Meike Schrut

It is this what you do....

Light and darkness.
Not after Shakespeare
You will forgive
Light and darkness
If you see in the sky, nevertheless, enough
All the same how often you your look
All the same how often one thinks:
What fascinates only this man
In forever drama, tragedy and him
Put insanity.
Light and darkness
It contain for true :
Seems to me
You want all facets of light
All facets of the darkness point
If there is a bigger job for one
May be, you fail
Only by the fact, that you to yourself
Stones of the doubt in the way lays.
Do you also have his word power.?
One would like to believe `s with pleasure,
Grant to you
You do not dance between the word
You hurry in a hurry from work to work.
What as a next one?
Henry VIII?
To me the ruler anyhow "favourite"
To the women around him
Disaster and grief still death.
Is able one sometime between the role
To your life
Do any more not make a distinction?
From somewhere a too cold breath
Blows at me...



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/29/2009.


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