affectionately almost the first act feignedly
(what is with the film then really.) with her has carried out.
Afterwards the coarse?
She also hits on you, of course firmly.
On the bed the care almost you are same?!
What afterwards if doors close and only the tones sound
If one cannot know, one does not have to go.
Say me where have you joked in this film and have laughed?!
Does not want to say that this had belonged to it
And I am sure,
your British humor is German absolutely differently than mine
The fact that no mistake should be.
Your loud words, may speak hard and crudely like you them on the stage
One probably hears them
And occasionally, nevertheless, too much this Quietly, gentle
In the face the astonishment if women are a little own.
How did this work on you?
And also the end, he fits to you - not to the duke -
Regrets with almost sad face that it never loves you
How him who is younger than you.
All brand names which one knows of you
And which one must not love at all
They come through
Whether you may not suffer it whether!



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/22/2009.


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