Meike Schrut

Wrong imagination

Where you get all cold
I feel them day and night
She is off sick me, she makes me weak
I despise you for it

Where you got all love
You have stated
To feel for all women
I cannot suffer you.

Where you get all longing
You feel since then
I may not describe
You despise me for it

Where you would get all tears
One does not see running
Internally only are to be seen
You disdain them day by day

Where I get all my thoughts
You should not know
To me burn the heart
Feignedly, only feignedly.

Since I would not need your compassion
Like you would not need from me.
It is off sick to us, it makes us weak
We despise ourselves for it

Since I have already wept all tears
One ever saw running
Inside and also outside
I hated myself for it.

Since my longing would seem as a wrong play to you
Whether I feel them, I myself does not know
I may not describe it
Me do not despise for the next time.

Since my love is formed a piece from stone
what you should never feel.
I never count endless days
Nevertheless, it has no sense.

And my cold where I get them?
Not if in thoughts only I am with you
In my sleep there hardly dream I
Do you have there guilt? Of course not....



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 12/05/2009.


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