Meike Schrut

You may be right, but...

Any scene reminds always in a little bit and was there already once.


It is not so wrong - maybe it must and should be like that?
Play not always is the life as one knows it.
The life often is only completely a routine and boredom probably also.
Is your life so exciting?
It is not mine very much,
But lines which describe something and somebody,
They have to go out and stand there.
No, I divide my life not in well or badly,
Not in wrong or true.
Even inform what is not so anew at all:
Joke I with your name never pursue
Whom one can understand not really because he would be distant and would inaccessible:
One raises him.
What is wrong in it?
Nothing at all, because: Dreams one must be able to come true himself
Has used` long to understand.
Now to some scenes......
Also you have laughed, cried, turned scenes still once
Almost one knows every facial play, every tone of You, whether loudly or quietly, whether softly or roughly
And I do not feel boredom, something seems anew still.
Do you not imitate a man sometimes particularly and do think, one does not get it?
If you need this or think: in him competed other also.
Sometime this can understand no one more

(Remark: certainly this is also a kind of dumb dialogue, I would not get an answer probably.) 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/27/2009.


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