Meike Schrut

To Christmas

Trouble me so much to find this party also nice
Only this.
Trouble me a little again to be a child
Maybe it succeeds.
Before they died.
Yes, Christmas was this time
Before the resignation came for good.
If the souls of our loves during these days
Angels are
These should be Christmas angels
Comforting take you and me in her arms
We will not see it
However, feel only in the heart.
No, I do not say I mourn thus for all time
There were only recollections
Quick come
To another day in the same time
My son.?
Could it be that also he felt as well as me?
Now, I felt, my activities were pointless somewhere
And I had to go, I took you...
To lose my feeling not completely.
Now YOU have the feeling, I gave above all
During these days these tears?
Nevertheless ran only one film where at the end
A dog slept for good.
My feeling and also his
Could be similar, maybe also not.
Audrey Hepburn - whom you revered so
So well and nicely and softly as seldom a woman?
You - being I however, thus not at all
Can know?
A man who is nice
softly I do not want to call him at all.
It is not he any more and others also do not mock any more.
To me it goes out similarly and this hurts only, so much.
We also seem to love the same people
All the same whether are they dead long ago or live?
No, you should never give me answer with the words
I would even feel your answer, if only silently you before myself
Would stand.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 12/24/2009.


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