Meike Schrut

Pyramid or rock grave

To see hairline, if your shirt openly
The look seems stiff,
There one searches only halting the blue eyes
That with the supernatural charm.
The entire picture?
Drawn it could also adorn a tomb.
To me seems in the valley of the kings
If there are walls in the graves
They decorate more living figures.
The dead look of the man
Fully the fright for me.
Indeed attractively, however...
This charm brings no luck to himself
Beauty even the curse has become
The more he acts, the more he destroys himself
And, unfortunately, this time a curse.
Each of his non-wept tears virtual stone of her
Pyramide is
Once his body will accommodate.
The soul already the place of the tomb chooses.
Unnecessary complaint and sad look
If other invisible stones prove
You build with mortar layer for layer
And do not see it.
As a rule mummies remain in the sarcophagi,
Lid on it and end.
(I used the word "zugedeckelt" because it appeared funny to me and again does not go `s into English!)
However, unfortunately, they become often
Got out and presented,
Yes, this displeases me very much.
Anne Rice and her story of the mummy?
This was so new, astonishingly done.
Vividly that mummy was already a whole eternity
Went sometime as a proud man around.
No, of course do not compare yourselves I with her
So an eternity would not be your case.
Before you suppose - reader -
I meant whom certain,
If I said: ”Here most crazily you very much,
name are only sound and smoke
For me.
Created not to continue endlessly.”
Take my lines as a well-intentioned tip:
Who is famous, but does not want the fame
Should make no silly mistakes,
They are twice counted and evaluated,
Standing position in the worldwide net
And remain in the heart of the fans.
They hurt there twice, unfairly and
Nonsense? May be.
However, understand:
One can enjoy fame or not.
He has decided on latter like I see.
I am able to do a mockingly laughter with certain words
Do not edge out.
Yes, even if these are only exaggerations and just words.
They should not hurt - not really
You should laugh yourself.
However, lets you say:
“Live differently and come out from your "crypt"!”


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 12/06/2009.


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